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AoW1 Technical Help
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Topic Subject: Age of Wonders for the Modern Era
posted 06-11-15 07:03 PM EDT (US)   
Okay. this game is a bit outdated.
And by outdated, I don't take away from how amazing it is.
However, to someone (like me) who was FAR too young to be posting on this forum back in it's hay-day (2001,2002), it's hard to understand how to do certain things.

I own Age of Wonders on Steam. I have the Steam version of this game. How do i know if i need to download the official age of wonders patch v.1.36 (or whatever number it is)
and if i do download it, which files do i replace where? and will it affect steam's ability to play the game? (<- get used to this question regarding steam)

How important is it that i play Warlock's rule set? is it possible to get and play with the steam version of this game?

Email Playing. How the hell do i set this up? is it possible with the steam version of this game?

I used to play starcraft (the original) and knew that it was POSSIBLE to have two people playing by hooking two computers up.....however, like i mentioned earlier, i was FAR too young to understand how that worked....would i be able to do that nowadays and what would i need to have/do to accomplish this?
It's super annoying to have to go to my friend's house and play "hotseat"...simultaneous play would be GODSEND....

is what i just mentioned above possible via steam?

If the steam version of AoW is not able to do any of the above things.....where can i get a CD version of AoW? buying one off of amazon/what not seems risky (i've bought old CD's with too many scratches to play) would i have to (gasp) torrent it?

my email:

if you have ANY info for my questions, feel free to email me or replay back to this thread.
posted 06-26-15 08:18 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Welcome to the forum and the wonderful game of Age of Wonders!

Steam would surely allow multiplayer, I would think, but the direct connection you talk about would be redundant, as an Internet connection is probably required (because, you know, Steam).

For email play, see the sticky in the Play-by-Email forum above this one:,3185,,60

That is the wrapper for the CD game, but I'd be surprised if it works with Steam. I got my CD for $5 in the bargain bin at a Game Store, but to get another one I'd go to eBay. There are auctions for ~$5. Ask the seller for pictures of the CD, but I'd be willing to gamble the 5 bucks. Once the CD arrives, burn yourself a backup, then download the NO-CD crack.

Many here use or have used Warlocks, but not all. I haven't, yet.

You definitely want the 1.36 patch, but I'd guess the Steam version already takes care of all patches.
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