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Topic Subject: The Zalanthar Incident. Chapter 1
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posted 08-03-02 04:24 PM EDT (US)   
This is my new tread. It is conected to the original tread "come let us adore him" by Blackmane, but it`s totally independant, and you don`t need to read anything there in order to join here.

The rules will be my first post, i hope you enjoy!!

posted 08-03-02 04:25 PM EDT (US)     1 / 166  
The rules:

Max players: 12

Basically we use the same rules that Blackmane used for his treads. (Read the first post in "LET US ADORE HIM" for more info)

Iīll use a narrator, who is writing the story a few months after it happened, as well as a character. The narrator will be used to generate the environment, while my character will interact with everyone else.

Iīll try to chain events in such a way that no one stays by himself, so donīt be surprised if the ice giants decide to rain death on you in such situations.

You must post your character in another tread called "The Zalanthar Incident, Discussion". This tread whil also be the place for you to discuss with other players. While you can make OCC comments in this tread, if you wanna complain about something to me or other characters, then just say "I posted something for you to read on the Discussion tread". I dun wan unnending debates on the main tread.

Your character should be mediumly powerfull. This story starts in a city sieged by the undead, so you better have enough resources to defend yourself. However please try to be humble about it. Your character doesn`t gain power while until the story ends. If you decide to stay for Chapter 2, then your character will gain more XP, levels, skill points, or whatever you want. You CAN find magical items when i say something like "The party examined the ogre`s lair, and found several lightly enchanted items " Wich means you get to design a low level magick item for your character to find & use.

Last but not least: No one can move other peopleīs characters but ME and anyone else whom i choose to act as a second DM for this story.

posted 08-03-02 05:21 PM EDT (US)     2 / 166  
Little is know about the events that took place during the Zalanthar Incident.
Undeads, frostlings, humans, orcs, goblins and even gods and demi-gods are often refered to as the main causes of the destruction of the mighty tower of Zalanthar, wich housed some of the most powerfull and respected members of our order.
Under the direct requeriment of master Sorostar, iīve embarked on a journey, with the purpose of bringing light upon this dark mystery.
This document, synthetises most of the information i recieved from various sources during my travels (The frostling queen Celestia was most helpfull among others).

Master Sorceror Tel-Kirad.

It all started near the city of Kardhia, capital of the Kardhian kingdom...

IC: Alkor walked torwars the Tavern. He wasn`t expected until the next day, and besides, he didn`t wan`t to enter the Cathedral just yet.

He had planed this day for a long time, and he wouldn`t enter as a thief during the night. He would arrive with the sun at all his glory, and the priests would have to bow down at his feets, for he was the chosen one, the favored son of Thandor, god of light and righteusness.

His mentors had frequently told him that he wasn`t ready , or that he was far to arrogant to replace the main priest. They just lacked his vision. The signs upon his birth as well as the premature death of Kalterin just a week earlier were clear signs from the god. He would enter the Cathedral the next day, and become the new favored son of Thandor. Under his rule, Thandor would shine more than any other god.

He asked for a room in the fourth floor. He knew the building was tall, and he could watch over the entire city from there.

Several hours later, he was still watching the city that would be his home. He had a clear view of the cathedral and the inner walls from his window. Sudenly he discovered a group of figures marching in a straight line from the cementery. They sudenly split into two groups. One went torwards the main doors of the inner walls, while the other walked torwards the door of the exterior walls. The second group would be near tavern in a short while.

"Strange. Perhaps they are still mourning for Kalterin"

But then he discovered several other figures marching from the hills beyond the exterior walls. The alarm sound.

"The undead!! They are attacking the city!! Retreat to the inner walls!!"

Alkor dressed as fast as he could and went torwards the first floor along with several other guests.

He heard a fight comin from the tavern`s first floor. The undead, it seemed , where already there.

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posted 08-08-02 06:58 AM EDT (US)     3 / 166  
As he approached the first floor Alkor was met by a young knight rushing towards him, dressed in platemail his tabard was emblazened with the rising sun symbol of Thandor . A large 2 handed sword is strapped to his back but he is holding a footmans mace in his hands, some unidentifiable bloody remains still drip from it.

"Thank goodness I found you" he shouts then lowering his voice "I'm Valrenthian Ab'zoltar, I was sent as your bodyguard, I only just got into the city ahead of the Enemy, I'm most relieved to have found you safe."

He bows deeply "I know it is not standard to be assigned a Bodyguard but the High Marshal thought under the circumstances you might appreciate a little assistance "

posted 08-08-02 10:11 AM EDT (US)     4 / 166  
OOC: Why did it take soo long for someone to joins ?????? pls joinnnnn!!! *Sniff*

IC: Kalterin quickly greeted Valrenthian.

" Thandor has obviously decided to join our fates in this hour of peril. Come help me get pass this croud, we must get to the first floor. "

As they rushed down the stairs pushing the agitated guests they heard the screams on the streets moving closer torwards them.

Finnaly , after knocking down a small halfling that desesperately tried to grab Alkorīs robe asking for Thandorīs help, they reached the main floor. Alkor quickly moved torwards the fireplace and tried to get the crouds attention.

"EVERYONE LISTEN TO ME" he had to shout several times, until finnaly their voices fell into silence , with the exception of the halfling who kept crying on a corner.

"Good. I am Alkor, Kalterinīs sucesor as the main priest of Thandor. I was going to assume my new charge tomorow, but due to obvious circunstances, i will have to do so now" At this point even the halfling was silent.

"Iīve seen the undead army froom the fourth floor. It seems that they are coming with a great force by the western hills. Normally this wouldnīt be a treat, but i also saw a second group coming from the cementery, so that means they are already in the city. The exterior walls wonīt last long if attacked by both sides, and it seems the army has already retreated to the inner walls"

"But... That leaves us right in the midle a woman said slowly"

"Yes, and thatīs just the reason why itīs so important that you listen to me. They citty will fall in a matter of days."

Everyone began speaking at the same time after hearing this.

"UNLESS... you do exactly as I tell you" "Thandor, in his wisdom, granteed us the tool to defeat this army. It is called "The orb of Thandor". Itīs power was only used once, during the great war against Draknar, the necromancer who almost destroyed our kingdom three centuries ago. Itīs said that his whole army was destroyed at once."

"Unluckily for us, the orb can only be used by Thandorīs most faithfull follower. As you know, Kalterin is now dead, so -he smiled as he sayed this- I am his new most faithfull son. We got only one choice. We must find a way to pass trough the inner walls and the undead attacking them so i can release the orbīs power once again"

"Several of you seem to be used to the adventure type. What do you say? Will you join me for the glory of Thandor ?"

Alkor was happier than ever. Thandor himself had shown him the oportunity to prove his worth. Once this crisis was over his power would be even greater than the kingīs. He would be the saviour of Kardhia. Thandor had even given him the perfect reason to use the orb! The god had not even allowed Kalterin use it, even tough he had probably been the most powerfull priest of his century.

posted 08-08-02 10:28 AM EDT (US)     5 / 166  
Valrenthian stooped to help the halfling to his feet,and looked around, the crowd was wavering. He could see the confusion and fear on their faces, wispering a mumbled appology to Thandos for the half deception he was about to perform Valrenthian drew his great 2handed sword.

Stepping clear of the crowd he raised his sword and cried "I Valrenthian Ab'zoltar stand with you, My sword and my life for Thandor. "

Having already pledged himself to Alkor and having been sent by his order to help he knew this was, while totally true...not the whole truth and mentally pledged himself to perform a penance later.

His sword gleemed with a soft blue glow "Who will join us ?"

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posted 08-08-02 10:40 AM EDT (US)     6 / 166  
OOC: Kelvar pls read the post in the discussion tread.
posted 08-08-02 07:14 PM EDT (US)     7 / 166  
Gorfand stepped out of the crowd.

"I would gladly join you to defeat the accursed undead."

The crowd began to whisper.

"He is but a lowly theif, he has no right to fight along side the chosen one," someone shouted. Murmurs of agreement began to come from the crowd.

"Be that as it may be" Gorfand began to shout to be heard," I believe it is up to the Son of Thandor to decide."

With that every head turned to the priest, awaitng an answer.

posted 08-08-02 08:13 PM EDT (US)     8 / 166  
IC: "Thandor never rejects those willing to stand against evil. Even if this young fellow .. What was your name ? Oh yes. Even if Gorfand dedicated his efforts to some ... erh... less than honorable labors... he is now willing to join me in our fight against this vile creatures. He is in fact braver than many of you. Will you stay there, remembering his past errors, or join him now, to help him recieve divine forgiveness ? " The crowds murmurations stoped now.

`Good` He tought. Now they had a thief. His skills would prove vital, since thiefs were said to control the
sewers, the only reasonably safe route to get to the inner walls.

Thandor priests had tried to get thiefs and several other unfortunate souls to follow the path of salvation, but Alkor knew he wouldn`t be able to afford having a thief so clos to his person. After this was over he would find some "elegant" way to get the thief not to be mentioned by the public.

posted 08-09-02 04:46 AM EDT (US)     9 / 166  
Hands crossed on the hilt of his still unsheathed sword Valrenthian cast a scathing eye across the crowd.

"He at least is willing to stand with us, I will gladly stand by your side Gorfand. You others, how can you cast dispersions apon this man, at least he has the courage to step forwards, he is willing to make a difference."
Looking slightly disapprovingly at the young thief "though his proffession may be distasteful to some, his courage should stand as an example to you.
"Will no one else step forwards ?"

posted 08-09-02 05:51 PM EDT (US)     10 / 166  
"Wots wrong with you people anyway?" bellowed a gruff voice from the back of the Hall. "Yer under attack an all yer worried about is wedder some guy is 'wordy' of fightin fer you? By Krogan's Beard, my hammer stand ready for dis knight!" And, thought Gruor, any treasure we might find
posted 08-10-02 01:09 AM EDT (US)     11 / 166  
ay your right there brother sayed a rather loud dwarf sitting next to Gruor my axe as well.
posted 08-10-02 12:33 PM EDT (US)     12 / 166  
Ic: Alkor waited a few more seconds for more people to join, but no one else made the step forwards.

"Ok my friends, it seems it`s just us. My plan is to reach the sewers. Once we get there, it should be relatively easy to find a way to the inner walls. Specially with the aid of our friend Gorfand".

"Once we make our way to the cathedral, i will simply take the orb and it`s power will save our city from from the enemy, just as it did centuries ago"

"Anyone wishes to say something ?"

He was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the door. Then a hole appeared on one of the wooden windows, and a pale hand emerged trough it.

Sudenly the entire door fell down, revealing two horrendous creatures on the other side.

"The corpses of the dead are here!!" a man screamed

Alkor quicly casted one of the simpliest spells he had learned on his lessons about the undead. A familiar sensation came down upon him as he could sense the dark energy coming from the creatures.


posted 08-10-02 01:57 PM EDT (US)     13 / 166  
Swiftly giving thanks that he didn't even have to take the time to draw his sword Valrenthian hurled himself towards to doorway and the Zombies who had just burst in.

"For Thandor !" he cried, wirling his greatsword above his head as he lept towards the intruding Monsters. The first Zombie turned towards him in time to meet the glowing blue sword. The blade caught the zombie on the side of the neck and almost cleaved the undead in two.
The weapons glow seemed to intensify for a second before the light in the animated corpse's eyes went out and it collapsed to the floor.

Tearing his sword out from the body he spun, dropping to one knee as the clawed grasping hands of the 2nd zombie passed over his head. With a swift slash he severed its leg and stumbled back towards his new comrades as the creature overbalanced and collapsed to one side.
Though it had only one remaining leg the Zombie was dragging itself towards the crowd. Behind it several more Zombies could be seen fighting their way into the room.

posted 08-10-02 05:45 PM EDT (US)     14 / 166  
"Bhrakha Dwar! Dwarves to arms!" Intoning the ancient war cry as if were some holy spell of protection, Droun charged headlong at one of the things, swinging his hammer in a great two handed blow. The aim was true, and hit the zombie with a force that would have felled a tree, smashing its outstrecthed arms and plunging dead into the soft rotting flesh of its chest. The thing feel backward and then, ichor oozing from the wound, stood up again moaning mouthlessly.

This was not the way it was supposed to be, Druon thought. Battles were supposed to be quick and glorious things but these Undead refused to fall down. Smashing the thing once again, he sent its head bounding across the floor and, finally, it slumped down and moved no more. He turned barely in in time to see another reach out to grab him, close enough he could feel the darkness close about him. Then a flashing sword clove the things arm off. But rather then fall from the ghastly wound the zombie only grunted and turned to face it's attacker. Druon summoned all his strength and courage. He had always believed a true warrior of honor should never strike an enemy from behind, but what did honor mean when you were fighting monsters?

He struck, and the thing grunted again, then turned to face him. There was nothing to see on its face, not even hatred. It was more like some machine then even the shell of a man. This Druon knew, would be his own fate if the horror was not stopped.

posted 08-10-02 07:51 PM EDT (US)     15 / 166  
Tray comes down the stairs. "Will you shut up? Some people are trying to..." Tray stops in mid-sentence as he sees the reason for their panic.
"Right. I'll soon put a stop to this. Disturbing my rest, the nerve of it!" Trayholds his Iron staff out in front of him and takes aim at the nearest Zombie below. "Fry, you scum! And Stay dead!" He says as lightning leaps from the top of his staff and frys the one armed Zombie to a crisp just as it turned to face a dwarf which had just hit it in the back with a hammer. As the dust settled to the ground Tray jumped off the stairs and down onto the ground. He runs his fingers over the top of the staff and it begin's to glow with white light. He turns to another Zombie and thwacks it over the head. But it just turns to him and reach's out as if it didn't have a dent in it's head that would kill a normal human. Tray jumps backwards and hits the Zombie repeatedly with his staff, using it's globe on top to cause magical damage to the undead.
posted 08-10-02 08:40 PM EDT (US)     16 / 166  
As soon as he saw the undead, Gorfand reacted with lightning quick reflexes. Whipping out his crossbow, he dipped a bolt into the vial of holy water and placed it across the bow. Aiming with great precision, he shot at the zombie coming through the door. The bolt struck it square in the chest. The Zombie shrieked, then toppled to the floor, motionless. Unsheathing his dagger, Gorfand ran to the nearest Zombie, yelling.
posted 08-10-02 08:44 PM EDT (US)     17 / 166  
For all the power of his blows, battering the zombies with his hammer seemed to be having little effect. These things had to be hacked to pieces it seemed. Well if that was the case, perhaps his pick would make a better weapon. Unslinging it, he hefted it in his right hand, the heavy hammer stilled cocked in his powerful left, and stood, waiting for the onslaught.

It never came. Instead, even as the shuffling corpse moved toward him, it exploded in a flash of light, leaving behind a swirling cloud of dust that carried the sharp tang of ozone. Druor had never seen lightning strike indoors, but there was no doubt that's what it was, and such a thing could only be the work of a mage. Peering around, he spotted what must have been the source of the bolt, a frail looking human flailing away at yet another zombie about the head and shoulders with a staff.

"Wun good tern deserves anudder, friend!" he announced cheerfully, burying his pick in the zombie's back. "Ah'll hold him, an you thump him!"

posted 08-10-02 08:59 PM EDT (US)     18 / 166  
IC: Alkor raised his right hand torwards the face of the zombie being hit by the mage and began reciting a prayer to Thandor.

As his prayers were listened, the rising sun symbol on his palm glowed with intense yellow light.

The creature stoped advancing on the mage and desesperately covered it`s eyes with it`s wroten hands. Then Alkor moved his hand torwards another zombie on the doorway, and a second beam of light struk itīs eyes. The creature screamed, and gave a step backwards, pressing its hands on its face just as the first one did.

"This won`t kill them, but i get the feeling i should save my provision of holy water for later".

posted 08-10-02 09:10 PM EDT (US)     19 / 166  
"Why thankyou, kind dwarf." Tray says, and backs away from the Zombie, switching his Staff into one hand and then thrusting it into the Zombie. He holds the Zombie still and holds his hand outwards, reciting an incantation. The Zombie stands still and freezes solid, and as Tray pulls his staff out it shatter's the body into tiny shards of frozen flesh. Tray hits it over the head again for good measure and it collapses into a pile of bones and frosted flesh. "Right, onto the next one." He says to Gruor. "My name is Tray, by the way." He says and hits another Zombie, beheading it. But it keeps coming, and Tray hits it more, beating the life (Or unlife) out of it.

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posted 08-11-02 00:51 AM EDT (US)     20 / 166  
A figure settled on the outer wall of the city. As he stared at the rampant fighting, he shivered. The undead were running rampant. Skeletons and zombies roamed loose inside the city, and more undead were attacking the outer walls. It was apparent that he should help the town fight the undead, but in what form? The Elders were right about revealing what he truely were, but at the cost of lives? Sighing, he arose and stared out over the town, and his eyes fixed on a tall building. If anywhere, there ought to be some decent fighters or adventurers in the tavern. He could probably rally them to fight the undead. The man flickered and a snarling wolf appeared where the man had been standing. Jumping off the edge of the outer walls, it landed on the roof of a house and made it way towards the inner walls, running and jumping off one roof onto another.

A few minutes later the wolf crouched on a rooftop near the inn. The form of the wolf shifted, blurred and the man who had stood on the outer walls a few minutes ago now crouched on a roof next to the inn. Grabbing his staff, he smashed one of the windows and climbed through it into a hallway. Easily finding the stairs, he made his way down and found the first floor, where the zombies had made their way inside. He swung his staff and sent a zombie crashing into the wall, upon which it promptly groaned and began to get up. Sighing, he began savagely beating the zombie until it was smashed into three pieces. Smiling grimly, he turned to see a paladin holding off two zombies his hand, which was emitting bright light. Bringing his staff smashing down onto one of the zombies, he said to the paladin, "Hello. My name's Flinx. I don't suppose you need a little help with these abombinations?"

posted 08-11-02 12:17 PM EDT (US)     21 / 166  
IC: Soon the tavern`s floor was litered by several fallen zombies.

" Good. We`d better be prepared, or Zombies will be the least of our worries. " He took a vial of holy water in his hand.

" Just let me put a few drops of it in your weapons, and they will be blessed to strike the undead with the fury of Thandor. "

"Don`t worry" He said looking at the mages`s enchanted staff "It won`t mess with your weapon`s, even if they already have enchantments cast upon them " He then recited a short prayer after droping holy water on the weapons presented to him.

He turned to Gorfand

"Ok my friend, now`s time to show us your skills. Guide us to the nearest sewer entrance."

posted 08-11-02 01:29 PM EDT (US)     22 / 166  
Gruor stepped forward reluctantly to take the blessing on his hammer. As a dwarf he had little truck with the Humans and their confounded deities. But if what was whispered among the councils, that the Undead were merely a tool of those same gods sent to keep their worshippers in awe, then this priest's oil might indeed have some effacacy against them.

"Ah'll take yer blessin on ma hammer, fer tis but a ting an of no cons'quens. But ah'll not be bendin ma knee ta yer god if ya please. Twould mean ternin ma bak upon da Mudder Erda an ahlll ne'er be doin dat."

posted 08-11-02 02:33 PM EDT (US)     23 / 166  
"Follow me," Gorfand said to the growing party of adventurers. Stepping over several bodies of Zombies, he walked out the door. The party followed him and stood waiting outside the tavern.

"I shall lead you to the sewers,"he told them

Gorfand led them through a maze of dark alleys. There was little talking along the way.

Finally, they arrived at their destination. Gorfand picked the lock to a small trapdoor.

"This, is the entrance to the Underground Sewers. There are horrible things down there, some worse ,aye, than the Undead. Are you prepared to go down there?" he asked Alkor.

posted 08-11-02 03:22 PM EDT (US)     24 / 166  
Alkor was about to say something when when a large conmotion coming from the main gates interrupted him. Everyone gattered to get a clear view of what was hapening .

A small group of archers were defending the wall. There was a legion of undead firing arrows at them on the inner side, and they could see arrows coming from the exterior side as well, so they had already been surrounded. The archers pointed at something on the outside of the walls and screamed something. A few seconds later all of the undead moved away from the gates. The archers also started running away from their posts with new screams , this ones of terror. By hearing the houling that followed, they could imagine there was some sort of huge beast on the other side.

Then Alkor heard the loudest impact he had ever heard on its life. The huge main gate moved as if it was going to jump out of its frame, but then falled back to its normal position. Several of the archers fell from the wall, were the undead finished them. After that came a second impact, even louder than the first one, and several small fisures surged on the gate.

"I think i`ll take the sewers" Alkor said while he walked back to the trap door "Anyone disagrees ?"

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posted 08-11-02 03:47 PM EDT (US)     25 / 166  
"I'm not complaining." Says Tray as he makes a couple of balls of werelight and guides them down into the sewers, lightning the way like little floating gas lamps. "Are we going then?" He says and climbs down through the trapdoor into the sewers. "It really stinks down here!"
posted 08-11-02 03:56 PM EDT (US)     26 / 166  
Flinx gaped at the gate as whatever was smashing away at the gate struck again. More cracks appeared, running down the gate's length. "No objections there. Mutated animals are much preferable to whatever is bashing away at that gate. I for one don't want to face an Undead that can do that," Flinx said, pointing to the gate as it shuddered from another impact. Turning, he made his way down into the sewers.

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posted 08-11-02 04:15 PM EDT (US)     27 / 166  
"Tis nuttin unner da grond fer a dwarf ta fear." proclaimed Druor, dropping through the hole. Even in the dim light of the wereglobes he could easily make out the architecture of the place, and it seemed to be a juncture of winding tunnels, poorly constructed and ill maintained. Fedid pools of water lay about, along with heaps of garbage washed down from the streets. Slithering and rustling sounds told of the presence of rats, and perhaps larger things. Down the center a sluggish channel flowed, it's source he didn't care to guess. The place reeked of many things, but one in particulr caught his attention.

"Tho the water be a bit foul fer ma likin. Pwew. Make no flame down here, thars gas."

posted 08-11-02 08:12 PM EDT (US)     28 / 166  
IC: The party advanced trough the tunnel for several minutes. The maze of tunnels was much greater than what Alkor had expected. He remembered having read several books that claimed the sewers were in fact an ancient maze found by the city`s foundator. Walking in a straight line was impossible since the tunnels permanently shifted left and right. Reaching the inner wall would take longer than he expected.

Finnally, after walking for an eternity, they reached a small room. Three tunnels started in almost the same direction, besides the one they had used to enter . The floor was relatively clean, so they sat down to give Gorfand time to decide wich was the correct tunnel.

The one directly opposite to them was closed by a round metal door. The circular handle seemed rusty, but nothing indicated it wouldn`t spin open if they tried. Small sounds could be heard from it, as if caused by small creatures.

The one on the left was completely silent. Not even the rats could be heard from there. The symbol of magic was carved in stone on top of the tunnel`s entrance. Natural erosion had made the rest of the inscription unreadable.

From the right came a putrid smell. Far worst than even the rest of the sewers.

posted 08-11-02 11:30 PM EDT (US)     29 / 166  
noticeing that there was a smell far more terrible then the sarroundings Thrain looks in the direction of the smell.By Jovens beard what is that stench.
posted 08-12-02 04:09 AM EDT (US)     30 / 166  
Looking down at his filthy tabbard and dented armour Valrenthian muttered "it's going to take forever to clean this up".
In the sewer he had sheathed his greatsword, the hilt extending over his right shoulder, in his right hand he clutched his mace while he held a lit torch in his left.

The flickering light shone from the brickwork, the Magic symbol in the stone glittered with a silvery light.
Sniffing the stench he muttered "The way this day is going I have the destinct feeling that we will end up going that way "
Torch held high he stood at the entrace back into the sewer from hence they had come keeping watch and listening carefully for sounds of pursuit.

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