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AoW2 Technical Help
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Topic Subject: Multiplayer
posted 09-30-10 01:12 AM EDT (US)   
Hi First of all, i'm really pleased to see that Age of Wonders is still played. If only i knew it earlier...

Anyway. I've been playing age of wonders for more than 7 years now, i really love this game. But, because i found no one else playing it, i've always been in solo mode.
Recently i met a very good friend i didnt see for ages, and we found out that we both LOVE Age of Wonders... the only problem is that we cant play on multiplayer... and we dont know why.

Could you please help me ? I'm really really sad and disappointed... so many hours of fun compromised because of such a stupid thing...

When i run the game, press "scenario", then "internet", and finally "host game", the game freezes 1 sec, then nothing happens. My friend says he cannot find the game in the list, even when he types my ip adress

Here are the only things i know :

- Ports 6073 and 2302 are opened in both TCP and UDP.
- Gamespy Arcade is installed (i dont even know if it's still useful ), but when i run it, it says i've got an unallowed client which won't allow me to speak in Gamespy Arcade's chatrooms, but still allows playing.
- When i run gamespy arcade, it says than my IP adress is different in and out of my ports (or smthg like that >.< i'm a bit a retard with those kind of things, sorry >.<).
- My modem is a router, and i had to open ports in order to play to other games (even with firewall disabled)
- I've got Zone Alarm (fire wall) and i pressed "accept" when it sent me the security alert when trying to host.
- I've got Avast antivirus
- I tried to disable all of these security tools (antivirus + firewall)

... i'm really sorry to ask you that way but... honestly i tried everything i knew... and got no more idea on what to do.

Thanks from the deepest of my heart for your attention, and moreover the time you spent reading this topic.

Looking forward to reading from you soon :s


P.S.: I'm sorry about my quite bad english, i'm not american or english at all : i'm french :)
Thanks again.

[EDIT] ... I forgot the most important : i'm talking about Age of Wonders : Shadow magic, ver 1.30 (since it's the latest one i've found on the net)

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posted 09-30-10 09:06 AM EDT (US)     1 / 8  
If nothing else helps, you could try installing Tunngle or Hamachi. Those create virtual local area networks, allowing better compatibility. You might run into other players there too . (Cant remember any used Hamachi room, which isnt full atm.. But you can easily make new one or use Tunngle.)

Btw, this forum is for AoW2, not AoW:SM.

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posted 09-30-10 09:39 AM EDT (US)     2 / 8  
Thanks alot for your help.

I've got a question though : to me, the "internet" and local network happen to be the same : when i press "host game", nothing happens...

is it normal ? of course, no one is connected to the local network so mb that's the reason why ? I expected something like a room to be opened, where you wait other players to come, or so... but still the 1 sec freeze then nothing.

May hamachi or tunngle work still ?

posted 10-01-10 08:28 AM EDT (US)     3 / 8  
No, its not normal.. When you press "host game" in LaN or Internet menu it should open a new room with different options. Similar when making a single player custom game.

You might need to reinstall or configure you firewall or something. Or wait for the opinion of some1 who knows more about such things . One possibility could be to let your friend host and you try to join. Make sure you're using the external IP when trying to join. You can see it here for example. (AoW usually gives the internal IP in game for some reason)

More information on setting online games for AoW:SM can be found here.

Good luck!

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posted 10-03-10 03:24 AM EDT (US)     4 / 8  
Thanks a lot ! Hamachi works perfectly

I still cannot host properly in internet mode though... i wonder if it will not be a handicap if we someday want to play with more people :s as they all need to have hamachi...

Do you all use hamachi on this forum ?

Thanks a lot
posted 10-05-10 08:07 AM EDT (US)     5 / 8  
Probably most people on this forum play PBEM more than online games. For online, we use Hamachi, MSN and Tunngle to contact and connect for games. I should try reinstall Tunngle myself, it might be best way to connect for games in the future, since MSN and Hamachi group size is limited and Gamespy has lost its appeal for most people.

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posted 10-05-10 01:11 PM EDT (US)     6 / 8  
Ah, and you said this forum is for AoW 2 only but i saw some topics with AoW:SM written in description so i was thinking it was for both, sorry ^^'.

hmm anyway we would be very pleased to play with whoever wants to (shadow magic, of course, since it's the only game we have :s)

we are beginners in multiplayer though x)

[EDIT] Oh, and sorry... it's still about AoW : SM but i heard about an unofficial patch which includes new units...

Is it for SM or just aow 2 ? And if it's for SM, how to download it please ? :s


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posted 10-13-10 09:43 AM EDT (US)     7 / 8  
Sorry for the delay.

Online games have been bit scarce lately, but I believe theres still many players. Most are divided into different networks and groups unfortunately. I just made new network for hamachi: AOWSM3 , password: aow . Feel free to join there if you like. You can also contact me on MSN messenger at

Yes there is unofficial patch for AoW:SM. You can find it here.


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posted 02-12-13 10:46 PM EDT (US)     8 / 8  
Sorry for the delay.
I also playing age of wonders for more than 2 years now, i really love this game.But I don't know how to use it in Multiplayer.

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