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AoW1 Competitions, Tournaments & Wizard's Ladder
Moderated by Enginerd, Ziggurat Mason

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Topic Subject: Summer 2007 Mapmaking Competition Results!
posted 10-08-07 09:41 PM EDT (US)   
Yes... yes... yes... the results... (then some comments)

SP - Finbar's Quest by Gandalf the White
MP - Greyhawk's Adventure by Dan Petersson
Rookie - The Race to Glory by Jetrall

Thanks once again to all those who helped out on this competition. I cannot say enough to the fun it has been for me the last couple months watching this all come about. Special thanks to our judges, let’s meet them in person:

Single Player Judges:
Magog in what was one of his final duties to the site as an Angel we were privileged to have him included as a judge. Magog spent many months creating/editing the maps for the single player competition years ago. He is a true veteran of the game.
Thorongil – a longtime player and veteran of the game. If you’ve every played him you know of his wit and solid playing abilities.
Enginerd 2004 and 2005 single player competition champion and long time veteran of the game.

Multi Player Judges:
Talon Thorn In days past he could be seen playing game after game, a true veteran that continues to provide services to the site with his Angel duties.
Unicorn – a player that has played countless games and befriended many new players over the years. Now he spends his time playing Shadow Magic but we were lucky enough to get his help with the judging for these maps.
Enginerd 4 time and reigning Wizard Ladder champion and long time veteran of the game.

Now for some more details of the Results (but first some comments )

It was a very very close call between two Single Player maps. All three judges had these maps as #1 and #2 but the decision was split. It was also difficult to rate the campaign on equal footing with these two maps so it also stands out as a great work but isn’t reflected in the map scores. Well done Codius. The order (and scores for the top 2) are posted below. I can only say that these two maps really are in a class of their own. They are most excellent maps.

Gandalf the White with his Finbar’s Quest - 94.9
Skout77 and his Shadows of the Past - 91.4

The multi-player maps were also quite fun. It was nice to see multiple versions of the same map. There were far more maps in the top tier of the scoring with this group. It was really amazing that the judges were really quite similar in scoring yet we all had our favorites. Also of note is that Artic Wolf had 3 maps finish in the top 5... WOW , this is a great accomplishment. I’ve only included the scores for the top 8 maps so we could see Swolte’s score

Dan Petersson with Greyhawk’s Adventures – 85.6
Artic Wolf with The Days of the Charlatan – 84.8
Artic Wolf with The First War of the Blood – 83.0
CrazySlyHawk with Lock Continent – 81.8
Artic Wolf with Lady Cynthia’s Garden – 81.1
Elquien with Whispers in the Wind – 78.3
Jetrall with The Race to Glory – 65.5
Swolte with Swolterwoods – 63.7

We really wanted to give the Rookies a boost to their egos for trying. It was quite amazing to see so many skilled mapmakers competing. This might have scared some of those rookies off but they persevered. And yes… we didn’t disqualify Swolte as a Rookie but I think the judges were a bit harsh on him as we’ve seen his masterpieces of maps for Shadow Magic and know his potential, still Swolterwoods was a fine map. The Rookie with the best scoring map went to:

Jetrall with the multiplayer map The Race to Glory

Well done all involved and I applaud your efforts. Special congratulations to the winners. Feel free to add your congratulations to them as well below!

Oh... I still haven't gotten around to sending out a detailed review of the map to the mapmaker, if you really want one I've got hordes of notes and I could compile them and send them along, just let me know.

(note: I'm sending an email to the winners with these results and a news post will also be posted )
posted 10-09-07 00:12 AM EDT (US)     1 / 15  
Looks like purely multiplayer maps aren't my thing, so these results aren't surprising. But really, well done you people, the right people won no doubt. I think I have to go download Dan's map and see how good multiplayer maps are made, it's been a while since I've played AoW anyway (great excuse to start again). ^_^

And Enginerd, how about a map making competition for Shadow Magic, with the new patch and all I am itching to create something more epic once again and redeem myself.
posted 10-09-07 01:05 AM EDT (US)     2 / 15  
No way! Thanks judges! Now I feel really inspired to finish my new map. Swolte's map was great too, I played it and really enjoyed it. So I hope everyone downloads his terrific map. (Sure the scores were right? lol)

Thanks Enginerd for doing this contest, it got me interested in map-making in the first place. (Not to mention helping me out with all my PBEM issues).

- Jet

PS: I'd appreciate that more detailed review so I know what to work on in my future projects.

Slow down and I sail on the river
Slow down and I walk to the hill
And there's no way out...

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posted 10-09-07 01:57 AM EDT (US)     3 / 15  
Wow I'm really glad you liked my map. Congrats to the winners and to the staff for hosting the event. It was fun and I really hope we get more in the near future. The AoW 1 editor is probably the editor i have most fun with and I'm sure it applies to you guys too.

I must admit I haven't had time to check out any of the other maps submitted for this event; I have them downloaded and I probably will check them out, the winning maps at least.

Please, if you can, send some feedback on my Shadows of the Past map, as from the moment I finished it, I was already thinking there should be a 2nd part . If anyone that has played it has some suggestions on how Harrit's story should continue, please let me know. Was thinking of him coming back as a highman, but then again I'd rather not use any of the OPed races such as humans, highmen, elves or orcs.

Congratulations again to the winners, to the staff, and to everyone trying to bring this brilliant game back to life!
posted 10-09-07 02:39 AM EDT (US)     4 / 15  
Yay! Great result and congrats to all!

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 10-09-07 09:52 AM EDT (US)     5 / 15  
First of all congratulations to the three winners Gandalf, Dan P, and Jetrall. Outstanding!!

In case anyone is interested I did an informal rating of the maps and my results were very similiar. (Of course my results don't count). I had Scout and Gamdalf in a dead heat for first place in the SP comp and couldn't decide which of the two maps I liked best. If either of you guys want to join me in finishing off my last campaign just drop me a word as both of your works are fantastic.

For the MP competition results I actually had Crazyslyhawk's 'Lock Continent' as the best map, followed by Elquien's 'Whispers in the Wind' followed bby Dan P's Greyhawk map. But it was very close. (I do not rate my own efforts). So please Crazy and Elquien continue to make MP maps as I would really enjoy seeing your further efforts.

Finally in the Rookie category I had Swolte ahead of Jetrall in a close finish.

Like I said my results don't count a hoot but I thought Crazy and Elquien in particular may like to know that I held their efforts in high esteem.

Also I would like to thank Enginerd and the judges for donating their time to this competition. It was very much appreciated!

I would really enjoy seeing the final reviews by the judges for my maps either in confidence or posted here. I remember how much I learned as a new mapmaker during the first comp so many years back and much of my knowledge came from the reviews.

PS if any of the map contestants wish to see my actual reviews of your maps just let me know and I can post them here or in the comments section with your map. (or in confidence by private email)

Thanks to all

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posted 10-09-07 05:59 PM EDT (US)     6 / 15  
I am really happy that you liked my map. This map would never have been finished if Enginerd hadn´t put me out of my AoW hibernation. I am really happy to be back and I am of course honored that you have appointed my map as the winning one.

Thank you all!

I would like to thank Arctic Wolf in particular since he took a look at my map and found that my teleporters were all messed up. I was able to correct that on the last of August.

It´s nice to be important, but it´s more important to be nice.
posted 10-09-07 08:48 PM EDT (US)     7 / 15  
Arctic, I'd appreciate any review on my map, as I'm trying to improve my skill in the map-making area now. (If I could get them in email or in the comments section, that'd be awesome).

My email is

Slow down and I sail on the river
Slow down and I walk to the hill
And there's no way out...
posted 10-09-07 09:53 PM EDT (US)     8 / 15  
Elquien - I'm sure there will be something for SM and the 1.5 patch.... stay tuned... and in the mean time feel free to make an epic Aow1 map

AW, Jetrall, Skout, Gandalf, (did I miss someone). Keep bugging me and I'll get a review out to you...

Skout - part 2... most excellent idea
posted 10-09-07 11:29 PM EDT (US)     9 / 15  
Bug, bug, bug!

Slow down and I sail on the river
Slow down and I walk to the hill
And there's no way out...
posted 10-10-07 03:06 AM EDT (US)     10 / 15  
well i could use anyone's feedback on the map to know how to improve on the 2nd part; but i understand if you're busy Enginerd. However, if you do find the time, I edited my e-mail adress shown on the site to the one I'm currently using. (damn shame can't edit my nickname here rofl; haven't used skout in 2-3 years)

Ofc, I could always learn from Arctic's reviews as he's a veteran mapmaker and yeah, his comments would be of much help.

Also, if anone has any ideas about what 2nd part should be about please let me know, I'm open to all suggestions

About helping you with your campaign , Arctic, I'm afraid my time spent with the aow1 editor is limited (10-15 mins / day). Thanks for your kind words and I'm sure your campaign will be another aow gem.
posted 10-11-07 07:24 PM EDT (US)     11 / 15  
Indeed, congratulations to the winners!

I must say that I felt pretty good about my map when I handed it in but now that I have seen the other contributions, I see the quality difference!
I’ve only included the scores for the top 8 maps so we could see Swolte’s score
Thx, I'll aim higher next time...

AoW1 is now an old game, but it was surprising to see how people use the editor (which just feels limited to me, when you are spoiled with AoW-sm ) and manage to get such diversity in areas! Truly masterful!

Thumbs up! (and working on prizes...)

Get the unofficial Patch v1.4. here!
My best AoW-Sm map: Drums of Death (This is the multiplayer version; for single player, or AI use different version)
Other proud AoW-sm maps: The Key of Kharzul, The Fight for Light, Waikiti Island, Goldrush Mountains
My proud AoW2 maps:The River Arne
Coordinator of the v1.4 and v1.5 patchteams, Seraph of AoWHeaven, PBEM Singles Champion 2008

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posted 10-12-07 03:37 PM EDT (US)     12 / 15  
Wow, I'm amongst the winners? That's greatThanks a lot for your kindy words folks

Congratulations to my fellow co-winners for their well-owed victory! Especially to Dan for winning a competiton for the second time - great achievement Deep bow to Engineerd for luring you to participate, hopefully you'll continue to make grat maps in the future!
Jetrall - good job (Though I admit I haven't get to your map yet... but it was rated as winning), congrats. Keep this up!

Skout77 my rival - I think I'll just send you a e-mail

All in all, it was a great experience to take part in the competitiom - thanks to the organisators, I hope we'll see some other similar events in future!

Proud author of Finbar's Quest, the winning SP scenario of AoW1 Summer 2007 Mapmaking Competition.
Btw, you guys should really listen to Gandalf, he is very wise
- Josh AoW, Triumph Studios game developer
But does he talk to himself because he's the oldest man around, or does he just talk to himself because... ya'know... ?
- Chow Guy, AoW Heaven Cherub
posted 10-12-07 06:29 PM EDT (US)     13 / 15  
I saw your comments a few days ago but failed to respond...Cheers for kindly words, Arctic!

Btw, Cynthia's Garden... Amazing map. I love it.

Gandalf, I was wondering when you'd get around here

Token Irish Gamer!
posted 10-13-07 05:17 PM EDT (US)     14 / 15  
I started attending university this month and as one of results, my time for Aow is very limited nowadays, you know... Thanks for the congrats, hope you have an oppportunity to play my competition map and that it'll appeal to you
posted 10-13-07 07:35 PM EDT (US)     15 / 15  
I will win next summer 2008 competition.

The map is intended to be different then the "conquer - build units - conquer again- build units - ..... - kill enemy -... - win game" type of game.

It will be something like:

"Start game - say "wow, omg! - omg, this map is really awsome - i won't even kill my enemies, i want to see this all map - quits game because he has been playing it for 20 hours and skipped lunch and dinner"
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