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Topic Subject: Ziggurat Engine Mod Complete
posted 12-06-20 03:18 PM EDT (US)   
I've been working on this mod for months, years if you count the previous Sword and Sorcery Ruleset which is included.
This mod is thanks to the new modding tools we have available thanks to And G (and IniochReborn), who both showed me how to modify AoWEpack.dpl using PE Explorer and HxD. Thanks! - also thanks to Lagi for some improved unit graphics.

Changelog link:
Download link:
To install, simply copy-paste the contents of this folder into your Age of Wonders directory. You might want to copy-paste your entire age of wonders directory first as a backup.

Here's a few choice screenshots:

Goblin and Halfling flyers now have a transports capacity of 1.

Elven and Dark Elven cavalry are now called 'dragoons' and have a ranged attack.

Warlords now have Leadership, as their name implies. Incidentally, Orc Heavy Cavalry now have better armour (and high cost), and Leadership also boosts DEF by +1 as well as ATK.

big shakeup of hero levelups!

Vision has been reduced, and there's now a passive terrain vision effect beyond active vision. Looks good on this map I'm making!

The main changes are:

-Spellcasting levelup cost from 20 to 12
-DEF levelup cost from 5 to 10
-Archery, Hurl Stones, and Poison Darts had their ATK reduced by 1
-Unit upkeep by unit tier is now 2/4/6/8, not 4/6/8/10.
-Most units have had stats and ability changes. A small number have been renamed. I tried to make sure that every unit played a unique role, was thematically appropriate, and was balanced.
-Race relations have a lot more wary and Neutral, and a lot less Polite and Hostile relationships. -Dark Elves and Humans hate each other, as the lore demands they ought!
-Each race has their own ability which they gain at gold medal, and which their heroes all have by default. Orcs have Round Attack, for example.
-All spells have been made cheaper and easier to research, but some have also had their ATK/DAM values changed.
-Most abilities are available at levelup, but heroes start with -4 fewer movement points for most races.
-Smaller cities cost a lot less to upgrade - it's now 80 gold for 2-hexers, and 160 for 3-hexers
-Vision has been reduced by 1 point for units, and altered for some buildings too. Concealed units won't be detected if they stand next to buildings, only if next to units, and they can hide in any forest, even sparse trees and giant toadstools.
-Altars cost less mana to fire, and recharge more swiftly.
-Silver Medal and Gold Medal each grant +1ATK/+1RES/+2HP, instead of +1ATK/+1DEF/+1HP followed by +1DAM/+1RES/+1HP
-Morale no longer affects DEF, but it has a more varied RES malus - from -3 RES at terrible morale, to +1 RES at perfect morale.
-Leadership now grants +1 ATK and +1 DEF, and some units like Warlords, the FirstBorn, and the Yaka Avatar have Leadership. All leaders have leadership by default.
-Raze defenders are now the defender, not the attacker, in the simulated battle which decides if the razer is strong enough to raze a structure. This means a Great Eagle can't simply raze a building because the defenders had no ranged weapons. Thanks for showing me how you did this in AoW+, And G!
-I'm still working on full lore-tab expansions - I am very proud of the expanded descriptions I wrote for the neutral races so far.

contact me at

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posted 03-19-21 06:36 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Hello, could you please share how did you edit/change race relations for your mod? I know how to change alignment of units in DevEd, but no luck with race relations.
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