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AoW1 General Discussion & Strategies
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Topic Subject: Announcement of New Map
posted 03-17-21 04:41 AM EDT (US)   
Hello everyone. I'm overly pleased to announce to you all a new map, hence why I'm announcing it! But.. it's not ready.. yet!

I've been working on it for nearly a month. It's Extra Large, and has two underground levels. Although, those levels won't be fully put to use.. Mostly due to laziness, but also cause we can't have people hiding like little Goblins!

It's called "After The Battle Royale", and it was inspired by my favourite map, After The Fall.

It's very much Battle Royale themed. There are 8 level 4 cities spread across the map, and many of the cities are upgraded past level 1.

There are various Independent units guarding things, and patrolling the areas of level 4 cities, which are upgraded to level 3.

(Many Mysterious Independents, too.. Ribbit..)

There are two endgame areas. One of them is located on the surface map, heavily guarded (but not impossibly guarded) level 4 city upgraded to level 4, and surrounded by useful things.

(You will die, if you venture near it unprepared)

The other one is located on level 2. Only the most skilled of players will be able to capture it, and you can only reach it by boat or by teleporter. It's a God-Tier holdout, but it's meant to be obscure, and side-quest-esque.

After a certain amount of time (assuming I can figure everything out) strong Independents will emerge from the tunnels, and kill probably anything/anyone they see. It's meant to be the death barrier closing in.

There are lot's of dungeons, and crypts on the surface map. All 12 races have at least two nearby crypts, and at least two easily defeatable crypts with high value loot.

These are totally RNG, and will reflect the Battle Royale style.

Every race will spawn with at least one level 3 unit, and spawn locations are subjectively based on my perception. E.g. Humans are oblivious to magic, but spawn with an arena. Orcs spawn in a ravine. Etc.

This map is full of secrets, action, references, and.. it's meant for people who are bored of how easy the Emperor A.I. is. Every race also spawns with their own message, so pay attention to those!

Release? This map was tested in its' testing phase 5 times last Saturday, and it's going to receive additional testing this Saturday in its' final phase. The release should be.. this Sunday/Monday, assuming everything is in order.

Every race should be balanced.. E.g. The Undead spawn with slightly better goodies, because they spawn near the Frostlings, High Men, Humans, and Halflings. They have no allies near them.

This map has been approved by.. Lord Taylor! (IniochReborn) and Lord NRT (has been playing this game since its' release)

Lastly, I was going to link images, but I don't know how lol My Twitter is Vegeta @ScaredAvenger
I just uploaded 4 teaser images for everyone/anyone to view, if you're interested in seeing samples, before release.

If anyone wants to see more before the release, just let me know. Thanks for reading, and have a good day!
posted 03-24-21 09:45 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
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