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AoW1 General Discussion & Strategies
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Topic Subject: wishlist
posted 10-04-18 03:31 PM EDT (US)   
my wishes after playing AoW1 (i know nobody will do it, just share my impressions):

game would be less wearing, if the movement of all enemy units in TC would be instant, BUT not attacks (range, melee, spells).
Like, split of second and all 24 units are on new places, and then, one by one, they perform attack (if can).

Each enemy units could left movement path track behind, to mark from where they came. the footprints will disappear when Player select first unit.

when make end turn, all your units that still has Movement Points, could follow by they given track (instant fast).

new key function for:
3a- select next unit without Move order
3b- jump in strategy map view, to next city.

Upgrade of city could be graphically represented (better than with this yellow dots). F.ex by amounts of high towers. I loved that I can just look at city in the main map and tell the type of walls, size, city race, amount of crops!

tier 1 units could has the ability to merge into squads - be represent by graphic with amount of troops (like master of magic, age of wonders 3).

not sure what advantage (besides save army slots) in mechanics that could provide.

city rally points

draw box and select multiple units, like in RTS, and let they all move.

p.s. ofc AoW1 is game-wise crippled (defense exploit), but its obvious (cost of attack/defense, should increase)
posted 10-18-18 11:23 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Interesting thought, though I think if you turn up the movement speed, that things progress pretty quickly... and sometimes I do like to have the movement speed turned down to appreciate the artwork and graphics for a little bit.

The biggest issue I would see with movement being instant THEN attacks happening AFTER... would be that either many units would end up in the wrong spot if something they intended to attack died before they got a chance to attack, or the chance to hit would be predetermined rather than an actual chance (which would sorta kill the strategy of randomness in a turn-based game).

There sort of is an option for that. There isn't an actual button for it on the screen for some reason, but there are hotkeys to achieve that effect. If you give a group a destination, you can then hit the "M" key to have them "Move"; If you were to use "N" for "Next" then "M" for "Move" you would select the next group which has movement points, and tell them to move towards their current destination.

The only time this wouldn't work is if the movement of another player caused a group's movement to be invalid possibly by blocking the path.

Refer to the previous point: "N" = "Next" which selects the next group which hasn't finished it's movement for that turn (or unit if you're in combat).

As for selecting "Next" cities, I have found the best option is either to keep an eye on each city on each turn, or to always have something in production, even if that means MANUALLY producing goods. As a result of doing this, each time something is completed, it will show up in the turn log at the beginning of each turn. What that means is if you have no units or things to make during a turn... if you make the city produce goods, you'll have a notification saying the city has completed it's production at the beginning of the next turn which you can then RIGHT CLICK on to have the camera instantly move to that city.

I agree, anything to visually represent all of those upgrades and things would be awesome. I am however quite impressed that they even managed to do visual representations for the walls, the races, the crops... and even though it's super easy to miss, the upgrades as well. 1999 was pretty early for games in my view and I honestly think this is one of, if not THE BEST, game of the notable games that came out during that year. I think it takes a seriously great game like this to still be so much fun to play in today's age.

I... don't know what good that would have? It would change the strategy of the game from replacing lower level units with higher level ones as the game goes on, to mass-producing tier 1 units and rushing people down. (Obviously that can sort of already be done with what is possible now... but I think it would take over as a possible winning strategy even into the late game... and I don't really like that thought.)

I feel like that SOUNDS nice... but it would be super dangerous. Often times you may not want to leave a city with only 1 unit and it would be much better to wait for more or for a larger group first, otherwise a single archer might get picked off if it left for a rally point on its own. Could be useful for a later-game idea of rallying to the front, but again... if you're playing against a person, you may be dealing with a flying unit or two roaming around behind the front lines looking for undefended territory.

This is actually possible. In the strategy view you can box multiple squads and tell them all to move to the same location. Very useful for moving multiple squads very quickly.

This can also be done in tactical combat, though it's less useful because all the units move the same distance in the same direction as if trying to stay in formation... which doesn't really get everyone where you want them to go for strategy purposes.

P.S. I'm not sure what you mean by Age of Wonders 1 being "crippled". Would you care to elaborate?

~ DaemonVirus

#7373DE for Humans #6BB54A for Elves #B563BD for Dark Elves
#EFB573 for Azracs #EFE773 for Halflings #F74242 for Orcs
#4AA58C for Lizard Men #D6AD8C for Dwarves #BD7352 for Goblins
#9CC6E7 for Frostlings #EFEFDE for High Men #947B73 for The Undead
posted 10-26-18 09:22 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
1. Instant move in tactic for AI

Computer can make all combat movement, calculation and rolls instantly. So the outcome of AI movement is known to CPU in split of seconds.

Now only the representation for the player would be altered.

So if one unit die, then AI will not send there another.
I understand that this can break immersion, because before attack Player see that AI only move one unit to kill your units.

ok, this idea is overcharge maybe - just instant move one by one of AI troops, but normal attack would be fine.
cilck spam of N and M each turn is not enhancing gameplay

its standard QoL nowdays i belive
edit: [delete some of my post]

nice tips for the cities, will try next time when i play AoW

AoW 1 is totally awesome in term of clarity-read-ability of graphics. Shame the source is not available.

I play AoW 2, and AoW 3 and IMO AoW1 game concept is the best. I loved on-point city managment (kind of Warlords), building separate structure (AoW2 or HMM3 like) take focus from strategy map, and make the game sim-like.

I love tiers of units (contrary to AoW3 strange roster from leader class).

i write it because of the immersion reason. AoW3 and Master ofMagic do it right IMO.
when you recruit army in big towns, you dont train single swordsman but full squad of men.
it also show the right power of f.ex dragons compare to 10 man (not to 1).

mechanicaly solution of stacking many unit under 1 graphic, like in HeroesMM could be valid.

but even visual change (1 dude => 6 dude in hex) would be fine for me.

ofc i know other people can have their own taste or feel more attached to a single swordsman that is getting levels.

6. rally point
you can just not use it

box selection is in game? i know about SHIFT+clicking
i need to reinstall AOW1

you are right!!
holy shit, box selection is awesome


PS i mean stat balance/cost

f.ex making 10 Def hero, need nerf with Def costing ~15 (need 3 levels to boost by +2)

same is for attack, damage

resistance is little dropstat.
would love to see the mechanism from AoW3 implemented here.
or some kind of:
magic strike - use lower of Def/Res, because its physical and magical same time

fire strike - vulnerability to fire works normal, but resistance to fire not (because attack is also a normal physical one)
// not sure know about the fire resist, maybe for easier meta-game just treat it like pure fire attack ??

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posted 11-18-18 00:34 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Lagi, are you aware that Warlock's Mod's modified game engine makes it cost more to level DEF up - from 5 to 8 points, and also only allows you to gain 5 points of DEF from levelups?
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