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Topic Subject: Any chance to help make scenario maps?
posted 01-17-02 11:07 PM EDT (US)   
(Made Dreadlord, LOTR map etc. - not self-promoting just wanted to identify myself :O)

Just like the subject line says. Any chance? I'd work for FREE :O) and would love to make a few maps for the new game (and I would of course give you my first-born and sign any secrecy contracts required). Just wondering (and hopeful).


posted 01-17-02 11:17 PM EDT (US)     1 / 16  
was that the lotr map with all the authentic elven rings?

man, that was a sweet map

and if you're talking about colabrative aow2maps, that'd be a neat idea once the magical 2nd qtr date roles along

posted 01-18-02 03:22 AM EDT (US)     2 / 16  
Keep on dreaming guys...

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posted 01-18-02 11:51 AM EDT (US)     3 / 16  
We do the scenarios in-house. As the game is still in development, the scenario designers need to be in close contact with the rest of the development team.
However, if there is going to be an add-on pack for AoW2, we may be able to recruit some map-maker talent off the internet.
posted 01-18-02 12:58 PM EDT (US)     4 / 16  

This is one of those areas where I wish you guys had more influence, but Lennart wants to keep everything under tight control. Though I completely understand his policy and support it, I still wish there were a way that you and Jerker and some of the others who did such finely detailed maps could have a chance to work out the event engines and features of the map editor before we released it to everyone.

Some of the stuff you guys have done really stretched the map editor in ways we didn't even foresee. I know you could do the same for the new environment (though maybe we don't want that... all these change requests, so little time. (kidding)).

BTW, just this week I was asking if you and others might have a chance to do some maps, but so far Lennart remains stalwart in his vision of a closed dev. environment. Perhaps if you pester him enough, it will at least have given you a chance to do something while you wait for the game's release... not that he'll change his mind... he's awfully stubborn.

Still, I have hopes for an expansion pack... heck I've tried to anticipate it in the story... But that always depends upon the success of the given product.

Best regard, Raymond

posted 01-18-02 03:53 PM EDT (US)     5 / 16  
Wow, just the confirmation of the possibility of maybe having an add-on pack makes me giddy with excitement, and the game isn't even out yet!

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posted 01-18-02 05:52 PM EDT (US)     6 / 16  
Thanks, for the in depth reply. I understand that thinking, and though dissapointed by it, it won't dissuade me from this
wonderful game. Anyway once the game is out there will be tons of new scenarios.
posted 01-18-02 06:13 PM EDT (US)     7 / 16  
Right, even though they don't come on a cool CD that's officially from Triumph, there's going to be lotsa great maps out there designed by players. Um, a question for Len or Ray, or anyone who knows: just out of casual curiousity, is there any chance of a Middle Earth map coming either with the game or the possible add-on? I don't know about anyone else, but I think that'd be great!

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posted 01-18-02 06:45 PM EDT (US)     8 / 16  
I'd certainly be interested in designing maps for an expansion set.
posted 01-18-02 06:56 PM EDT (US)     9 / 16  
I fully expect to download a middle earth map from Jason a week or two (at max) after the game is officially released... (Now, how's that for pressure?) --Ray
posted 01-18-02 10:39 PM EDT (US)     10 / 16  
I'd like to be a beta tester
my email is (remove the # in the middle)

The # is there to stop programs from scanning pages and spamming me

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posted 01-19-02 00:22 AM EDT (US)     11 / 16  

Hey Alphax,

Thanks for the tip against spammers.

With regard to Beta testing, I'm signed up. So please count me in. I think it's a curse but I have a nack for always coming across bugs.

I'm also looking forward to seeing how the AI will respond to various complex (creative) situations. As for the various LOTR maps, some were nicely designed graphically but I found the AI didn't respond well to complexity of those maps and the dynamics of the situation in which it was placed. The AI definitely worked best when map makers kept the maps straight forward.

Scenario add-ons can be a nice extension to a game but I'd rather see Triumph focus on furthering the AI - even after the game is launched.


Raven Bear
New Brunswick, Canada
posted 01-19-02 01:56 AM EDT (US)     12 / 16  
Hi guys! Hm some faces I haven't seen for quite a while, Jason, Jerk, Rayb! then again it might be because I don't come here too often.

>>Lennart remains stalwart in his vision of a closed dev. environment.

heheh... It's easier that way IMHO.

>>we may be able to recruit some map-maker talent off the internet.


It has always been the user scenarios that had helped the games last.

(Speaking of which, I really must change my sig soon )

"Where there is imagination, the possibilities are endless."
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posted 01-22-02 02:02 PM EDT (US)     13 / 16  
Thanks for the response Lennart and Rayb

One can dream.... (sigh)

Of course, Lennart, are you sure you want to turn away free talent????? (have to keep trying)

I cannot wait for AoW2! AoW continues to be one of the few games kept on my hard drive - I only play hotseat anymore with a friend, but we continue to delight in the game.

Rayb, thanks for the great reply - it is much appreciated. I appreciate the constant rapport you and the rest of the team have developed with the buyers/players Thanks.


posted 03-27-02 01:48 PM EDT (US)     14 / 16  
If when the game is released, there is a highly requested feature for the map editor, maybe it could be added in a future patch? It depends of course on the type of feature that is requested. If the format the maps are saved in has to be changed, it might not be implemented because of compatibility issues, but if it's just a feature that makes making maps easier/nicer/faster/more efficient/whatever, would you devs consider to put it in the editor via a patch?

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posted 03-27-02 02:21 PM EDT (US)     15 / 16  
Izzy: No worries... Our modus operandi tends to indicate that if there's something wrong with the map editor, it can be fixed in a patch offering... text events were not officially supported in the initial offering of AoW, but were later enhanced cuz the fans used them sooo much.

Of course this comes with the caveat that we enhance and fix what is reasonable... you can always ask for more than we will provide...


posted 03-27-02 04:29 PM EDT (US)     16 / 16  
And certainly we will do! You won't know if you get a yes if you haven't tried to get one.

"I wanna be Sultan instead of the Sultan!" - Grand Vizier Iznoghoud, 2nd and honoured member of the BTOOIC (Buildable Teleporters Off Option in Cities)
Admin of the BTOOIC site and forum.
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