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Topic Subject:State of The AI?
posted 05-22-17 11:46 PM EDT (US)         
Hello, i'm planning to buy AOW:SM at GOG. However i've heard that the AI of AOW:SM is not very good. I'd like to know, how is the AI capabilities of AOW SM? If its bad, anyone knows the mod that enchances the AI? at least makes the AI plays better?

Thank you!

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posted 09-18-17 03:15 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
I don't think the AI in AoW:SM is 'worse' than any other strategy game. As with most other strategy games, the AI tends to amass troops and resources faster than you but makes inferior tactical decisions, so it's your usual brains vs brawns match.

That said, if you're a hardcore 1v1/pvp player, as with any other game you probably won't find the AI a fulfilling opponent once you know the game well.

In the context of failings specific to the 'standard' skirmish game itself, though (and to some extent single player):

a) The AI player will not rebuild razed structures or cities, nor will it raze any of yours. This puts the AI at a serious disadvantage if you decide to raze its own assets.
b) The AI will not cast Disjunction to disperse any of your global spells.
c) The AI will never retreat from battles in tactical combat, so they tend to martyr their heroes often while you can spam Call Hero until you have an army of 30+ upkeep free heroes in some scenarios (I think this was a design oversight and suspect Call Hero was probably intended to check against the limit maximum # of heroes specified by each scenario).
d) In skirmish, the AI will not create Pioneers, putting it at a disadvantage if you have Build Outposts enabled and make your own cities.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. If you don't mind the flaws the AI has in other strat games, I wouldn't overlook this game for that kind of stuff. It's still quite fun!
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