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AoW2 Technical Help
Moderated by Swolte, Ziggurat Mason

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Topic Subject: V1.2: Bugs, exploits and serious annoyances (do not post in this thread!)
posted 12-22-02 07:15 AM EDT (US)   

To make things a bit easier for the devs I try to make a list here of all the bugs and exploits still present after the latest patch v1.2. I will try to update as much as possible. Josh stated that with enough user demand and bugs there might be another patch, if I remember correctly.
You can also check if yours hasn't already been reported here.

I will update this list as much as I can and perhaps the devs find enough reason for another patch V1.3?

1. Leadership from items.
Leadership bonus only works on the unit carrying the item, not others in the stack (Swolte).

2. Leprechaun dispell ability.
Always fails (Air Warlord).

3. Hero levelling and skills in one turn.
When earning multiple levels in a turn, subsequent picks of Spellcasting are not listed and functional, this is also possible with leadership and markmanship (greenknightaus).
In the same manner, it is also possible to get multiple offers of the fire breath skill (DarkMystery).

4. Targeting spells via events list.
When casting a spell that finishes a next turn one cannot cast the spell directly from the event list due to a missing targeting cursor (Nojd).
"Grafics bug: If I have some stack or city selected, then select an event "spell xxx (non-global) ready" from event list, and press "cast", then instead of "casting" interface, I see somehow corrupted "selection" interface, and need to switch to something (say, game options) and back to casting."(Checat)

5. Walls outside map limits*.
There is a possibility of placing walls outside the map limits (in the stars region..) making the map even larger! But the game can become corrupt and unplayable after a while! (Magog).

Quoted from Josh:

Any map with absolutely no borders is going to have serious problems. A patch would be unlikely to correct existing maps. For now, I can only suggest to mapmakers to make sure there is always at least a 1-hex border on maps, and if you want to be safe, leave the default 4-hex borders.

6. Online-MP battle crash: simultaneous moving.
If players will try to move units to engage a few seconds after a big battle ends, the game freezes.
Example: "It often happened when attacker retreated from battle with some troops and try to move them to safe position while defender try to attack them to prevent escaping." (Air Warlord).
This has also been reported on 'stack level'.
Example: "if player1 moves his units to an area that independents are guarding (area guard), and right after that moves his units again, while the independents are moving towards him, the screen "Do you want to command this battle?" appears, and when you choose "Yes" or "No" and your units are far away, the game will crash...". (Faitas).

7. Existing games won't load*.
When installing the new patch, old and new games won't load anymore.
Example: "Tried to load later, and load froze at halfway point, and graphics resumed scrolling. Got to reload at Autosave once, same thing." (Kaskoid).
Example: "Something seems to be happening to my save game files. I will be playing the campaign or a scenario (doesn't matter which), and suddenly the game starts to slow down. Specifically, I will end my turn (in classic mode) and the game never makes it through the next (computer) players turn. It just runs more and more slowly until it freezes all together. This process takes about 2-3 minutes." (todwest)

Quoted from Josh:

-So far, we've only seen one save that wouldn't load, and that was because of a corruption in the save caused by an error in a user-made map.
Feel free to pass along any saves that you can't load to and we'll look them over...
-seem to show a reproducible bug, which we will investigate further...

8. Underground water wave animation.
The wave animation on water is with underground tiles one hex below the water it belongs to (Molog).

9. Incarnate.
Possessed 'good aligned' heroes don't change alignement to evil and have 'terrible morale'(Molog).
Incarnate still works strange for possessed non-hero units too. They get evil but when walking a previously good aligned and possesed unit in wasteland, the morale changes to terrible! (Karama).
On top of that a 'good' possesed hero does take holy woods damage (Greenmonster).
"Bug with incarnates possessing a unit and then being swallowed by a glutton who is then killed..
When you have a possessed unit and that units gets swallowed by a glutton, the glutton swallows the unit you possessed, BUT the incarnate pops out of the unit like it has died.......Now if you procceed to kill the glutton the glutton will "Spit up" the unit it swallowed cept the unit is under your control AND will also still be possesed with another incarnate in it..." (Faded).
"I just payed 30 gold for a DE archer possessed by an incarnate." (Black Knight).
"I have enchanted an Incarnate with Dark Gift, Enchant Weapon and Stone Skin, to make it a bit usefull in close combat VS. Machines etc... after possessing an unit, the enchatments just dissapear AND after i get my old Incarnate back, the enchantments are still left(if it is poping out of an unit)!" (Darkmystery).
"the combat AI also makes horrible decisions about using possess, too.
a fully beefed up possessed dragon will have no second thoughts about giving up that great body for that of a wounded peasant if in fast combat." (Greenmonster).

10. Taunt ability.
Example: "when many pirates use taunt in one turn most of taunted enemy units ignore this effect. For example when pirates during siege taunt enemy archers to force all of them shoot different targets and kill noone in result, only 1 0r 2 of 8 archers shoot pirates while others can chose any target they want." (Air Warlord).

"When you select the taunt ability, the usual "zone of effect" view appears (light area surrounded by a darker one). Anyway, if you select a unit out of range, the taunt ability works!" (Golum)

11. Sacred wrath spell.
Doesn't do double damage to evil units (Air Warlord).

12. Ghost Tower.
When building a wizard towerII, that finishes after Wizard TowerI is destroyed (city quake), players gets all the 2nd Tower's options but the tower animation doesn't show in he world screen (Daius).

13. Loading error and razed reflecting pools.
Editor glitch: "You can place razed reflecting pools but once placed they then vanish and when playing the game, will cause a fatal error, stopping you ever loading that game. This is the cause for one of the loading problems listed before." (JamieJME).

14. Updating disabled races.
"If I disable a race on a map and put a pioneer of that race on the map and rebuild a town with it then the game will not display a race relation towards this race on the diplomacy screen. Its also impossible to migrate towards this race (which is ok but the lack of display is not)." (m_s).
"On Death 2 there are Goblin cities, but no Goblins in diplomacy (race relations) and no Migrate to Goblins in building. Note also an Animate Ruins spell which also doesn't update races list." (Checat).

15. Reflecting pool and death domain spell.
"It seems to be like (not 100% sure as I didnt analyse it closer at the time):
I have a reflecting pool A in my domain. It gives me vision around a reflecting pool B in an enemies domain. This enemy has cast the vision-reducing (death) domain spell. But I still have the normal vision around the reflecting pool B. Now I capture reflecting pool B. Then I loose the normal vision around B and get a reduced vision around B instead. Loosing B again will restore the normal vision." (m_s).

16. Aborting Disjunction.
"Disjunction is somehow bugged so that it becomes impossible to choose what to disjunct and how much mana to invest in. Seems to happen after aborting it and trying to cast it again" (m_s).

17. Razed teleporters and swamps.
"Razed teleporters on top of a swamp tile are invisible. Not inmidiatly after razing but when you move your screen away from it and back." (Molog).

18. AI lockup bug.*
"i am affraid, the AI lockup bug in this patch version 1.2 is NOT fixed. In the custom scenario"resurrection of pu", nekron multiple times lockup, i was karissa and made an alliance with him then he locked up, i broke the alliance and i could play 2-6 turns further then again he locked up the game in his turn, all AI wizards are set on Emperor, alliances deactivated, well i managed somehow to prevent this buy giving a town to nekron, but after 2 turns it locked agein, bah this is annoying :-/". (Schattenzauber).

Quoted from Danm:

I have found at least one reproducable instance of this: If you capture a city that is still producing a unit started by the AI, and then QUEUE "raze" after the unit, the AI player that started that unit will never complete their turn when the city is razed. I've seen this happen several times, and played around with saved games to verify. You can work around by saving and reloading the "frozen" game -- when loaded, the AI will be "unstuck"

19. Wetlands and reloading.
"I noticed a bug the other day regarding the Wetlands spell. When you cast the spell it's not supposed to affect your crops. That's true if you play a game straight through, however, if you load a saved game your crops will be completely gone and you lose all the income they produced. It takes about 5 to 10 turns for your crops to fully grow back to peak income.
Best Regards, Raven Bear" (Raven Bear).

20. Teleporting 'exceptional' items.
"Some items, apparently the really good (exceptional) ones, can be teleported without cost."

Quoted from Waterfly:

All items that are "exceptionell" can be offered to an allied wizard without any mana costs! - we have one such shield with +2def,block and fire res, but didnt use it yet. So that wizard also can give it freely back to you - so you get it back to your own wizard for the next turn without any costs! And this for the absolutely best items!
At first I thought there are only a few items with the bug, but recently I discovered that its ALL the "exceptional" items from the library - including most of what your side has! Thats why i think the whole category of items has to be deleted!


21. Boat image & towers.
"A Boat behind a city tower looks like it is on the top of it. (the boat image appears in front or the city image)" (Black Knight).

22. Draconian morale in desert.
"In the Cosmo-wizard-throne game my draconian hero keeps getting low morale by flying over the desert, while the next hex (in water) he's happy and gay" (Black Knight).

Quoted from Tekk:

I can backup that claim too. On a competitive pbem game, I am playing as the draconians. I found that the independent draconian units by me were very unruly. When I went into the editor, I found that desert was underneath them. When I changed it to steppe, they were back to normal. However, I found this bug to be very random. It sometimes works and other time it does not work.

23. Caves and Domain.
"When I attacked an enemy army from underneath at the top of a stairway, the program claimed that it didn't take place in my domain also two of my heroes participated & my wizard was in his tower." (Onazz + Starfury)

24. Domains, layers and Global spells.
"Damnation (and possibly other global spells) will work on layers where the caster has no coverage. For example, I had a party wandering around well away from any cities. out of any domain! Swolte They got in a fight, but would not heal afterwards. I later discovered that my opponent underground had cast damnation, which was apparently crossing layers and preventing them from healing. Strangely enough, they were not cursed. They healed when they moved out of range of her underground domain." (Seth)

25. Rejuvenate, Darklands, and path of decay destroying mountains?.
"Rejuvenate, Darklands all in effect, turn after turn. Rejuvenate, darklands, rejuvenate, darklands. Greener, darker, greener, darker etc. Dread Reaper walking around leaving in his trail a path of decay. Effect: a small section of a mountain range was destroyed, so that you could just walk on grass and there was no need to use the underground to get behind the mountains.( in that particular area of the map)." (Kylir)
"i have also seen darklands change mountains to grass." (King David)
"And sometimes cavern tiles placed on the surface disappear with Reapers passing by" (Swolte}

26. kill unit trigger not working?.
-> more


1. Control your enemy in PBEM.
When attacking a CPU enemy stack that is adjacent AND allied to a human player, one is able to control the movements of the enemy human player (Black Knight).

sm_ fixed

2. Combat pathfinding.
(AI) pathfinding choosing the shortest instead of the safest road and getting (a lot of) extra attacks from adjacent enemies (Black Knight).

3. Producion resource.
You can select the buildings you don't want by placing them in the building queue of your nearest city. When you pick up the pile AFTER you filled the queue, you get to choose from structure(s) you didn't select. The exploit is not consistant in its presence as it doesn't work for everybody and always (need more research!) (NTJedi)


4. AI ranged attacks kills itself.
When sieging against multiple (>2) AI ranged defenders, for example, standing in the line of the AI-troop positions causes the back defenders to hit themselves. They don't shoot over their own but through.

5. AI spellcasting kills itself.
When the AI uses the area targeted spells it centers on the target and seems to ignore all around it, including it's own units.


6. AI doesn't use boats*.
Speaks for itself...(NTJedi)


7. AI wizard void-returning/outbuying and placement.
When an AI wizard is killed and returns a near city with 8 minions, the wizard is placed outside the centre and remains there (even when a minion gets killed in the centre). (Daius)
Or for example, when you buy Serena's (AI) city (the one that AI was previously in?) and when Serena accepted the deal the city was yours but then Serena remained next to what is now YOUR city and didn't move. The centre hex was unoccupied as it was your city that you bought 'from a distance' (Checat).


8. Fast Combat and archery.
Heroes only use their range attack ability, in some situations this can be a real exploit. Suppose I got a heroA with 20 attack and 20 damage and archery against another heroB with 8 attack and 8 damage and archery.
The win chances are equal..
it would be nice if there was some 'smarter coding' in that area. (Swolte)


9. Area covering spells in AC.
"None of the area covering cobat spells (fire ball, chain lightning, great hail, cosmic spray) seems to affect more than one unit when cast in automatic combat. Is this intentional? In a pbem game where most fights have to be fought in AC this really reduces the cost efficency for these spells."(Fisenflycht).

fixed (yet, may still be stronger)

10. 'Undefended' Magic Rifts.
"While playing "Let Sleeping Gods Lie" I noticed two Chaos Nodes (Magic Rifts, I assume: Swolte) that had no defenders, but they hadn't been converted to a Sphere's Node. Since they were close to AI capitals I think there is some problem with the AI taking undefended Chaos Nodes. The AI seems to be capable of taking undefended Nodes of other Spheres, just not Chaos Nodes.
I think you can get an undefended Node, if you attack a Node, lose the Units you actually move into the Node, but still beat all the defenders.
E.g. a Node defended by three Rift Spawns, you move a stack of 7 Warlords and one Axeman next to the Node and then only move the Axeman into the Node. If you lose the Axeman, but your Warlords whip the Spawns, you'll have an undefended Node." (ZombieEater).

11. AI never rebuilds anything. .
"AI never rebuilds anything." (Baron of Hell)

12. Failed infidel' quests and recruiting.

Quoted from mmza:

Also, I got a hard 'hunt the infidels' quest to kill 2 angels. I failed to do so as my heroes as busy elsewhere but then since I am playing as a good wizard (only dwarves) so I managed to recruit those two independent angels after failing to complete the quest.


13. (Un)holy tree damage and movement
"A spider queen ends its turn in a holy groud (holy tree or whatever it's called). Each time a friendly units enters her hex, even in the same turn, she takes damage like if she was with the group that joins her." (Black Knight)
Example: "I need to pass the Holy tree with many, many Undead armies. What I do: take one strong unit, say, Bone Dragon, and place it into Holy tree hex. It is strong, so it recieves small or no damage. Then I take 7 units, move them to Dragon. No one of them receives damage. Move them away. Take next 7 units, move to dragon, move away, and so on. _No_one_ except the unit that stays in trees ever receives any damage" (Checat).


14. Allied AI exchanges..
"Allies are too ready to exchange a watch towers (which they can use anyway being allies) with more important stuff" (Black Knight)


15. AI casting firestorm on immune..
"The AI cast a Firestorm on a stack of units which was fully fire immune (due to Fire Halos - standard issue for an invasion force headed into a Fire Domain)." (Starfury)

16. Waterwalking ring..
"When I took a Waterwalking-Ring from my Elven Ranger (again Water Mastery Phase)he could still swim till the end of the round." (Onazz)

17. Positioning, walls and combat*.
"Player A is allied to Player B. Player C is at war with Player B. Player A has units in the center of a walled city with a Wizard's tower. Player B has units adjacent to the center of the same city. Player C attacks Player B's units in either Fast or Tactical Combat. Both Players A and B are forced to fight Player C without the benefit of the Tower Guard and City Walls." (ZombieEater, RighteousFroggy)


18. Splitting enemy stacks in siege..
"I find that to completly split up the enemy, you only need to attack from 2 different places. (there must be a 1 hex gap inbetween the 2 points though)" (JamieJME and JohnDiFool)


19. Attacking gates under flying units..
"Zephyr Eagle was on top of a gate. My units on that side were all land units and could not attack the eagle, but when I tried to attack the gate it said that I couldn't target flying units." (Bullwrinkle)

20. Archery trick..
A mounted fast unit (hero) with a ranged attack and can kill all non-ranged units that have movement points below 40, in general. Takes time, but becomes a lot easier with markmanships and increased movement. Major exploit!
The same way a single hasted archer can kill 8 AI RiftLords!


21. Hit and run tacticts..
A single archer can wipe out Dragons/ Riftlords by pulling back, shooting and retreating the next round. Initiating combat multiple times. Takes a lot of time but becomes easier with multiple archers.

sm_fixed (well, made more difficult)

22. AI Item teleportation..
The AI teleports all items to the wizard, leaving the heroes with nothing! (NTJedi).


23. AI threat perception..
- AI doesn't take unit-enchantments into account when attacking stacks or leaving cities poorly defended (can't remember who mentioned it).
-You should build between 2-4 stacks of 8 shooters. At some point, the computer will determine that you are lightly defended, and send a large attack team of Level 3 or Level 4 creatures to attack you. In such a case, just use autocombat, and your all-shooters team will bring down the much stronger computer team with minimum casualties. In fact, the computer is often "dumb" enough to repeatedly assault your all-shooters town over and over again, and you can quickly build up your shooters to gold medal status (giving them increased Marksmanship abilities) to add more potency to your town defense (JasonArg).

24. Air mastery and flying.
If Air mastery is cast, then all of your flying units get haste: their mp usage is halved! Not only this, but your flying units will even be hasted outside of your domain! They will not have "haste" listed under their abilities, but they will be hasted (KOlden).

25. Concealed units revealed by spellcasting.
I had a few enemy Units roam my Domain's woods recently. Some were enchanted, so I prepared a Dispel.
When I selected the stack I was presented with a list of all Units in the stack, including the ones that had been Concealed! (ZombieEater).


26. AI using shrines and trees.
The AI never uses haste trees of healing shrines, except incidentally. Even when it passes over a haste tree, it seems to end its movement where it would have with no hasting. Should be a simple routing routine.(SethG)


1. Editor version number not updated*.
Editor updated? (Damon Rellik).

Quoted from Josh:

The editor was updated, it probably just didn't have it's version number incremented...


2. Call Hero spell calls 'used' heroes.
Casting the call hero can bring you independant heroes that were placed on the map ('used') for story reasons or guarding (Molog).


3. Floating/flying/wallclimbing units can't attack walls or gates.
Example: "She has the floats because of the ring or cloak of levitation (or something like that, I'll find out if required) and also runs around with a club of attack +3 with wall crushing ability. Now, when I fight in a city I am unable to attack the wall or the gate, normal units automatically use there strike ability to attack walls," (dvheusden).

4. Venom weapon.
Doesn't have 'poison strike'-ability (Molog).


5. Negotiate: Request which structure?
A player receiving a trade-proposition has only the message window (bottom center) and cannot tell exactly which structure is to be traded (Nojd).

6. Wizard skills setup.
"wizard skills are still not set up properly:
merchant and bureaucrat can still be taken together.
'survivalist' opposite should be 'decadence', but survivalist also disallows other skills (bureaucrat + possibly others)." (Greenmonster).

7. Static shield.
"When an unit is stroked by another one, if the defender has a static shield and stun the attacker on the 1st counter-strike THEN the attacker forget his remaining attacks ( good, it ‘s supposed to work like this) BUT the defender continue to counter-strike… Therefore, the attacker make 1 attack attempt and the defender make 3 counter-strikes!" (Golem).

8. Defender strength-set in exploration sites.
When setting the strength to 'strong' in the editor, the desired AI-force and exploration strenght doesn't always match (Faded).

Quoted from Nojd:

I can't find the post now, but Josh said someting like this: The defenders are generated randomly according to the defence strength setting of the site. Sometimes the strength of the generated units add up to a little more or less than the typical result, and it's this generated strength that's displayed when playing the map.

9. 'Guard' units in camp sites.
"Only is it is a campsite the units I place there which ARE set to gaurd mode, will offer to join players for 0 gold. It is only campsites though, and well it messes stuff up as I placed a strong army there to defend a powerful item then they end up joining a player for free." (Faded).

10. Spring Rains.
"Removing SRs removes the extra crops from your own towns but not the ones from a town the SRs owner lost (and the process of loosing the town also does not remove SRs). Meaning afterwards the extra crops hang around the town the former SRs owner lost while SRs was still active" (m_s).

11. Animated ruins & Quests.
"Order rebuild quests are sometimes not rewarded (spirit claims failure) even if the target is rebuilt. One instance I had it happen with a mine. Another with an animated town (according to the descriptions of "Animate Ruins" and the order spirits quest it should work together)" (m_s).

12. Spirit Quests impossible.
"Order spirits like to give impossible quests. The criterium seems to be having vision of the location. But if for example I have mastery cast I may see many locations where I cannot possibly rebuild anything" (m_s).
Same goes for an event that lets you see distant lands through other various means.

13. Editor: Spawn unit event.
"When the dialog for 'spawn unit event' comes up different catagories are wrong.
for example, under 'goblins', the grunt is not listed.
humans have no halbardeer listed.
many things are present that do not belong under 'humanoid', for example, unicorn, bone dragon, ice dragon, basilisk, air galley, and many more." (Greenmonster)

14. Pbem resending and Autosend.
"PBEM resend (with the autosend feature) doesn't work.
In AoW1, if a PBEM turn got lost, the last player could load his last turn from the EmailIn folder and get a "Do you want to resend" dialog which made it possible to resend the turn to the next player, either automatically or manually.
In AoW2, loading from EmailIn opens the next player's turn."(Nojd)

15. Ingame messaging.
Make a typing mistake, a few [enters] and the message is messed up. This is also the case in Aow1. (Swolte)

16. Language versions and event window.
"After playing a few turns with friends who use another language version(Italian)the game started displaying part of the messages in Italian in the event window." (Black Knight).

17. Random artifact strenght set.
"when placing 'random artifacts', and giving it a low value, very powerful artifacts may appear.
for example, in mountain seige, the unguarded artifacts are saet to 'low value random', but so far I have recovered the hand cannon, and other quite valuable items.
perhaps this is related to the 'teleport item cost of 0' bug mentioned a few posts ago?" (Greenmonster).

18. Hero titles??
"I have a quick question, and apologize if this has been addressed before. I am trying to figure out how to see the hero titles? I have created a custom scenario with tons of custom heroes. I have used the hero titles extensively and they are important to the story, but in game I only see the hero names, not titles. Any answers very much appreciated!" (Nicodemus).

19. Gender and seduce
"There are quite a few units with unlogical gender though. Swolte mentioned the Hunter, others are the Mystic who is male but looks quite female, and the Fairy Dragon and Steam Tank are male but ought to be "its" IMHO.
Is it possible to see what gender a unit has in the game? I can't find that info." (Nojd)

20. Seeing allies battle
"If I'm allied with someone in a PBEM, and my ally fights a battle (as attacker or defender), I'm allowed to watch that battle (via the event log) and to see the location for it. Good!
But if my ally loses the fight and neither of us have a building or unit close enough to lift the fog of war, I'm not even allowed to know that the battle took place. There's no sign of it in the event log." (Nojd).

21. Casting Haste in haste domain

Quoted from Manuk:

Cannot cast haste spell on my units since I casted haste domain, because they count as already enchanted by haste. But this is no good since if I leave with my Air Galley of my domain it is no longer enchanted and Outside of my domain, meaning I cannot enchant it at all.


22. Distinguishing land hexes
"Sinceat times it can be very hard to tell whether an hex is forest or plain or mountain, a feature should be included to allow us to check each hex either by right clicking on it or by simply passing the cursor over it. Otherwise certain strategies risk to fail because of a graphic imperfection rather than the player's fault."(Black Knight).

23. Missing diplomatic messages
"If player A and player B have diplomatic negotiations so that one of them offers (or is requested) to go to war against player C, then player C is never alerted that he/she is at war! It's visible on the diplomacy screen, but the war message is missing." (Nojd)
"Diplomatic proposals are sometimes completely ignored by AI players. You don't get any reply.(I suspect that this is the case whenever you demand money/mana and they don't have it, but am actually unsure about the reason)" (Onazz)
Also confirmed by JamieJME

24. Immune units affected by poison domain
Showed reduced stats and acts afflicted when in a poison domain. Undead shouldn't be affected by poison. (ZombieEater + Greenmonster)
My Wyvern Rider was affected by the stats reduction, even though the Unit specifically has the Poison Immunity Ability. Never noticed Poison Damage, but the stats were definitely down! (ZombieEater)

25. Heavy currenty and bridges
"Heavy current affects units crossing bridges. i don't imagine this is supposed to happen, yet it does" (King David).

26. Explorer skill and newly produced units
"With the explorer skill, newly produced units do not start with full movement points. A unit that normally has 24 movement points starts with 24/29 movement points, and a unit that normally has 40 starts with 40/48, and so on" (StarFury)

27. Razing and capacities.
"(As posted by JWorth) I've been asked to raze a furnace. Quest rating: easy. 6 Wyvern riders, a death knight, and a spectre are insufficient to get the job done. Now, my understanding is that the program checks the razing party against the avenger group that will be generated, and if the disparity (in favor of the avengers/guards) is too great, razing isn't permitted. That all makes sense, and I approve of having a mechanism preventing a single scout from going a razing rampage.
So my question: What possible group of defenders is so superior to seven level 3's and a level 2? I've got 6 flyers in the group, so that's not the problem, and I've tried trading two of the wyverns for ballistas, which also doesn't help. This feels like a bug." (Black Knight)

28. Movement paths and completing.
"Quite often I find that units that have gained a movement bonus (haste, enchanted roads, etc.) will move along the selected path and then stop, even though they have movement left. Then you can move them along their path another hex or two. Sometimes it takes two or three tries to get them to use all of their movement."(Seth)

"I noticed this one only in Yggpolar's Curse when playing with Dark Elves. From the wizard's city go west with any army. When u arrive near a tower all your movement points left will go to zero! In the same way, when you try to move from a point before the tower and one after, AoW2 tracks the movement like "a trip around the world""(Tasslehoff)

"Boarding boats and next unit queue. I've noticed this occuring a few more times now. A stack that is adjacent to a boat with movement orders to board the boat doesn't seem to show up when using the next unit button. The game tells me all parties have moved even though that party has not moved. Should be easy enough for someone else to duplicate." (Starfury)

"Enchant roads will make any of your units (even flyers) use only 2 MP/hex to move along roads in your domain. The problem is that the "path finding AI" is not aware of that, so it will chose the same path, as it would chose if the roads was not enchanted, witch is often not the best path (especially not for flyers). This is forcing you to calculate and guide the units along the best path. Very annoying" (Kris Lighthawk)

29. Initiating combat with 'hidden' units.
"When you have your Unit move into either unexplored territory, or territory hidden by Fog of War, and there happen to be other Units (enemy, or neutral) you just keep right on going. In PBEM games this can mean that you run right into the enemy and initiate FC. Very annoying!!" (ZombieEater)
Also in concealed units, I believe (Swolte)

30. Anarchy Message.
"All of these 3 cities are cheerful, is either DarkElf or Orc cities. In the time span of 3 turns, I lost control of them. I've checked the event log, and there is NO mentioning of Anarchy being casted NOR saying any city rebelled or being captured." (Climber)
"I just managed to record this bug occurring in a series of save files (day before, day of, and day after). I saw the spell being cast on the city, as it happened while my the city was in the corner of my window, and the immediate rebellion didn't generate a message." (StarFury)

31. Customising heroes beyond level 20.
"I want to customise an independent hero with Level 30. Just like one could with AoW1! But the editor only allows a lvl 20 cap?! I don't want to give them all-powerful items as I do not want players to walk around with items designed only to buff-up the hero!" (Swolte)

32. Trading with the AI.
I was attempting to trade a city for two mines, a spell and some gold with an AI Wizard on the Fight for Light MC map. My advisor said that the AI wizard would like that trade just fine, but when I clicked on the "send offer" button (think that's what it's called), nothing happens and the window remains in place until I click on the map. Nor is there a reply from the other Wizard. I tried this with various combinations, but with the same result. HOWEVER, when I tried asking for too much, the request was sent and the AI Wizard declined (King David).
The reason being the other wizard has agreed to the trade, I believe, but cannot act because he/she doesn't have enough gold yet. I had encountered similar situations before. You can wait a few turns to see if the "offer accepted" message comes up later in the game (Outlier).

33. Teleporting items to heroes.
- If I own more than 4 heroes I have limited choices where to teleport the item to. There is only room for 5 portraits.
- If multiple heroes have the same portrait, it is hard (not possible?) to see the name and check which is which! (Swolte}

34. Editor bug: trigger player for conditions.
After careful testing, I now highly suspect that (trigger player) for conditions does not at all work as one would expect. Instead, it works based on the (greyed out) players that are left checked, and works regardless of what trigger players are listed under the trigger for the event! -> more (Talonthorn).

35. Missing item abilities.
- Water and swamp concealment (King David)

36. Magic slider annoyance.
Power Leak was to blame-I'd slide it all the way to the right (I know I said 'left' upthread), but the thing would
just bounce back. But since Power Leak halves your mana
(from non-city sources, natch), the slider would only be
>halfway< to the end after it 'bounced' back. Still qualifies as a bug in my book because it is misleading (the halved mana should be taken into account BEFORE you get to that screen), and makes it harder to position the slider exactly where you want it (moving it to the left to increase mana flow also results in it being repositioned) (John DiFool).

37.Anarchist not working correctly with summoned creatures
The anarchist wizard skill does not work with wizard of neutral alignment and neutral spheres.(and obvious not with other alignments too)
for example: in a custom scenario choose yaka edit his abilities add "anarchist", choose fire sphere and tigrans too
results: the moral is still high of your race and the other neutral races are neutral too, but summoned creatures like hellhound have poor morale, but should not have such a morale if the empire consists mainly of neutral races both that and anarchist are neutralized and the summoned units should be therefore neutral
same can be done with any other neutral sphere for example air sphere, casting eagles with tempest and the anarchist skill. another one: if nekron play death sphere with the undead, and has pure evil alignment, why are spiders of good morale instead of neutral? or why have the spiders if wizard is of evil alignment, are of good morale, it seems a bit odd, but its ok for the game balance (Darkmystery)

* = noted by a Triumph Developer


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My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
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posted 12-22-02 07:34 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
Excellent initiative, swolte!

Let me once again point out to everyone that new reports should be made in new threads. Further discussion about already made reports should be made in the threads where they were reported, or start a new thread if you can't find it. Anything posted in this thread will be deleted.

The previous V1.2 bugs thread is now closed in order to avoid confusion.

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posted 01-19-03 01:29 PM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
I'll give you an short summary of the changes that occured since the last update (This will get the post 'red' once in a while too ).

* Domain and Caves
* Domain, layers and Global spells.

* AI casting fire storm on fire-immune
* Waterwalking ring and swimming
* Walls, positioning and combat

* Razing capacities
* Undead heroes and poison domain
* Heavy current and crossing bridges
* Explorer skill and new units
* Movement paths and completing

* 28 Annoyance: Boarding boats and next unit queue
* 9 Bugs: Double incarnate/Glutton + Posssesed good hero takes holy tree damage
* 23 Annoyance: Diplomatic messages missing
* 10 Bugs: Taunt out of range

*phew* If I missed anything you still think is a big issue feel free to bump that post. And keep up the good work!

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008
posted 01-27-03 12:15 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  

* Archery trick
* Hit and run tactics
* Flyers and attacking the gate
* Positioning and splitting up the siege

* Initiating combat with hidden units
* Anarchy message?
* Customising heroes beyond lvl 20

* 28 Annoyance: enchant roads spell
* 24 Annoyance: undead and poision domain

Boy, main post is getting loooong.. poor devs.

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008

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posted 03-16-03 08:55 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5  

* Rejuvenate, Darklands and path of decay destroys mountains
* Kill unit trigger doesn't work

* AI hardly using healing shrines and trees
* AI teleporting items only to wizard
* AI threat perception
* Air mastery and flying units
* Concealed units revealed by spellcasting

* Trading with the AI
* Anachist and summoned units morale
* teleporting items to heroes
* Triggers for conditions
* Missing unit abilities in editor
* Magic slider annoyance

* 9 bugs: Incarnate (*sigh* when is this one gonna end..)
* 24 Annoyance: poison domain.

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008
posted 04-23-03 02:26 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
Edit : sorry...

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