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Topic Subject: Storming of Ognock - July 2003 AoW1 Monthly Challenge
posted 06-29-03 07:18 PM EDT (US)   
You can download it here.

The Monthly Challenge for July 2003 is a slightly easier version of Sprout's map, The Storming of Ognock. As this is still quite a tough map, it will be acceptable to play with leaders ON. You can have exploration ON or OFF - Undead and Lizards must be set to CPU Emperor. All submissions to or by 23:59 EST on Thursday 31st July 2003, please.

Your job is to finish the map as quickly as possible, playing as Highmen. Save on days 5, 10, 20, 30 and every ten days thereafter, and save immediately before the final battle. Please send in that final save only. The final battle must be winnable in autocombat - please try not to replay battles excessively in your quest for the perfect result, although you can save and reload where necessary. Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: As a bonus, everyone with the MC Ring in their possession will be given two extra championship points, as will anybody that owns the Jolly Roger headband. Please state at the time of submission which items you are claiming bonus points for.

A single player AoW 1 map - The Storming of Ognock - created by Sprout for the Map Making Competition.

The war rages across the known seems that all that is good is destined to fall into death! When all hope seems lost, a single hero rides forth on an impossible mission. The capital city of the Undead horde is the citadel of Ognock. To take this city would be a blow that could turn the tide of the war! The taking of this citadel will not be easy. A way must be found to cross the mighty river and then forces enough must be brought to bear to breach the curtain wall that guards the rear of the citadel. Victory will be had if the citadel can be taken. Good luck!

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider

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posted 08-01-03 06:27 AM EDT (US)     1 / 10  
Congratulations to Eriksson for winning this challenge in a furiously floating 5 days! To rub salt into the wounds he also managed to pick up the Monthly Challenge Ring, for an extra 2 points...12 points total

Enginerd & Sprout - 11 days...MCR and JR, 11 points total

GillB - 13 days...with MC Ring, 6 points total

Dan Petersson - 17 days...MCR and JR, 7 points total

Unicorn - 22 days with MCR, but I've counted the 29 days with MC and JR instead, which gives Unicorn a total of 5 points

Well done everybody that submitted a valid entry, but especially Eriksson

btw I'm somewhat intrigued by GillB mentioning that she found the Jolly Roger headband in the possession of an Undead hero - did anyone else have this experience? I had given it to Eilonwy the witch, a human hero who is imprisoned in an underground dungeon - and in AoW1 the AI doesn't search dungeons! The item only shows once in the list of items, and shows as being allocated to Eilonwy...

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider

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posted 08-01-03 08:14 AM EDT (US)     2 / 10  
Congrats to the winners - remarkable times

Unfortunately I don't have the saves from that attempt - but I'm certain on my first run through I picked it up on Ognock Island after killing a hero on the surface.

I'd love to know how people managed to do it so fast. It was hard because of the random artefacts & defenders. One time I tried, 2 of the artefacts had regeneration which, of course, was a great help. Could never get that again. Another time the crypt with the ring in it was guarded by a wraith so water freezing was delayed while enchant weapon was researched & cast. This came up in a previous challenge - is there any way for them to be fixed and not random? I don't design so don't know if this is possible, but it would seem to make a more level playing-field.

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened' Moving Pictures
posted 08-01-03 08:31 AM EDT (US)     3 / 10  
Eriksson had an item with floating, I believe...

It is possible to set defenders manually - does that sound like a good idea to other people?

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 08-01-03 09:14 AM EDT (US)     4 / 10  
I'll show you how I did it without the "floating" item.

Day 1 - haste on the main hero run north and take out the dungeon, other hero rescues all the humans, large stack of human troops goes for the spell tower, other humans capture the node and prepare to fight lizards. Ignore the dungeon south (and if your lucky the floating ring is in the dungeon by the spell tower, I think but I could never get a timeline with it there)

Day 2-4 - Main hero goes underground, clears out crypt and gets MC ring, I let another hero or archer pick up all the mana underground on day 3-4 I think. The lizards still don't attack the large stack and are hovering in the water. First 2 levels gained on hero go to improve spellcasting, 3rd level gives him wallclimbing. I also cast haste on the other hero at some point.

Day 5 the fun begins, kill lizards on our side, launch ice-storm (because you picked up all the mana underground) and rush across the water and don't stop trying to caste freeze spell

Day 6-7 (This is where it gets really tricky). Capture lizard capital, send hero to 4 lizard guards down below to kill them, send other hero further down to rescue the other troops that in turn clear out the dungeon. The rescued troops rush above ground, the other spellcaster starts the freeze spell. My hero gained a couple more levels and all of it went to movement points.

Day 8 - 9 Cross the waters, My hero and a hasted companion made it to land, the others were on the ice close to land.

Day 10 - endure the death storm, the spellcaster can cast remedy, bless, enchant, or whatever is needed. The main hero and sacrificial companion now rush to a tower on the N side of the island, killing the 4 ballistas. In a retaliatory strike an evil hero attacks but can't do much because your in the walls. I actually had enough movement to get my hero to the prized city on day 10 but there was no way of winning that fight in FC and in TC it would have been nasty so I took the nearby 2-hex instead and prepared for...

Day 11 - I used my sacrifical hero to lure some heroes out and in the end the 4-hex was guarded by 4 lvl 1 trooops. I ran around all the other evil things wandering around and took the city easily.

I did finish a game on day 12 on a different timeline where I killed the main hero instead of taking the city. It was a tougher battle but lots of fun either way.

5 days, what a game! Well done Eriksson

posted 08-01-03 12:33 PM EDT (US)     5 / 10  
Well, my first effort that I submitted was 14 days. When I realized that wouldn't give me very many points I studied the original map by Sprout in the editor and noticed there was a ring that gave floating. I didn't know if Roger had removed it for the MC version of the map but I restarted the game some timessand finally ended up with the floating ring.

Then it was just to float over to Ognock, avoid the überheroes and take the capital. Don't quite like this way of beating the map cuz it feels abit like cheating....but...there were no rules against it I guess

I first thought we had to beat the lizards also to win the game but by coincidence (in my first effort) dicovered that all that needed to be done was to capture Ognock.

Life is nothing but a game
posted 08-04-03 04:41 PM EDT (US)     6 / 10  
Umm, I made a submission for this one. It's an email to Roger dated 15th of July. I made it in 17 days and I had both the headband and the MC ring. I suppose I have earned some championship points as well.

Roger and I had a quite confusing discussion over email, since he thought I had submitted something for AoW2, maybe that's why he forgot to count my submission.

Itīs nice to be important, but itīs more important to be nice.
posted 08-04-03 06:46 PM EDT (US)     7 / 10  
Many apologies to everyone concerned. I have Jan Petersson entering the AoW2 tournaments, and Dan Petersson entering the AoW1 tournaments. I messed up, didn't I...

*goes and hides in the corner*

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 08-05-03 04:23 PM EDT (US)     8 / 10  
No problem Roger, you can come out of the corner now.

Itīs nice to be important, but itīs more important to be nice.
posted 08-05-03 05:34 PM EDT (US)     9 / 10  

"Shooting down a plane of civilians isn't careless, it's politcal opportunism." - Stormraider
posted 08-20-03 00:55 AM EDT (US)     10 / 10  

A note on the scoring...if you take the 11 days with both artifacts for me, I would score an additional 2 points. This would also allow Enginerd to score an additional 2 points. However, this is obviously the best for me - since relative to Enginerd I still have the same score, but relative to everyone else in the competition I would have an improved score. Hence, I would petition to have 2 points added to my score and Enginerd's score.



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