posted 09-19-13 03:19 PM EDT (US)   
Hey guys, first time playing Age of Wonders in about 10 years for me, lol. I'm just getting into the groove of things and have a few general questions.

1) What is the ideal amount of gold production per city in relation to how many forces you have? I.E., how much Gold should I be producing every turn to keep a comfortable income based on how many units I have? 100? 200? So long as I'm not in the negative?

2) In what priority/order should I be performing upgrades to my city and/or producing units? If there's a general building guide anywhere you can point me to that gives a direct path of which upgrades/units to produce on a turn by turn basis that would be amazing.

3) How many units/cities are ideal for a general setting before I stretch myself too thin or make too bloated of an army?

Any reply is appreciated, I understand the last post on this forum was almost a month ago so answers may be slow going.