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Topic Subject: WL Champion Open Tourney - Challenge the Champ!
posted 12-14-06 08:59 PM EDT (US)   
For some strange reason I find myself wondering what new claim to fame I can make for myself.... lets see.. there are already so many do we need more...

4 time WL Champ and reigning WL Champion
2 time MC Champ
All around good guy

Can you topple the Champ??? Think of the honor and prestige you will gain if you are successful in this quest!!

This is what I propose: Interested players should post their desire to take me on. You must be currently registered on the ladder (retired ladder players welcome). This will be a 1v1 game and we all will play the same map (which I will choose and tell you about later). The challenger will pick the starting races. All standard house rules will be used and yes... this will be a ladder game. All games will start the same day and I will play the turns in the order I receive them. First one to beat me wins the title (but I'm no pushover and will fight to keep my crown).

Now for the map..... this special map is being created just for this Tourney. It is being created by a most excellent map maker Arctic Wolf... a map that is yet to be released but soon will be... a map that will ensure fun play and balance... and yes you will see it before we play, in fact I hope to work out the final details with AW so the map can be released and you can develop your winning strategy (I will still crush you) before we start.

Depending on interest, number of players and all the questions that may come up I hope to leave the challenge time open for about a week and hopefully start the games before the New Year!!!

Let the Challenges Begin!

Edit: Map title the Unrepentant (The God who will be defeated)

Arctic Wolf as Azracs vs Enginerd as Humans
Eriksson as Humans vs Enginerd as Azracs
Thorongil as Azracs vs Enginerd as Humans
Strauss as Humans vs Enginerd as Azracs
Gillb as Humans vs Enginerd as Azracs

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posted 12-15-06 11:18 AM EDT (US)     1 / 23  
As the map chosen will be one of my creation especially for this event. I shall be the first to challenge you. Maybe the advantage of my own map will be enough to overcome the champ.

We'll see.

posted 12-16-06 06:30 AM EDT (US)     2 / 23  
Bah. I'll take an a$$-kicking...

If you've come for a visit, you'd be welcome with fewer, if you've come to take me away, you'll need a lot more.
posted 12-18-06 06:41 PM EDT (US)     3 / 23  
Good news.... 2 challengers... will there be more???

I've left additional posts in a few places wondering if more will be willing to take me on. AW sent me an updated version of one of his maps this weekend and I've been quickly rushing through it. I think we're ready to send it out for everyone to view it. More details later...

Goal: Map finalization today (or tomorrow)
Players finalized (by X-mas).

posted 12-19-06 12:38 PM EDT (US)     4 / 23  
Should be interesting.
posted 12-21-06 05:10 AM EDT (US)     5 / 23  
OK, I'm here, see you on the battle field.

Life is nothing but a game
posted 12-21-06 06:53 PM EDT (US)     6 / 23  

So far there will at least 4 more WL matches and chances to rip the title from me. (glad to see you Eriksson... I think the last time we met I fell short and lost so it will be good to try and best you this time).

The map is called The Unrepentant (insane version) by Arctic Wolf. He is madly finishing up the storyline and will soon upload for all to see. Here is a little tidbit about the map.....

2 races - Humans and Azracs. It is a tough but enjoyable map with plenty of opportunities to build up armies and heroes. There are plenty of surprises in the typical AW fashion. There are 3 levels (start in the underground).

I will give everyone a few days to check out the map once it is available and then you can choose your starting race. We may enlist the aid of someone else to set up the games for us and then we'll let the fun begin!

btw - others are encouraged to sign up as the open challenge is not closed yet....

posted 12-22-06 11:03 AM EDT (US)     7 / 23  
The Map should be ready for Upload Christmas Eve. The map is a updated/redone version of "The God who was Defeated". It was was altered to fix the major imbalances which had existed previously but retains the same flavour as the original. I would suggest downloading the original and practicing because the key to victory lies in being able to find and capture key Heroes hidden throughout the map. The famous 'useless corkscrews' litter the map as aparently the Heroes always have a stash of ale nearby.

I will probably upload the other maps I have recently completed at the same time as a Christmas bonus to all of you.

Good luck to all.

(P.S. it would be nice to see Sprout join this last tournament. Any one know how he is doing.)

posted 12-25-06 10:37 PM EDT (US)     8 / 23  
The map should be ready and uploaded tonite!
posted 12-26-06 04:24 PM EDT (US)     9 / 23  
Off topic: Arctic, did you get my last e-mail? You asked for feedback for Aul Hope is Gone, and it was about it.
posted 12-27-06 05:23 AM EDT (US)     10 / 23  
Am I too late? Have been on and off sick, but would like to join in.

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened' Moving Pictures
posted 12-27-06 07:24 PM EDT (US)     11 / 23  
The map by Arctic Wolf has been uploaded, it's called the unrepentant. If you don't have the newest version then go get it. So far we have 5 players willing to try and grab the title of champion (and possibly the final champion).

Arctic Wolf

Post your race preferences here or email them to me. We'll start once everyone has selected which race they want and all games will start at the same time.

Remember - your choice is Human or Azrac, leaders OFF, standard house rules, no over abusing dominate/charm/seduce for gaining experience but feel free to recruit as large an army/heroes as you can this way.

posted 12-28-06 00:50 AM EDT (US)     12 / 23  
I'll take the Saracens.

If you've come for a visit, you'd be welcome with fewer, if you've come to take me away, you'll need a lot more.
posted 12-28-06 07:06 AM EDT (US)     13 / 23  
Humans for me.
However, I won't be able to play a turn until the new year.

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posted 12-28-06 02:18 PM EDT (US)     14 / 23  
I'll take the Azracs. (Hopefully this choice will surprise Enginerd) As long as I can get my heroes going before the Humans get Air Galleys into production I have a chance. I will need a few days at least to finish my strategic playtesting. I propose we allow all players the rest of the seasonal break to analyse the map before we start. Enginerd has seen the map throughout its development and has probably played it even more than I so the time allotted for the others to work on the map seems only fair.

Good luck to all.

posted 12-28-06 03:47 PM EDT (US)     15 / 23  
Yes, we can start after the new year. I'm off work all weekend so maybe by Tuesday we can get things going.

AW - Azracs (yes, I thought you'd pick Humans)
Strauss - Humans
Thorongil - Saracens.... must go check the map for them

posted 12-28-06 07:44 PM EDT (US)     16 / 23  

Quoted from Thorongil:

I'll take the Saracens

After some research (it was quite educational)



term commonly used by medieval Europeans to designate the Arabs and, by extension, the Muslims in general, whether they were Arabs, Moors, or Seljuk Turks.

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright 2006 Columbia University Press

Learn something new every day.... Thorongil has chosen the Azracs

posted 12-29-06 02:21 AM EDT (US)     17 / 23  
Very astute of you...and I didn't even have to "show you"...yeah, that's a little far out, I know, but it's late and I don't care. :-P

If you've come for a visit, you'd be welcome with fewer, if you've come to take me away, you'll need a lot more.
posted 12-30-06 10:29 AM EDT (US)     18 / 23  
Humans for me please

'Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened' Moving Pictures
posted 12-31-06 10:55 AM EDT (US)     19 / 23  
how can i challenge? I'm new to this site, someone recomended it to me... and i dont know how to challenge or get these maps you guy make

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posted 12-31-06 03:38 PM EDT (US)     20 / 23  
Sorry Skooled4life but I can't make you a part of this final tourney as I've already got 5 games planned and you are new to the ladder (that will soon be gone).

However.... you can go to the play by email boards and request a game, start your own thread and maybe someone will join in, there are still some active players out there. I'd be happy to play you a game in about 2 months as I'll be very busy playing these other games until then.

Maps to download can be found at the link below... just search for the ones you like, there are lots to choose from.

Downloads section

Welcome to the boards, glad there are still players around out there.

posted 01-07-07 08:14 PM EDT (US)     21 / 23  
We will get the games started!

Ove is still checking the map out and he wants us to start without him. He'll quickly get his race preference to me. The other games will get sent out soon. If there are no objections I'll set up the games where I play as humans (azracs play first) and I've asked Arctic Wolf to set up the games where I play Azracs. I'll register the games and get turnlogs going. Good Luck to all and happy hunting!

posted 01-08-07 10:12 AM EDT (US)     22 / 23  
I'll be humans.

Life is nothing but a game
posted 10-27-07 05:33 PM EDT (US)     23 / 23  
So I suppose we should say cheers to the new champ? : D : D : D
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