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AoW1 Competitions, Tournaments & Wizard's Ladder
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Topic Subject: May Challenge
posted 05-10-02 10:31 AM EDT (US)   
So, who is playing? And which race are you playing? ...Julia of the Elves or Meandor of the Dark Elves? I'm curious to see which race people think is the easier one.

Also, I've already received three entries, and it's only been open for two days! This challenge looks like it will be pretty active and competitive!

Good luck to all!

CayMack on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam. CayMack#1436 on BattleNet.
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posted 05-13-02 07:06 AM EDT (US)     1 / 32  
I'm looking forward to beat you guys...

I think that starting with meandor is better, because you can exterminate the elves without worries with the Tigrans...

I've allready finished one, but I'll try to be better before sending my participation...


posted 05-13-02 06:20 PM EDT (US)     2 / 32  
Any particular difficulty level required? The thing on the frontpage didn't specify.

BLOODYBATTLEBRAIN, last of the Azrac warriors.
posted 05-13-02 06:27 PM EDT (US)     3 / 32  

Quoted from AoW Heaven News:

AI Difficulty CPU Knight

That info was missing initially, but was added fairly quickly everywhere needed. Or should have been. Is it still missing somewhere?

What is "the frontpage"?

posted 05-13-02 06:45 PM EDT (US)     4 / 32

Well it has been almost 2 weeks from when this was announced, so it is a fair way down the news page, which means I probably haven't looked it it since first realising that it was on. What are the categories for the winner...just the fastest win right?

BLOODYBATTLEBRAIN, last of the Azrac warriors.
posted 05-14-02 07:43 AM EDT (US)     5 / 32  
Here's the link directly to that news posting: May 2002 Monthly Challenge.

Right, fastest win is what counts.

posted 05-14-02 03:53 PM EDT (US)     6 / 32  
Wow... I didn't know you could link directly to a specific news article like that. Cool!

Anyway, yeah... fastest win... that's it!

CayMack on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and Steam. CayMack#1436 on BattleNet.
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posted 05-17-02 11:19 AM EDT (US)     7 / 32  
What's in it for the winner????

Just pride and consideration???

I think the winner should win a copy of AOW2...


posted 05-21-02 11:51 AM EDT (US)     8 / 32  

Quoted from RFlags:

What's in it for the winner????
Just pride and consideration???

Yes, just pride!

posted 05-24-02 09:43 AM EDT (US)     9 / 32  
It's my first Challenge so I have a silly question: FC or can I use tactical combat?
I see nothing about it in the rule page
posted 05-24-02 09:56 AM EDT (US)     10 / 32  
TC of course. Its not as big an edge as in AoW but you can use either.
posted 05-24-02 11:17 AM EDT (US)     11 / 32  

Quoted from Flitter:

It's my first Challenge so I have a silly question: FC or can I use tactical combat?

You may use whichever you wish. As Frogman stated though, TC will give you a small advantage over FC.

posted 05-24-02 12:49 PM EDT (US)     12 / 32  
In AowI I use FC only to gime me an handicap against the AI, is too simlpe kill his unit eh eh. In the new game I must to do some practice so some battle is more simple in FC.
I used Julia and finished in 10 days, maybe, with a little more skill in TC, I can finish in 9 days.
posted 05-27-02 11:43 AM EDT (US)     13 / 32  
"10 days" ?????????????????????????

How the f*** is that possible?????

Even if you kill the wizards in 10 days, they will be respawned in the nearest city... (At least I think...)

I used 36 days and thought that was a good effort...

I'm surely impressed.

posted 05-27-02 01:19 PM EDT (US)     14 / 32  
Thanks RFlags
Now I hope that I have not made any error, I select cpu Knight, exploration on ecc and play, in fact Yaka and Meandor did't conquer any cities so they cannot spawn to another place when I kill them, maybe that I'm too fast for them.
I submit my final save to Cay and I suppose that it's allright (if he load the save)
By the way someone know if is possible for the wizard reborn in any of their cities or only in the cities with a wizard tower?
I don't think that I'll be the winner (there are some excellent player in the community and it's the first challenge for me) but if you want my opinion 36 day are too much, I played 38 days my first game with the demo only because I want test the game, but I was lucky this time because the two yaka's manticores stay away from my units, in fact I wonder for what yaka use it, I had lost their traces when they exit from the rage of the reflecting pools
also I thinck that is better play with julia, the haste trees are near to is starting city and are usefull to arrive to yaka city
posted 05-31-02 04:41 AM EDT (US)     15 / 32  
Hello there !

Well i just spotted this contest after playing the demo a thousand times.
I tried it and i finished Yaka and Meandor on the 9th day.
Guess this is good.
But how do i save the game after defeating them to prove it and to send it in for the contest ?
I will send the savegame before my final-map winning turn.

May god bless u

e.g. The Dark Elves rule !

posted 05-31-02 12:09 PM EDT (US)     16 / 32  
I think that nine days is very good (but no one is bragging about his score so I'm not sure)
I suppose you must play one more time or my light elves never submit to your dark elves
Julia led her elves to a great victory against the poor yaka and meandor
posted 06-01-02 08:29 AM EDT (US)     17 / 32  
Well, I can assure you that 9 days won't nearly be fast enough to win


posted 06-01-02 10:05 AM EDT (US)     18 / 32  
True Kris
Maybe 7 days is better?
If no I hope that the winner tell me his strategy because I'm very curious about a way to finish in 6 day or less
posted 06-01-02 11:03 AM EDT (US)     19 / 32  
It's better but not enough...
I did it in 6 days and I believe it is possible to do it in only 5 days.


posted 06-01-02 12:19 PM EDT (US)     20 / 32  
6 days? GREAT
I should have problems to arrive with some units near to yaka in 6 days, maybe two unicorns and a cat master can arrive but it's too little for win against him, I need the support of julia and other units
Did you use julia or meandor?
posted 06-01-02 04:56 PM EDT (US)     21 / 32  
What I don't like about this is that obviously people rush to enemy cities and save and replay their game a million times until their single archer, or so, by pure chance finally manages to kill all the enemies.

Bit silly uh? Anyway that's the idea I guess. The first time I managed to win in 18 days playing without svaing and realoadin. My best performance though was (on my second attempt) 12 days... but I did save relaod in a couple of points. Anyway in both instances my armies presented themselves the last battle with a strenght 10 times superior to that of my anemies. That makes me guess that I'll do pretty good also in AOW2 MP games... where one cannot cheat (hopefully).

Probably I could have done better than 12 days, but I just got bored of saving\reloading. I never do that even in TBS single player games.

I should have tried using the elves anyway, the road they have to take in order to get to Yaka should be much faster with all those hasteberry trees. Only I hate the goodies. Dark Elves rule!

[This message has been edited by Black Knight (edited 06-01-2002 @ 05:03 PM).]

posted 06-01-02 05:16 PM EDT (US)     22 / 32  
"10 days" ?????????????????????????
How the f*** is that possible?????"

I think is banal: You split your army and you rush to the enemy cities and save reload the game to the vomit until you finally manage to kill both enemies.

The Tactical aspect is really just limited tofinding the shortest way.

If Air magic had been an option I bet one could have won in 4 turns or less.

posted 06-01-02 06:45 PM EDT (US)     23 / 32  
I used Julia, I moved her and most of my starting units north to the berries, and recruited a catmaster and some other units in the camp. That army moved on and killed Yaka.
I produced archers in my starting city all the time and bribed the village on the way to Meandor, I also got a hero on day 3, he and the units I had produced killed Meandor.

I only reloaded 2 or 3 times...


posted 06-01-02 06:53 PM EDT (US)     24 / 32  
Sure, save, reload and find the shortest way, also a monkey can do it so I suppose that the challenge finish with a big tie between all the players (at least the patient players). I don't think that you can win with too little units, now it's impossible with the new TC so you must use some strategy and not only patience.
If black night is interessed I must reload 2 time to win in 9 days and 5 more times to win in 7 days, about 3 or 4 hours for finish the game, it's too much for your patience???
But I must admit that I abuse of the AI, against a human player I cannot split my forces and accumulate a big army near my enemy cities, I'll use a different strategy
posted 06-01-02 06:58 PM EDT (US)     25 / 32  
To Kris
I use the same strategy: Julia agaist yaka with the unit taked in the camp near the tree berries while the ballista, longbowmen and my hero against meandor
I suppose that I made an error somewhere and lost 1 days so you are the winner (if nobody make a better score)
posted 06-02-02 00:28 AM EDT (US)     26 / 32  
There may be a few 6 turn wins. The tactics are simple. Just rush our men towards the two castles. Cast the Unicorn spell twice to kill the Ballistae. Recruit some men along the way, top it off the job with a few support spells, and you are laughing. It is pretty simple and easily repeatable. I just did it again while I was writing this message in order to test something. There is only one condition that has to be satisfied for the scenario to run correctly: the camp by the berry trees (in the centre of the map) must be recruitable. Using this method you may have to reload once or twice (I reloaded once the first time I did it) but it isn't hard to do it without reloading. I can post a walkthrough if anyone cares.

As to the easiest race: Elves, hands down. The Dark Elves are cool but Julia's Peacekeeping ability allows her too much too fast. Though in a long game Meandor will have numbers. But phasing is an awesome ability which the Elves have a lot of. This grants them an additional degree of freedom of movement that is a huge tactical advantage.

BTW, has anyone noticed that the AI seems smarter in the classic mode that it is in simultaneous mode?


posted 06-02-02 06:24 AM EDT (US)     27 / 32  
hmm...well I did it a little bit different. I bought tigrans city on my way to yaka. And so I dont need to recruit anybody or I can recruit and build a bigger army to defeat yaka. I took Julia to Meandor and that way if you do everything right you can finish the map in 5 days. Also you have to sell everything in your wizard city ink. wizard tower(250g.) to buy that tigrans city on your way to Yaka.

I said: "if you do everything right you can finish in 5 days"
Well, I did it almost right in 6 days.

posted 06-02-02 06:35 AM EDT (US)     28 / 32  
I didn't think about sell my buildings to buy the tigran city, a very good idea, now I understand the way to win in 5-6 days. Thanks
posted 06-02-02 12:25 PM EDT (US)     29 / 32  
I did that once as well (it took me longer though). Once you have recruited those troops from the camp you don't need much more other than Julia and a Unicorn. So then you don't need to recruit from that city and hence you still have your wizard tower in the end (just in case Julia bites it).

I don't think you can get it in 5 though. It takes 6 turns to get your troops up there (with the haste). And even if you buy the Tigran city in four turns (i.e. running the Glade Runner past the Fairies) it will take two turns to move them into position to attack since they aren't hasted.

Let me know if you pull that off (to anyone who pulls a 5 turn win). I'll want details!

posted 06-03-02 02:20 PM EDT (US)     30 / 32  
A turn 5 win is possible:

The recruited Catmaster and Hunter, along with a Glade Runner, can make it to Yaka by turn 5, via the haste berries (drop the two slow members of the party). Prior to turn 3, I had blessed the Glade Runner, prior to the end of turn 4, I had blessed the Hunter and Catmaster.

A berry-hasted Julia can get close enough to Yaka by turn 5 to be in spellcasting range. Have forces capture the mana crystals on turn 5, put all mana to spellcasting, summon a unicorn into the Cat Master stack. Bless the unicorn.

Julia still has enough mana to cast Shooting Stars once in the final battle.

I won the final battle against Yaka 10 out of 10 tries, 2 manual, 8 auto.

posted 06-03-02 07:59 PM EDT (US)     31 / 32  
good job leopard
posted 06-04-02 09:37 PM EDT (US)     32 / 32  
Very nice Snow Leopard.
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