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Topic Subject: Help with Marlene's Laughter
posted 07-03-13 11:58 PM EDT (US)   
I have been searching through the forum on this and cannot find anything. If this is already answered, I apologize. I am playing Marlene's Laughter (Lachen) and think that the map is hugely wonderful. I am stuck though on one thing. How the heck to I get through to the protected cavern directly below King David's Hall? I believe that I have tried everything. I have two rings related to King David and have been using two heros, one with each, to try and get in. Been playing with the Eastgate and Westgate statues, the teleporters, the statues right next to the teleporters. I just can't seem to figure this one out.
If anyone could help, that would be fantastic.

Thank you,
posted 07-08-13 08:42 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
It's been some time since I played this map so I can't remember what to do. You can check out this thread here.
It's a long thread all about Groll's maps with lots of tips and help, you might find an answer there.

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posted 07-08-13 12:18 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Thanks for the advice. I had already looked through that thread and couldn't find anything on this particular question.
I appreciate you taking the time to try and help though.
posted 08-25-13 00:39 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  

First before we start:
Please Swolte. Can you please open this thread again so I can write my hints into this thread again?
It was archived and I can´t write into it anymore.
Reopenend by Swolte! Thanks Mate!

@ sandman65
Hello sandman65

Map: Marlenes Laughter
Question: How to enter Kind Davids dungeon Kingdom:

I will look into this when I rework the map...
I will do it right now for you even when I just came from a 12 hours nightshift.
...As far as I remember there are four rings of the family...
You can enter the area with one of this rings from the two hexes with this strange looking places beside the signs.

For the northern/western sign.
You need the Ring "Nicoles Ring der Liebe" located in Nicole Stadt. Then you must bring it to this hex with the stone plate.
Then the wall will open where the two fires are at the wall.

Second way: to do this is to have the Item "Davids Schlüssel" at the same place/s.

Third way:
You need "Kays Ring der Liebe" at the same place/s.

Fourth way:
You need "Marlenes Ring der Liebe" at the same place/s.

All four rings can be found in the four cities of the beloved family.
This all works for both loacations from the north/west or south/east.

Beware. Read signs! Use the ring to open AND close the walls.
This is the place where no one can ever reach you in this world if you are inside and if you have this rings.

You have to have AND carry the rings, not lay them down at this places. You must carry them.
This goes for all races.

I hope you will now be able to enter this fantastic save area.
If you read and understand all signs in this whole area you will understand why things are as they are.
I know it works because I have tested it during the work when I made the map.

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