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Topic Subject:Patch MP Evolution 2.0
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posted 05-02-11 07:52 AM EDT (US)  

3.5 years of development.
37 fixed bugs.
2 new wizard skills.
Over 100 game engine improvements, including spell dependencies, production transfer and new terrain/movement features.
Additional mod editor with more than 20 new mod settings to tweak.
Numerous balance improvements, thoroughly weighted and properly tested.
NO crazy new units, stolen and poorly converted graphics or any other ridiculous changes - this is still good old AoW, carefully improved in so many ways.

This is our new masterpiece: MP Evolution 2.

We'd like to say a big loud "thank you" to everyone who's been with us for all these years. Through all supportive posts and all the criticism, through countless bold suggestions and even bigger amount of the games played to test them you've helped us to make this patch better.

Thank you!

~ HellBrick & Jobe

Author of the post is not responsible for any side effects of reading it, including mental trauma, blown up brains, hurt feelings, law violation, sudden death or understanding what the hell author meant.
MP Evolution 2.0 | Lab break 1.0

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posted 09-15-17 03:11 PM EDT (US)     931 / 946       
I've started making my own modified version of MPE fixing some of the issues you've raised as well as adding my own flavour to it. You talk about "ASM Edits", what are these?
Sorry it took so long to see this and reply!

ASM stands for Assembly, and is typically the last (desperate) hope for modding any part of a game that the game's own tools and resource file edits can't accomplish. However, modifying a game's compiled code is very time consuming and tedious, which is why anyone who is crazy enough to do this type of work wishes companies would release source code for these old games and make our lives so much easier!

The MP Evolution team probably did a LOT of this type of time consuming work. It can sometimes take weeks or months to achieve what someone could do with the source code in minutes or days. This is why a lot of people turn to creating their own open source versions of game engines because, if you want to make extensive and complex changes or improvements, it's probably faster to write your own game engine from scratch than try to reprogram an existing one without the source code.

If you're not familiar with programming, I'd recommend against considering it. Assembly Language is a headache to work with and I wouldn't suggest it to anyone as the first programming language they learn. HOWEVER, if you're interested, you can read about it over here:

I only recently began to dabble in it a couple years ago, and given the complexity of the work, there's still lots of things I couldn't figure out or do even after spending several months working with it.
I understand how this may be disappointing to hear, but this is the way things are.
I completely understand. I anticipate I'll be playing AoW on and off for the next 20 years of my life at least, and MP Evolution will be a regular part of that for sure. Thanks again so much for all the hard work you put into it!

And thanks a bunch for setting aside a little time to share what you can that might help other modders willing to carry the torch. Even some inefficient source code can be a goldmine for anyone else who might want to do something similar.

I hope you enjoy whatever other adventures life leads you to. Best wishes!
posted 09-16-17 06:34 AM EDT (US)     932 / 946       
HellBrick wrote:

I'll try to release these things some time this week. .udd files are easy; the code, however, needs to have the dependencies figured out, checked for the sensitive data, etc.

I would be very interested in your information about structs and data formats for AOW2/SM.

Could you please tell, when you release it?

Thank you.

posted 10-09-17 10:05 PM EDT (US)     933 / 946       
hey. wanted to say that we are 15 players now in my new server in discord. i have created it before few days, soon all my friends will join. we will be 20-30. btw i found many people in other gaming programs (90) hopefuly i'll get 20 of them but still we may not be enough;/. we need more people! join our discord server. The mission is to make tournaments with brackets, 1v1/2v2 ffa 3v3, or whatever but with price money!. the link to my server will be expired in 24 hours so just search in discord "age of wonders sm" . by the way we are playing MPE of course!. i already have some of the creators of mpe in my server.

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(id: Roger the Rampant)
posted 10-21-17 04:46 AM EDT (US)     934 / 946       
Prize money, not price money

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 11-24-17 11:20 AM EDT (US)     935 / 946       
Hi folks, sorry for the delay, my plans were mercilessly crushed by some IRL stuff. But (finally!) here it is:

1. OllyDbg files for MPE game and editor executables. As I vaguely remember encountering some issues with .udd files when switching between versions of OllyDbg, I've included the exact version of the debugger binaries that I used when working on MPE, they should be able to load the .udds without any problems.

2. AowSdk. I've excluded the mod editor, because it proved to be a pain in the ass to figure out the dependencies and doesn't provide much value for the file format research anyway, but the useful part of the SDK is there.

Hope that helps If you have any specific questions regarding the file format or the SDK code base, feel free to raise an issue in the SDK repo and ask them there, as it's very unlikely for me to notice new posts here on the forum.

Author of the post is not responsible for any side effects of reading it, including mental trauma, blown up brains, hurt feelings, law violation, sudden death or understanding what the hell author meant.
MP Evolution 2.0 | Lab break 1.0
Ziggurat Mason
HG Cherub
posted 12-18-17 04:57 PM EDT (US)     936 / 946       
Thanks so much Hellbrick! Your mod is really the gold standard in this game. It's great to see you around still.
Ziggurat Mason
HG Cherub
posted 01-11-18 11:44 AM EDT (US)     937 / 946       
I have so much fun modding the game using Hellbrick's tools - thanks!!

Also there's a living PBEM community over in the GoG forums.
posted 02-07-18 04:02 AM EDT (US)     938 / 946       
I know that I arrive a bit after the battle, but about those Pioneers/Rebuilders:

the whole idea of splitting Pioneers from Rebuilders was so that the Rebuilders did not suffer the price increase of Pioneers, right?

so to solve the problem of existing scenarios (or even the main campaign, which I would love to play with the MPE bugfixes!) having Pioneers (and not Rebuilders) at the start, it would suffice to give Rebuild structure to Pioneers *in addition to* the Build Outpost ability?

Alternatively, about the price increase for Pioneers: maybe it could be made dependent on the number of owned cities+pioneers+queued pioneers, instead of the number of Pioneers produced? This would restrain outpost-spamming while still allowing empire-rebuilding.

I will try my hand at the tools uploaded by HellBrick. And to you HellBrick: spassiba bolchoļ!

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posted 07-16-18 08:00 PM EDT (US)     939 / 946       
Anyone still modding? I'm wondering if there's a way I can rename spells, I figure I have to edit the PFS files, but there's no editor for that and Hex Editing is probably not what I want to look for.

Proud Member of Black Forest Studios
Co-creator of Silent Evil - Voted Best Multiplayer Scenario of 2009
and The Seas of Egressa - Voted Best Multiplayer Scenario of 2010
Ziggurat Mason
HG Cherub
posted 07-18-18 10:34 AM EDT (US)     940 / 946

Here's a download with several modding tools, including one for editing game text - the MLDedit one.

I'm not the greatest expert, but PFS files don't handle everything, much of the text is handled by the mld files in the Dict folder, especially ResStr.MLD

Don't mod the Native column in MLDedit, IIRC that causes issues. Mod the (initially empty) English column.

And yes, I'm modding! Using MPE mod's engine and editors as baseline. I've already found about 50 unit graphics which I'm going to insert, 3 for each race as trainable units (I stole almost all from other mods, but some are my own recolourings). Will also fundamentally rebalance parts of the game like upkeep per level formula, general unit balance (DAM is much lower to make Gold Medal and some enchants more valuable, ATK is mostly much higher than DEF so that combat is less RNG and lower level troops can contribute more, etc).

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Finrod Tinuviel
posted 04-30-19 10:35 AM EDT (US)     941 / 946       
These weeks I was reading every post here about MPE and now I'm editing many things using Mod Editor, because I discovered it lately. I know it's pretty late but I never had anyone to show me this place those days and I didn't have any friend playing AoW:SM to about 2011. It's pretty great to see so many people interested in this mod that time, HellBrick helping so much, being pretty active and helpful. That's a shame they stopped, because I'm still hungry for some changes and I have so many ideas. Unfortunately I'm not programmer and I can't do anything beside using available editors and I have no experience here. I think there are some little issues making MPE less great than it could really be. I know it's been a long time but I still hope someone will see my post and will be that kind to help me.

1. I have problem with changing race's machines. For example I'd like to exchange some Repeater balistas with Cannons or Frost/Flame Cannons for some races. How I could do that in MPE
(I found a solution, just in game editor as well.)

2. Another question is how can I change default AI wizard's skills? I changed some skill points and now some wizards are using too many skill points (mainly because of changing Technophobe from -6 to -4 points) and that would be a little cheatty choosing them by players. I tried to do it in Map Editor but didn't work.
(I already found a way to do that with MPE editor. I just had to reinstall it because before that I couldn't see any units or wizards there but sharps or empty spots.)

3. Is it possible to remove Drill machine (never seen anyone producing or using it for 8 years) and put Watch Builder back or give Rebuilders ability called 'build watchtower'?

4. Is it possible to make to produce some unit in Sanctuary. That would be great to make some higher priests or something like that.
(I guess it's possible only in temple but maybe there is some way.)

5. I really loved colorful look of the spell book from some version of MPE but with the new version it was gone (I see many players didn't like it). And here I found '145 Spell Icons' app making it colorful again. Is it save to install it on the newest version of MPE (

6. Is it still possible to repair wall bug problem with some units (without flying/pass wall/wall climbing) sometimes passing the walls like there is nothing in some hexes?

7. Is there any way to remove technophobe skill prohibiting Shrine of Order? In my version of MP Evolution it's not necessary and I'd like to remove it. Also I'd like to add Illiterate skill prohibiting Shrine of Magic maybe.

And I just wanna let everyone know that there are people still playing AoW:SM and MPE as well on discord. We have a group called AoW:SM. Link here:

Any suggestions about changing MPE in Mod Editor will be considered. I hope more players will join (now there are 18 people). Everyone is welcome!


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Ziggurat Mason
HG Cherub
posted 05-02-19 03:12 AM EDT (US)     942 / 946       
1.) Changing what races have as recruit options is done through the map editor, not the mod editor. After opening map editor you go through Resources>Edit>Settings>Races

There you can edit what each race recruits from each building - however, most buildings can't be granted the ability to recruit troops. You can only add recruitable troops the the Temple Complex and to the various buildings that already provide recruitable troops.

In my mod I made normal priests trainable from the Temple Complex, higher level priest-mages / magicians trainable from the Monastery. I made the monastery much more expensive to compensate for this.

Thanks for the discord link.
Finrod Tinuviel
posted 12-26-19 08:53 AM EDT (US)     943 / 946       
Hello everyone!

Since summer of 2019 I'm testing my modification for MP Evolution and it's pretty damn good. Multiplayer games are hilariuos now and after all these years it still gives so much satisfaction. I called it MP Evolution 2.0.5 by sketch but now I'm still finding some ideas and small things that I would apply or change a little bit, so it's going to be version soon.

All the 2.0.5 changes you can find here and please let me know what do you think about it:

And here are my next questions:

8. Is it possible to add a charge abillity to a spell called haste? I think it's a very good idea, but I just have no clue how do to that.

9. Is it possible to make units with healing abbility to heal themselfs?

And thanks for everyone who already joined our Discord group. Now there are almost 30 members.

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posted 04-04-20 10:17 AM EDT (US)     944 / 946       
I imported all objects from UPatch 1.5 into MPE. It became even save compitible with UPatch 1.5 saves.

Both Upatch 1.5 and MP Evolution should be installed.
Replace files in MPE Resource directory (C:\Users\Public\Documents\Age of Wonders - MP Evolution 2\Mods) with files from the archive.

Fixed bugs:
- Zephyr Bird disappearing
- Mastery Spells
- Ranger hero sound crash fixed
- Goblin City screen hang
- Ghost is Undead now
- Chaos node converted to missing graphics


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Finrod Tinuviel
posted 04-25-20 05:57 AM EDT (US)     945 / 946       

Here's an update of MP Evolution 2.0.5 - now it's called MP Evolution by Finrod. I made more changes making every single race more special and pretty balanced. Also abillity masking has been improved. Multi player tests went very well, so now I'm very proud to give you a changelog link below and invite you to our Discord group, having more than 40 members already.

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posted 04-28-20 05:50 AM EDT (US)     946 / 946       
More of Upatch 1.5 bugs fixed:
- Underground passage invisibility fixed
- Evil/sacred woods, spider curse, poison plants spells fixed
- Healing site and other disapperances fixed

Please re-download
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