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Topic Subject: Awkward Adventures in Fire 3
posted 06-14-11 04:45 PM EDT (US)   
Hey, just joined the forum today. You all seem like a bunch who won't get too jumpy at me for noobish questions....

So apparently I got some awesome turn initiative, somehow, on Fire 3 (the special stage). In fact, I was able to actually capture a Tigran town, build it all the way up, and crank out a Sphinx.

Meanwhile, Nekron had a full stack, hero included, parked on top of a mine in my domain for some hare-brained reason, happily roasting away under my Fire Domain spell, until all that was left was his hero and a near-dead spider. I marched my Sphinx up into battle and tried using Dominate on Nekron's hero....

And it worked.

Skip ahead a hundred turns or so. This hero's level 11 and has Wall Climbing. But I'm looking ahead to Water 1, where I know I'll be stuck with good-aligned midgets; hell, Undead are finicky if you're anything but straight evil. So what exactly do I do with this guy?

[EDIT] Well, what do you know. I start Water 1 and none of my heroes carry over. Question answered. 8D

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posted 06-15-11 05:25 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Glad to see you fixed your own problem.

In the ability tab of the units, there should be an option to disband the unit at the very top. This gets rid of the unit without any penalties.

Good luck with the campaign! I find the campaign in WT was better than Shadow Magic's campaign, although Shadow Magic definitely improved overall gameplay in the scenarios and multiplayer. Plus, there are more mods!
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