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Topic Subject:Unofficial Patch V1.6 (proposed)
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posted 05-28-20 00:01 AM EDT (US)         


There's an idea to make a patch that will include all great and fitting stuff that already made for this game in mods,
ilb packs, patches and MPE (and if I got that far, a separate installer that will install all that on basic 1.3 AoW:SM) and which will be savegame compatible.

What is already done:

1. UPatch 1.5 Ported to MPE
2. UPatch 1.5 Bugs fixed
3. Stylish heroes library to give UPatch 1.5 heroes a try on any map (27 new models) + Original UPatch 1.5 heroes library
4. MPE Watchtower building ability returned
5. About 280 new creatures made
6. Cartoon mode added (no flags/numbers on worldmap)
7. More than 210 map objects added + (30 objects and 10 effects from UPatch 1.5 restored) (actually more, we've just dropped counting them)
8. Planeswalker heroes library added (55 heroes with models)


There will be weekly builds, and we will try to make the most possible amount of steps.

1. Adding creatures
2. Making planeswalkers libraries (heroes from Planescape: Torment)
3. Adding Map-objects
4. Making all-in-one installer (1.4+1.5+MPE+1.5.1)
5. Some creatures adjusting (stats, sounds) if needed

Help needed:

1. Scenario-building
2. Balancing units
3. Connecting with King David - cause he may have some unreleased material
4. Testing
5. Unit sound work
6. Map objects and monsters importing from other games
7. Wrighting stories for heroes pack.
8. Disassembler (writing check for ability level)
9. Whatever you can do

Join us on discord:


Anything teased is already there in the build!

Test build:

Released each week on Friday if something is done. Needs UP 1.5 + MPE to be installed.
Save-compitiblity between test-builds is not garanteed.

2020.09.26 - download


1. UPatch 1.4, UPatch 1.5, MPE should be installed

Most of the graphics taken from all over the mods and ilb's made by the community by PawelS, Kirky Pikardo, Achilles Reborn, Black Maker and many other heroes of AoW.
Most of the screens made on The Groll's and Swolte's scenarios as a best environment. No such changes made to any of existent maps.

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posted 09-24-20 06:17 AM EDT (US)     31 / 38       
It's a real sad situation. Because I tried to connect to you from the start of the project. I really thought you dropped it, because last message in the thread dated 6 years ago and you stopped answer there (even gif are deleted already). And you told somewhere there you even regret that you started to make an addition. And I had no answers for my emails for 4 months. So with that in mind I took courage in releasing some of them.

I bring you my apologise and ask your permission to have those units we ported (and which was already teased to and downloaded by public). Because we need to bring life to the community to have that positive shock, so maps could be made and people still have interest in AoW. We are not the Brave New World and we can't compare to that different style game so we took only some of them, and also resized and recolored them and form certain lineups around them to look them in line with vanilla AoW. They are treated as treasures and marvels. This project was just an idea to take all good what is left out there and bring final pack which give a final and fruitful spin for this game. The situation was desparate when we started - there were no new messages on the forum for years - we were almost dead.

Also we propose all stuff we made for your mod to use. I know it's not equal to your outstanding units and is already here to use. But still.

We as a community and as a project are in need of your help. And at your mercy and generosity.

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posted 09-24-20 02:42 PM EDT (US)     32 / 38       
Hello, Kirky!

It's nice to hear from you. I'm still hoping for a new version of your mod.
I still play 3.2 when I have some free time and I actually made a few changes to the editor version, adding a few broken units and heroes (just for fun).
The Groll
posted 09-24-20 10:55 PM EDT (US)     33 / 38       
Hello Kirky!!!!! :-)
Hello World!

It is so nice you are here!
One of the best modder with the best mod ever - is back.
BNW is for all the people I know, the best mod ever beside upatch and MPE.
So you can be proud of your work.

So nice you are back.
I had plans to do my own mod one day but this was to much for me.
I am not a modder but a good mapmaker and doing both is to hard for me.
So I push the idea in front of me year after year and the community died in between when the poisoned AoW III came out, AoWSM was dead and it looks it will never raise from the dead again and so with it all the nice mods and players died.

Now tRAIADASOUL dared to make a mod for this dead AoWSM game.
Am idea that is more than mad and a bit silly but he started and after some time and big success he dared to ask some dead people if they like to join his project.

After upatch 1.5 was a failure even when is was not bad, but with errors and much to late released, AoWSM where truly dead and we all died with it.

TRIADASOUL raised me from the dead and some others too.
Step by step his mod becomes more upatch than a others named mod and today, after I was allowed to join months ago, we all call the project upatch 1.6 and with his less passion (He allways want more and this faster) :-) but with a great energy and power for this stuff he implemented more and more content in a way that seams to be impossible fast sometimes.

After I have joined, I started with some projects for upatch 1.6.
The "true Sky ide"a was one of this ideas.

You see my spirit in this image?
This is nice. I thank you for seeing it.
Looks like "The Groll" is still able to paint and looks like people see it is "The Groll" who is painting.

Equipped with mad ideas he is... Yes it is "The Groll". :-)
Unfortunately I donīt have a webhoster anymore where I can put on pictures and make links to it these days
Otherwise I could show you all a little more.
We are on Discord now.

Maybe tRIADASOUL could upload some of my pictures here if he like to show them. True sky ideas yes...
I made those small and big rocks and develop the idea with some very special things you donīt see so far.

When it comes to this point where we really make a true new standard, called upatch 1.6 for a dead game, called AoWSM where no one is alive anymore we dare to plunder other mans work.
So we also go to take units from your mod.
I really hope you are not unhappy with this.
This would be sad but as I see from your latest answer (looks like we both wrote ate the same time) you are okay with it :-)
this makes me happy.

The transport to upatch 1.6 will not make BNW less good or less important for the last of us and maybe to the new ones we catch.

Upatch is kind of official unofficial standard somehow.
Modders do create a new experience while normal players first see upatch and a little later if totally fixed on from this game they want to see more and install a mod, and there is where BNW will always shine no matter if there is upatch with units or content from BNW.
So if we use Kirkys units we donīt rob you or your mod.
We help gather new faces and new interest and this will lead to more players who want more, more mods too.

When you say you wanted to complete...
Hmmm... why you have never completed it?
This I think is because of the same reason why I stop doing upatch and mapmaking on day and go to sleep.
Exhausted and alone...
For what should I make maps anymore?
I had the hope my son and I will do it some day but... kids.
He is a very good AoWSM player now but I lost him somewhere...
Private issues.

So please Kirky...
Please raise from the dead like I did.
If you feel alone...
I know how many hours you must have spend or I can imagine it... alone... doing BNW...
Extraordinary many hours like I with my mapmaking madness...
I could even live in a prison cell doing this...
But somehow real live walked on and we lost our spirit and energy.

Now tRIADASOUL was able to find the tombstone with my name on it, opened my grave, pull out this old dead body and give it new spirit and energy.
I am happy to be part of this project now.

I will not make my own mod in time.
I realized this.
So I am happy to be graphic maniac again, draw things like this floating rocks, make more new content and new maps but donīt make an own mod because I donīt have the experience and passion and time to do it.

In this upatch 1.6 project I am able to be the best "The Groll" I can give in 2020 and for the next years I think.

Soooo... Kirkly?
If you look in the mirror and see yourself...
Do you think you will make new BNW mod version in time - or ever?
Do you still see Kirky Picardo in this mirror?
Do you have the power, the passion and time today or in next year/s?
Do you benefit from upatch 1.6 and than make BNW next level?
Do you do this?
Alone with your passion you had in the past?

If your true answer is "No" what is the next possible step then?
I know you work alone. I know you was the best modder and with BNW you created the best mod for standard SM.
But this is years ago.

We now can develop together. :-)

Could you imagine to join us!?
This does not mean we sit together drinking whisky every day.
Everyone works in a distant land but we benefit from each other.

And if you donīt see the time killing passion in the mirror anymore for yourself, so please come and join upatch 1.6 work.
There you can spend as much or less time you want and you will see development and team spirit.

There you will be part of a small team like it was with upatch teams and you and tRIADASOUL would be the best modders out there - together.

At least maybe like some others spend their unfinished work.
For me I gave all my contend I made to this project and there is more to come.
If it stays on my HD until the HD is rotten or until I am dead the work and contend is lost and wasted - forever.
So if you have contend unfinished maybe you see a light for this stuff coming finally to life and to release.
Otherwise maybe you will never release it.

I think tRIADASOUL would be super happy if you join.
No matter if you give only permission to take units from BNW or much better come and give contend to new life upatch 1.6 or much, much, much better come and draw yourself to back to AoWSM life and join the project.
It is inspiring and funny and you are no longer alone.

We have contact to Swolte, PawelS, naecO, Black Marker, Hell Brick, Albaron, Beast Feast, Zelda Freak, Elly... and some more... And some of them are part of the team.

I have to kick Albarons ass a little bit because he promised me to join the team, maybe doing sounds for new units or whatever he likes. He is a dead man right now like I was.
Poisoned and his blood is toxic playing AoW III.
Poor old man. I was dead... but he need the true sanatorium.

If I get him fixed one he is doomed I know this.

So please Kirky give us a sign, give us permission, give us unreleased content, give us Kirky Picardo in this team, give us your blood.


Sorry for being so long here but I am so happy to see you and all the others here.
I think I need the "Mister Grolls Bridgebuilder" unit you once made for me when I create the Marlenes Laughter Map and wanted to build a hobbit bridge to create and dig a path to your destination somewhere out in this mad worlds jungle.

AoWSM Maps: 1. Marlenes Welt 2. Marlenes Schatten 3. Marlenes Gnade
Up.1.4 Maps: 4. Secrets of Marlenia (UPatch 1.4 Map - update) 5. Gates of Elocin - Part I (Mapmaking Competition - Winning Map) 6. Davidīs Winter Wonderland 7. Fairy Wedding
8. Marleneīs_Laughter 9. The Gods Arena Of Magic And Power 10. The_Wilderness 11. Kayland (AoW I Mod) 12. Mia-Mina_&_The_Seadrake
11. AoW I Sound Set for AoWSM 12. Gentleman Rules Set
Need Help? The Conqueror's Fieldguide to The Groll's Universe
Proud member of the Upatch 1.4 & 1.5 Team

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Kirky Picardo
posted 09-24-20 11:23 PM EDT (US)     34 / 38       
Hi Triadasoul_7,

Thank you for the kind words. I accept your apology but there is no real need. I completely understand. As you said it has been years since I last posted here. One of the reasons was I felt it was unfair to people to keep posting teasers and making promises I would not be able to keep. I never removed gifs or screenshots though. That's just a matter of the websites they were uploaded to such as tinypic shutting down. You will see the "this image has been removed" many places where others did the same. It is not unique to the bnw thread.

Also, I wouldn't read too much into one comment I may of made to someone about having regret. Anyone who spends anywhere remotely close to the amount of time I have on all this will likely have some regret about it. Especially if it is still not complete or where they would like it to be. If you are still here, years from now, working on this...well, I imagine you will have some regret too.

I did receive one e-mail from you. After I saw that you had indeed started this project and seemed serious I thought about e-mailing back and offering to contribute a nice amount (but certainly not all) of my stuff. However to go over all that and see what you wanted, how much, what I was willing to let go, putting it all together, etc. etc. would take more time than I wanted to spend and just seemed a big headache for me. I was not aware you already had the new BNW stuff I had sent to a few guys in the community as you never mentioned that. So I never did reply. Sorry about that.

I do agree with you about the game being dead and since UPatch 1.5 was released as an unfinished product, it is good to see some people taking on the task of trying to finish it while adding to it as well. So if it means anything, I do give you permission to use all the stuff by me which you have already included in the last 9-18 download. It looks to be approximately 100 high quality unit/hero ilbs that were never released to the public in my mod or any other. And of course that doesn't even count the vast amount of BNW material which was released that you are welcome to use as well. This seems like a pretty good contribution to me.

To VenomTDA: Thanks mate and very nice work on the units you uploaded. I think you sent me a few of them years ago but there are new ones as well. Some of them look like they are actually from wow and a spnoff of warcraft which name escapes me even though I made quite a few ilbs from the models in it. The ones you did were probably converted to warcraft by someone and you then remade them again to AoW, hehe. I know how that goes!



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posted 09-25-20 00:18 AM EDT (US)     35 / 38       
Kirky, thank you so much for your contribution!
And for your generous permission!

As for regrets I completely understand what you mean, I call it guilt for being mesmerized with those fantastic worlds for years %). And putting almost months in time into constant production.

Once again thank you so much for your contribution!

We actually stopped adding it yesterday with your message. And added all what was possible in terms of slightly extended vanilla design balance. It's actually 177 out of 640 new models added by the patch 1.6 according to filenames - are BNW content both released and unreleased. They are definitely are of the top quality and the best we could ever have. I still hope we didn't touch the BNW world essence because of its uniqueness and almost HDR colours and shaders. But brought its blood to the project! I hope this will do that positive shock to the community and we dwell that marvelous world a little more! Thank you once more for your vast and invaluable contribution in our project and community!

I as others still hope to see the BNW new version because I saw those great units that are still unreleased and remember those gifs well (I had also regrets for not saving them) and which formed it's unique feeling. And I hope you would return with it soon.

And we also hope and dream if you join our project and we could join our efforts in bringing it all back. Please if you are interested join us on discord:


Also Groll asked me to post some more screens of his islands to show that your units would have the best environment.
(screenshots made in production - flaws fixed)

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The Groll
posted 09-25-20 06:58 AM EDT (US)     36 / 38       
Thank you tRIADA for putting this images online for me. :-)
All this images are still things under construction/ in development.
There are some more tricks, for example no longer the grass terrain in the background of the floating rocks visible and some other nice things and tricks.

This are images that show the possibilities but are not final ingame shots but editor shots under development.

But I think it is possible to see and show a part of what I dream of... and people seam to like it as much as I do. :-)

AoWSM Maps: 1. Marlenes Welt 2. Marlenes Schatten 3. Marlenes Gnade
Up.1.4 Maps: 4. Secrets of Marlenia (UPatch 1.4 Map - update) 5. Gates of Elocin - Part I (Mapmaking Competition - Winning Map) 6. Davidīs Winter Wonderland 7. Fairy Wedding
8. Marleneīs_Laughter 9. The Gods Arena Of Magic And Power 10. The_Wilderness 11. Kayland (AoW I Mod) 12. Mia-Mina_&_The_Seadrake
11. AoW I Sound Set for AoWSM 12. Gentleman Rules Set
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posted 09-25-20 02:29 PM EDT (US)     37 / 38       
Very nice floating islands, Master Groll. They remind me of a project of mine in RPG Maker... Ah, the good old days!

To Kirky: Yes, I rememeber I sent you a few of them. I wanted to send you some more, but then my pc died. I lost some units and I was kind of mad about it, because I didn't make a backup. Oh, well, lesson learned.
Yes, some units are from WoW, converted by the Warcraft 3 modding community for their projects. They did a really good job.
posted 09-28-20 02:01 PM EDT (US)     38 / 38       

with gratitude to Kirky Picardo for units and BeastFeast for terrain idea

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