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Topic Subject: Opening campaign maps in editor
posted 07-02-15 03:19 PM EDT (US)   
Hello there.

Played WT today and decided to explore campaign map via editor, but it haven't open. Tried to open all the maps from the campaign and the only opened was Water 3.

Does anyone got this problem and solved it? I need your help please.
posted 10-02-15 09:00 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
It was very long ago, so everything's IIRC.
There's a simple flag that seems to only tell editor not to open this file, it's used in campaign scenarios and savegames (I am not sure a saved game can be safely edited at all, BTW. Saving before first move still gives a lot of extra data, some of which may be initialized only by the game engine and before turn #1).
Anyway, everything that isn't shown in map stats for loading is inside the zlib-gzipped part (in the object of the highest significant level in hirerarchy, thus its table is at the very start).
So you'd need to
1) Extract the chunk of packed data from the map file.
2) Unpack it.
The unpacked map (and packed, for that matter) is structured much like the rest of resource files (pickled Delphi class), but huge.
3) Edit the header table in the unpacked map file to eliminate the correct field (duplicating another entry is the easiest way).
My notes are a bit sketchy as to which field is which, but upon comparing blocked and non-blocked maps it's obvious anyway.
4) Pack it back.
5) Reattach this new packed chunk to the old header.
6) Recalculate CRC (there was a program doing that, for resources).

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