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Topic Subject: Artifacts in AOW2: WT campaign
posted 08-12-09 10:56 PM EDT (US)   
Hey all.

I found this site and forum after searching for AOW resources on Google. It seems like this site is the only AOW resource online. I'm glad I found this site!

Anyways for my question, I've been trying to figure out the artifacts in the AOW 2 campaign. I started a new campaign with the goal of collecting every artifact. So I went ahead and did Fire 1, and surrounded Yaka's last remaining town with 6 stacks of 8 knights. Then I built cities everywhere I could and did teleportation gates. I had Belandor and Jafsar (charmed Jafsar away from Yaka with a Elven nymph).

I decided to gather as many artifacts as I could from the 4 spirits. I started with the Spirit of Order, then collected like 30 artifacts from him from Easy and Medium quests. His Hard quests gave me nothing but mana and gold. Then I moved onto to War spirit, got like 10 items, then Magic spirit and 5 items, and finally Nature with like 3 or 4 more items. Then all the Easy and Medium quests give nothing but mana and gold.

My question is this, after 600 turns of milking the 4 spirits of quests and artifacts, I'm still missing several. Ancient Armor, Elememntal Shield (the one that protects aganist 6 elements), almost all the helms, shields, and armors. I only got 2 armors and 1 helm. What gives? Is there a pre-set list of items that are awarded from the spirits in each sphere of the campaign?

I moved to Fire 2, conquered the map, and did similiar set-up with the addition of Shira, my 3rd hero. All of the heroes are level 30 so they can quash all the "Hunt Infidels" quests in auto-combat. I went through all 4 spirits again in Fire 2, and they only gave me 3 new items, copies of the ones I found in the dragon treasure cave underground. Still no helms, armors, or shields.

Ditto in Fire 3. This time around, the spirits didn't give me ANY items at all.

So is there any secret to getting the better pieces of armor, or is it pre-set that I'll never get Ancient Plate, Magic Node Helm, etc. in the Fire Sphere portion of the campaign? Or is the list of artifacts to be awarded randomly generated before each scenario begins, so if I tried Fire 1 again, I could get Anicent Armor, all shields, all helms, etc and no rings or useless miscellanous items?

Does anybody know any ideas or insight into this? Let me know. Thanks!
posted 01-12-11 09:57 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Dunno about the secret to getting better gear, but from what you say, it's very much completely random. Since I did get the Magic Node helm and quite the number of shields in the fire campaign, and I didn't really try (as in milking the spirits). Although the Ancient Plate, haven't seen it in the entire campaign.

So I'm guessing the artifact list is picked when you start the map. In the first tries I had on some maps (Earth 1 for example, since there is an artifact right next to you when you start) I found some artifacts that never appeared again when I thoroughly played the map. So I doubt they purposely restrict what you get in some campaigns. It's just dumb luck.
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