posted 07-18-17 01:47 PM EDT (US)   
Hi everyone, lately i've been having some issues with some custom scenarios that I downloaded.
To be more specific, with "Marlene's Laughter" (
The problem that I have is that I was playing in turn 84 and when I try to load the game, it freezes up at half. I tried to load the autosave file and it's the same issue. Luckly for me, I had another file saved at turn 61 that didn't have that issue. However, at turn 71 the game freezes before getting into independent's turn. (I didn't do anything special in the turns where these issues appears)
I thought that maybe the scenario had a bug, but it's not the first time that an scenario freezes before getting into independent's turn. In "Promising Land" ( I had the same issue.
And since I read all the comments, and it seeems that there's a lot of people who have completed those scenarios with no issues, I asume that there must be something wrong with my game.

Does anyone now how to fix this problem or why it may be happening?