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AoW2/SM Online Multiplayer
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Topic Subject: Where can I play online?
posted 01-01-13 02:55 AM EDT (US)   
See Munataros' post below for the relevant information.

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posted 02-09-19 09:37 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Heya fellas, long time no see.

There´s been 10 years of absense of this classical AoW: SM. now there´s some activity on the way. We´ve been playing couple of games last few days with the new generation. As I´ve aged and rusty like Griff, we need people to fit in. you are most welcome. I think AoW: SM game price is very low now also.

We use discord program to chat and arrange games.

Our network is: Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
After you´ve made Discord account, you´ll find it here:

We do everykind of mods, new upatch 1.5, MP 1.8, New Arsenal 2, Coma SE, Strange Lands, MPE 2.0, Dwiggs 5, BNW 3 which ever get most interest at the time, so we vote the mods to play.

Most mods can be found here:

Hosting problems seem to be lost also with this new and free Radmin VPN program, works much same like hamachi does, but has unlimited members.

We hope you agree Ladder House Rules made by council members with experience, always can discuss rules before game.
Link here:,2097,,60

But we give the links in discord if you are brave enough to face us in online games! Would be awesome to see some old veterans doing comeback also!

AoW:SM and WoW gamer

Maker of MP Mod 1.8

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posted 08-30-19 11:27 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
If you're after a PBEM game instead, then email me at or post on the forum at
We run PBEM games regularly there.
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