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Topic Subject: Come, Let us Adore Him. (Quest Thread ONLY)
posted 08-03-02 12:13 PM EDT (US)   
Therefore... if you happen to be WITH the party (i.e. you are literally travelling with my character) or if you happen to IN WAIT of my party (at the bridge, or omoin at the mountain... which we're going to take some time getting to at this rate) then post. Those who are in no way adding to the quest any more, such as, well... JAT, Beth, Rodin(?) then please start your own threads. Thank you for your kind time and attention!


*Yes... undead. It would seem that the protectors of the stone had seen fit to include such... protectors... themselves* Silent Hawk addressed to the hawk-being.

Continuing their pace, they turn around a bend in the path, and see in the distance a bridge....

posted 08-03-02 04:10 PM EDT (US)     1 / 24  
It was barely midday, but it seemed to Wahan they had been on the road forever yet made no progress. The motley group had been slowed by many things, the dwarf's short legs among them but not by any means the worst. Wahan knew, from past experience that the Dwarves, given reason, could jog all day and all night and in so doing outpace most other foot soldiers. It was the bickering and jostling for position among the others that had made the march seem interminable. Each seemingly wanted to lead the party himself even though clearly only the monk knew where they might be headed. Into the mountains was all he could guess where he had little doubbt it would be they who struggled to keep up with the dwarf.

Somewhere along the road he had heard the sound of wings. Looking up, he had half expected to spy the birdman that had met them in the town. Instead he saw a griffin. It's presence here troubled him, as griffins always did. They were creatures of magic, not of nature, and hence out of his realm. Worse, this one carried a rider, who seemed intent on their own passge. A spy he guessed, but for whom? And why? Some of the others must have noted it as well, though none spoke of it.

At long last, they came to a bend in the road and turning, spied the river crossing ahead. Their first major waypoint since leaving Archfield. But something seemed wrong. Very wrong. In place of the neat little bridge spanning a quiet ford was a ruined structure, the waters raging about it. And it was wrong. Because it clearly wasn't natural.

OOC: I'm going to assume here that the illusion of high water is still in place, even if Shiu has backed up the actual water upstream, since none of us have yet had a chance to react to it.

posted 08-03-02 06:30 PM EDT (US)     2 / 24  

Shiu sees the group round the bend, and prepares himself. 'I know the walking Dead will not attack me unless they actually belive I am not attacking them. So when the monk gets within range, they will all perish. Walking dead and all.' Shiu thinks to himself, and prepares the water to be released. Upstream, the small dam that is in place rumbles breifly, and the water nearly breaks free. Nearly. Shiu barely restrains it, and holds onto it for just a little while longer...

OOC: So the thread has moved to here? Ok then. I'm pretty sure the high water Illusion is in place, but the actual water level is barely a trickle, unless someone gets the bright idea to look upstream for a while and finds a big quivering wave of water...

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posted 08-03-02 10:22 PM EDT (US)     3 / 24  
OOC: Lol your right, keeping the high water upstream and the broken bridge makes no sense now that we got a mage controling the river, ready to drown everyone that croses.

Sorry bout that...

Evilguy your stupid stupid stupid

IC: Celsia noticed a really annoying and enormous flaw in her plans. She had forgoten to make the bridge reappear, and the river upstream return to its normal calm stream of water.

What use could the lizard prove to them if they werenīt going to even try cross the river upon seeing such powerfull illusions?

"Celsia your stupid stupid stupėd "she tought.

however she wasn`t so stupid since she quickly tought of another way to solve such a dire situation.

OOC: hmmmm any ideas would be welcome...

15 minute later...


However, the bone Horror must attack the party before you can cross the river acording to the confuse cronological order of events.

IC: (Bone horror) The Bone creature decided it had waited enough. Leaving the cover of the trees, it charged against the monk and his party.

It quickly noticed tow things.

First: an elf (Wahan) was standing ahead of the party

Second: An aven (Myrddin) was holding a magical staff, creating a barrier that protected him and possibly the monk as well.

They were both in its way. They had to be destroyed.

With nothing more than its terrible howling as a warning, the creature attacked.

posted 08-03-02 11:35 PM EDT (US)     4 / 24  
Darkbane looked closer at the shadow and recognized one of the men he had seen at the pub.

"Yes I offered my services him with his quest, but the monk left without me. I decided this would be the perfect place to,er, catch up with him," Darkbane finished.
Glancing up the path he saw the unmistakable figures of the monk and his allies.

"Look," Darkbane hissed to the human, "if my eyes aren't mistaken, there is our friend, the monk. What should we do?"

Suddenly a horrible noise filled the air. Covering his ears, he saw a dark shadow, charging the monk's party.

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posted 08-03-02 11:40 PM EDT (US)     5 / 24  
heyyyyyy....... finally we get our own thread again.. it was starting to turn into an army campaign over there.. who needs a quest when we could have just stormed the are we're going to?

anywayyyyyyyy............... back to the story...


"long trek long trek long trek" Torquil groused...

"why couldn't we take a cart or something? hell we could have saved SOME time" He grumbled to himself

Torquil suddenly stopped.

His sensed something amongst the trees ahead. An unnatural howling was in the air, and it seemed to be coming from the trees Also, there was a foul tang to the scent of the breeze as well.

Having trusted his instincts for a lifetime, he knew this was one of those times where there was imminent danger... Grave danger. Not knowing who, what or where just made it harder, but not impossible...

Treading fast enough to keep up with the rest, He suddenly found out why they paused, Ahead in the distance, the bridge was broken, Something was definately very wrong here.
and it reeked of an ambush....


Torquil/Iroquis shouted as he brandished a copper pan off his walking stick.

OOC: ok.. erm.. i think was still with ya the last time round DM... so.. yeah... con'td from here k? hope i didn't react to much to OOC stuff.......

posted 08-04-02 01:07 AM EDT (US)     6 / 24  
*How interesting... a walking... undead lizard* Mused Silent Hawk calmly as he watched the strange creature lumber towards them. *I suppose we should do something about this.... it would appear the griffin rider might have something to do with this... Perhaps I should have called down to him*

Setting himself slightly, he clasped his hands together and bowed his head even as Torquil yelled out "TO ARMS MILORDS!"

posted 08-04-02 05:37 AM EDT (US)     7 / 24  
OOC: "...recognized the man he had seen at the pub."
Mebored, you never mentioned Darkbane seeing Morval. I suggest you change "the man" into "a man".

IC: Before Morval could reply a terrible beast charged the monk and his party. Morval recognised in it the undead thing he had encountered, or at leat one of it's kind. Morval felt sorry for the monk...

Lord Dragatus, 30th member of BTOOIC, The One Who Killed the Cow.

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posted 08-04-02 02:42 PM EDT (US)     8 / 24  
Someone shouted "TO ARMS MILORDS!!"

Running past the elf, the creature went directly torwards the monk and jumped high in the air. Itīs claws were ready to tear his flesh into pieces.

If the Avenīs magic was powerfull enough to stop such an impact, it would mean a serious blow to its great turtle skull.

However, if it was not, this could prove a serious test to the monkīs agility and expertise in the martial arts. Failure would grant him an instantaneus death.

OOC: Hmmm... its difficult to know where each one is standing... if you need to "move" to horror in order to make fighting easier pls do so.

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posted 08-04-02 06:10 PM EDT (US)     9 / 24  
Most of the party stopped at the sight of the ruined bridge, but Wahan strode a bit ahead. Behind him he heard the unmistakable footfalls of the birdman, an Aven he called himself, who said his name was Myrrdin. After studying the scene briefly, he closed his eyes and let his inner self search for the truth in it's nature. Opening them again, he smiled smugly. This time, though his pysical eyes could see the illussionary water, his inner eye saw clearly that it was false, and the bridge still stood.

Tha's better He thought. So, a trap of some sort, and not a very clever one. Wait, though..

It was still not right. Where from the looks of the bembankments the water should have been indeed still been flowing there was none. The smile turned to a frown as he pondered this, but he had no time to decide what it meant. Even as he looked, something came charging toward him from the brush. From the looks of it, some Undead monstrosity, a heap of bones and mud crudely fashioned into an animal shape. A little shorter then a man's height, and half it's own length in width, it moved on mismatched legs with a crab like gate. What was apparently meant to be its head, a lurge turtle skull, was drooping slightly to one side. Not, Wahan would have thought had he the time or inclination to do so, the work of a master craftsmen. Unfortunately despite it's awkwardness, it was quick, and the gaping jaws looked quite functional.

Dropping to a half kneeling position, he brought his staff down before him like a spear, and braced against a mound of turf for the impact. He knew it's stunning bolts would have little effect, but the pronged end was still a servicable weapon in its own right and the hot energy discharge might do some real damage. With luck he could snap the thing's neck at least.

Whether by instinct or plan though, it swerved to avoid him, and the Aven whose own staff now seemed to crackle with some power, and ran on toward Silent Hawk. The monk stood, head bowed as if in prayer. Wahan sincerely hoped it wasn't a prayer for the dead.


OOC: BTW, if anyone has a problem with his seeing through the illusion of the water level, the character description includes "preceptive of all that is natural." heh heh.

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posted 08-05-02 11:07 AM EDT (US)     10 / 24  
The undead horror charged the monk. Myrddin saw that he clearly couldn't stop the horror from reaching the monk. Reaching for the top of his staff, he pulled the small winged figurine who was pulsing and crackling with power. He ripped the winged figurine off the staff and as power stopped flowing along the staff's surface he threw it towards the bone horror. Using his talents, he summoned a wind and manipulated it, sending the wind hurling towards the undead horror, carrying the figurine which had stopped the undead thing on it's first charge. As the figure landed on the undead horror, it crackled and about a fifth of the undead horror fell to the ground, smoking and charred. That, however, was not enough, as the horror continued racing towards the monk, who merely stood there like a statue in a temple, hands clasped and head bowed.

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posted 08-06-02 06:13 AM EDT (US)     11 / 24  
OOC: No one else? All right


The party he had formed around him seemed quite capable of holding their own... the creature was severely weakened by the attacks made on it... but still it came.

Raising his hands, he opened his eyes and stared at the creature. Both palms pushed towards the creature, and a rush of air grew from the ground throwing up sand towards it.

At first, it didn't seem to work. The creature merely had the sand slough off its bones, already bleached white and eroded from sand itself and continued charging, hardly slowed at all. Then the wind itself hit properly, crushing the skull inwards.

The creature stopped for a few moments... its skull barely hanging on, before it seemed to shake itself, and lumber far more slowly, but still surely, towards him.

posted 08-06-02 11:35 AM EDT (US)     12 / 24  
OOC: Okay, this story so far has been a bit lacking in landscape, but for benefit of whats going on, its map time now.

Some things to account for: How far are we from town, and what is the surrounding terrain? Why have we been, and might we now still be, taken by surprise here?

We've travelled several hours, but been slowed down. Its midday I think so say four hours make at 5kph makes it maybe 20km or 12-1/2 miles. Myrrdin saw the bridge from a rooftop, but even with the head, and presumably visual acuity of an eagle, thats a good ways to "see" a small bone horror, so we cannot have been following a straight line. Plus, his view would need to have been unobstructed, but we ourselves could not see the bridge from the road til we turned a bend in the road. There is at least forest quite close to town as Wahan spent the night in them, but the party has been in plain sight from the air because the griffin was able to follow us. I propose then the Archfield is in a partially wooded area but sits atop a rise or hill (good defensive location) and thus commands a wide view. The party have been generally Eastward travelling along a road that circles about the edge of a wood and thus blocked our own to one side, I'll assume to the right and South., but is open to the other. I'll now further assume that "South" is upstream, thus we not seen the flood that are built up there. The forest however opens up into a flood plain and does not reach the river bank itself, so as we approach, we will get a significantly wider angle of view. Any problems?

Update: make that "sandy road" along the the woods.

IC: The Aven threw something at the Undead thing that clearly damaged, but did not stop it. Somewhere to the rear the odd little man who seemed to have appointed himself camp cook charged forward with... a pan? None of the others moved.

Superb Wahan thought. How totally and typically Human! All these well armed mercenaries and they're going to let us amatuers do the fighting. Worse, no one seemed concerned about the fact that someone had brought, or made, the thing here, and that same or another someone had placed a powerful illusion in their path. The smell of trap was overwhelming, and this creature was likely nothing but a diversionary attack.

There was nothing more he could do about that though. It was up to the monk and his band now to handle to handle the thing. All Wahan could hope to do was patch up the survivers later.

Stepping into the brush, he once again called upon it to conceal him, then raced forward as silently as a breath of air toward the river. Whatever sound he had made would have been lost in what seemed a roar of wind from behind him, though what the source of that wind was he could not guess.

Reaching the edge of the undergrowth, he stopped, and surveyed the river, now much closer at hand. Across from him was another party, this one of skeletons who now roused by the sound, clustered on the river bank beaingt their swords on their shields in expectation of a fight. A bit behind them stood a women, their leader perhaps, though she fumed as if this was an unexpected turn of events. Near the water an iron cage held a lizardman, whose expression, as always for those of his kind, was completely unreadable.

Looking upstream, Wahan could now see where the water that should have filled the river bed was. Some force held it dammed back, but it seemed ready to break at any seconds, a fact of which the skeletons seemed oblivious. And unfortunately, his own party as well though he doubted the flood could them at this distance. It would seem then the creature had triggered the ruse prematurely.


OOC: BTW, the "iron cage" is a good example (I hope) of keeping both character abilities and IC versus OOC information in line. The cage is of course a still flimsy thing covered by Celsia's illusion, but as it is not part of nature Wahan is as unaware of that fact as Shiu is. Whatever plans the two might have for his breaking out are still viabled.

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posted 08-06-02 12:22 PM EDT (US)     13 / 24  
Destroyed and will be rewritten

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posted 08-06-02 01:28 PM EDT (US)     14 / 24  
> Rodin smiled “Let’s hear what the great Captain Tirad did now.”

let's NOT since it and your war clearly have nothing at all to do with the Quest Thread.


Therefore... if you happen to be WITH the party (i.e. you are literally travelling with my character) or if you happen to IN WAITof my party (at the bridge, or omoin at the mountain.

You've been asked politely to shift to your own thread if that's not the case. There's nothing wrong with wanting to spin your own story, but this is an interactive thread and your comments are not interacting with it. The mountain is East, not South, there has been no mention of going through any more towns, and your wars are an unrelated event. Move it or lose it.

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Having followed the monk and its group and hearing and watching the battle Crondell Battlesmoke always loved to make sure that undead things stay dead. with him not having any friends or companians he decided why not have a little fun and find out what this groups up to. so when he charged the hook horrer stopped inches away from the monk . and saw that the wiled eyed dwarf most have had bad mead for brekfest. knew he was about to become,well dead.
posted 08-06-02 09:39 PM EDT (US)     16 / 24  
OOC: Wow, my mouse broke down, but it seems legends were right. You CAN use windows with just your keyboard.

Amazing isnīt it ?

Wow this post got too long... sorry but i was bored of not being with the party so i found a way to join.

IC: Celsia cursed for the fifth time.

The situation was getting worst with each pasing second.

Now that she finnaly had found a way to make the monkīs party fall into her trap, that bonny nightmarish creature had destroyed her plans. It was obvious that Narak had been responsible for it, tough he didnīt openly recognize it.

Not only had the beast put the monkīs party into alert, ruining any posible surprise attack, but it had also given them a chance to demonstrate their skills in combat. Treathening as it was, the horror had been unable to even hurt them, and she doubted it would last much longer after all the beating it had recieved.

Even worst than that, that elf standing on the other side hade SEEN trough her illusions. As an expert illusionist, she could easily tell if someone had been fooled or not by her magick, and that elf didnīt even show doubt in his face. He had seen the bridge, the real form of the river, and as if things weren`t bad enough, he had seen HER.

Now it became obvious , that even as terrifying as they were, Narakīs undead wouldnīt be able to stop the monk. She made a quick decision. "To hell with Narak, Clarissa and all their undeads" "I better look after myself now".

She quickly went into the trees, out of the elfīs sight. This time his illusions would have to be really strong if she hoped to fool the elf, the monk and everyone else in their party. A mistake could easily get her killed. This time she would use her most powerfull spell.

She had learned it from his old master , who once told her he had been able to fool a dragon with it. Not that she would take every word from that old drunken fool, but she knew that Tarkan had indeed been powerfull before getting senile. "I hope my wand has enough energy for this".

She had never tried the spell, but its runes seemed very powerfull as she memorized them from her spellbook. Then she started reading the special notes under the enchantment.

"The caster must recite the words in the exact order and intonation, without missing any of the pauses. The process is fast, but drains most energies of even the most experienced mages, so using a specially enchanted item or wand to provide extra energy is recommended. Once the reciting is complete, a great amount of phantasmal energy will be summoned into this plane and adopt the form chosen in the mind of the caster. This phantasmal energy is so strong that it will even asumme a solid form. This energy is far more powerfull than most common illusions, so it will act as solid material even against those capable of seeing trough normal illusions, and truesight will not have any effect on it. It will NOT ,however, remain solid when faced against the undead, several extra-planar creatures, or some of the most powerfull divination spells. Warning this spell is not recommended for... "

She stopped reading as the beast houled again. She was running out of time, so she started reciting the spell as fast as she could. There would be time to read the warning later.

As she pronounced the last word, she felt herself surrounded by energy, as a thousand feathers touching her skin. Quickly ordering her toughts she imagined the form of the young woman she had used to fool the lizard. She made sure to remember all of the scars and bruises she had used to give the impression that she had been tortured by the undead.

The energy covered her completely. It felt like being inside of a soft suit that covered her entire body. Then she felt an extreme weakness. Her staff didnīt glow anymore, and she realized this would be her last spell for a while. She hadnīt been prepared for the amount of energy this would take. "I must hurry, i canīt afford to faint now".

Puting herself together as fast as she could she ran to the lizard in his cage. Narak was quite busy watching the fight against the horror, wich was surrounded by some kind of sand spell.

"This is our chance. The undead are busy watching their monster fight the monk, so they wonīt notice that we are escaping until itīs far too late"

She opened the lizardīs cage and helped him get out.

"Can you run? We must hurry and get to the other side of the river. Once we are there you will be able to use your magics to make the river destroy them as they cross the bridge. Then im sure the monkīs party will be able to protect us from them "

They began running to the bridge.

posted 08-06-02 11:36 PM EDT (US)     17 / 24  
Shiu runs, jumping into the river and expecting to get wet, only realising what it is when helands on the muddy bank. He breaks free of Celsia and dives forwards, just reaching the other side. 'It will be a lot more destructive if I am only aiming at the walking dead...' Shiu thinks as he scrambles up onto the bank, pulling Celsia up after him. He stands up and faces the wall of water upstream, and releases it, sending it washing down the river course, lapping over its sides. Carefully he steers it away from the bank he is on, and sends more than half of it onto the other bank, heading strait towards the undead, and the rest of it washes onwards towards the bridge. The wall of water breaks over the banks and picks up rocks and trees, adding them to its destructive onslaught.
Shiu turns from the river and runs for his life.
OOC: The wave is heading towards the undead, but it will still wash down the river and probably washa way anyone standing close to either bank, aswell as the bridge. It's not aimed for the Monk's party, so they should be safe, except from the spray and rebounding or shattering rocks and twigs which will go everywhere when it hits the bridge
posted 08-07-02 00:32 AM EDT (US)     18 / 24  
The witch had looked straight at him before fleeing. Wahan knew that he had not been so careless as to break cover, and the cloak should have concealed him, yet clearly it had not. There was no doubt then the illusions had been hers, as those who specialized in such magics tended to have the gift of sight. The skeletons so far had ignored him but they seemed too focused on fight in the road to notice him in any event. He did not, however fell like pressing his luck with them, and as for the power that held back the water, though probably magic as well, that was no illusion. It held yet, but for how long who could say? This was not a safe place to be, cloak or not, and Wahan retreated into the woods where at least there was enough undergrowth to entrap any more ambushers who might be hiding on this side of the river. Even as he did, he could hear the sound of the water surging down the riverbed. From the crashing sound of it, he expected that the bridge would soon be broken in reality and not just illusion, and he hoped his comrades were not as well. Having ones clients killed this early in a quest made getting paid somewhat more difficult.
posted 08-07-02 12:38 PM EDT (US)     19 / 24  
OOC: Hmmm… OK I see…I, accomplished writer will refocus on your quest than. Sending an E-mail would have been more polite than blasting my post to shreds. I will rewrite it so it won't offend your view of the way this quest should proceed Chowguy.

You never asked me to move my post. So I have no idea to whom you are referring too. Additionally a story with no background or plot would be poorly written. I was only trying to add stuff to the thread but alas… I’ve been verbally harassed over my contributions to this thread. Oh well everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Your last sentence could be found offensive but I’ll let it slide.
Moving On…

IC: Rodin looked over Valso’s burned body. If they were following the monk’s party. Surely he must still be close by. Rodin eyed the river to the East. I’ve landed about half-hour’s walk from the destroyed bridge.
Rodin grabbed his belongings and began walking at a grueling pace to catch up with the monk’s party.

OOC: That more acceptable?

posted 08-07-02 01:51 PM EDT (US)     20 / 24  
Myrddin stared at the monk for a moment, as he nearly crushed the skull of the horror. It stopped, then started towards the monk at a slow pace. Shaking his head, Myrddin walked over to where his figurine was. As he picked it up, it flickered and the glow that had surrounded it died. Myrddin restored it to his staff, where it would stay until it was needed. The quan-iron figure was an artifact of the Old Ones. He had seen some strange ruins while gliding near his home, and had decided to take a look at them. As he walked into the ruins, he had noticed the winged quan-iron figure sitting on a pedistal. As he picked it up... Myrddin thrust the memory aside as the sound of rushing water reached him.

Even as Myrddin turned to look towards the river, he saw a huge amount of water race down the banks of the river. Spray from the flood washed over him. Blinking, he saw bones swept down the river, along with shields and swords. Rocks and logs were also being swept downriver.

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posted 08-08-02 10:35 AM EDT (US)     21 / 24  
OCC: I finnaly got someone to join my new tread. Pls guys join i need people!!!

IC: The beast was confused. The monk had almost crushed its skull, and the Aven had hurted many of its spinal bones.

It heard a loud noise, and it saw a lizardman carrying a woman across the bridge just in time to escape from a giant water torrent. The river moved away from its normal course and crushed a large number of skeletons on the other shore, itīs creator Narak among otherīs.

It quickly turned attention back to itīs closest enemies. The monk had proven a fearfull adversary. It prepared to charge again.

It sudenly fell movement at its back. The Aven was picking up his figurine from the floor. He was surely going to trow use it again.

The Horror turned, opened his mouth and quickly spited all the turtle blood still within it torwards the Avenīs face. that should distract him. Then it lifted itīs long tail and tried to hit whomever had rapidly positioned behind it.

posted 08-08-02 06:24 PM EDT (US)     22 / 24  
Wiping the disgusting turtle blood away from his eyes, Myrddin growled. Suddenly, throwing his arms back towards the sky, he screeched an eagle's hunting cry. Running down the side of the undead horror, he smashed his staff into the thing's side repeatedly, ripping and snapping bones. Reaching the creature's tail, he spun and brought the staff down onto the horror's tail. Dancing away, he reached out and seemed to gather power from the air. As he gathered power, he used it to call a powerful hurricane wind. As it ripped across the river, it picked up rocks and twigs, carrying them hurtling through the air. As the undead horror spun around, the wind, along with the rocks and twigs carried by it, reached the horror, pelting it with rocks. The largest rock, around the size of Myrddin's head, smashed into the remains of the thing's skull and neck.

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posted 08-08-02 07:45 PM EDT (US)     23 / 24  

Something, an instinct perhaps, pressed the Druid forward. He was no warrior but in his time he'd seen enough of war and intrigue to know the incidents at the bridge made no sense. The illusions had been put there to halt them of course, but why? The Undead had been on the far side, and from the sounds of the fight the creature could hardly have been the main attack. More likely it had been meant to block their retreat, forcing them into but not over the ford. And then the water...

But even then it only made sense if it were just to slow them down and hold them there for a reason, and that reason could now be coming behind them on the road.

Spying the edge of the woods where the road looped back, the elf slowed, this time making sure he kept well hidden. No need to repeat past errors.

There! Puffing heavily along as if in an effort to make up time, a single human. The fellow looked familiar, then it struck him. It was the same brash young officer with all the fancy gee-gaws he'd seen harrassing the young elven girl at the bar. So, the local militia were in league with the Undead, eh? Didn't surprise him, especially after seeing another human among them. What the pompous fool thought he was going to do alone Wahan had no idea, but the memory of the griffin rider troubled him. There could well be an army of them hidden by more illusions. This scout bore watching, but for the moment that was all.

On the other hand, if there were an army and this one sudenly found himself entrapped, perhaps they'd show themselves. That oak by the road with all the hanging moss was perfect. Twenty more paces, and he'd be in range.

posted 08-10-02 12:56 PM EDT (US)     24 / 24  
OOC : What`s the tread`s status ? are we going to continue it or wait for Blackmane`s return ? If you don`t want to continue then pls join mine

But in any case, if we ARE going to continue it then someone must become the Dungeon Master. I would suggest we vote, but fist we must know who are the candidates.


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