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So I thought I'd share some storylines/unit descriptions I came up with in case there is anyone interested in Age of Wonders lore and the like.

In my mod Inioch's Rebalance, I've created 12 Level 3 Wizards (one for each race, using the GFX of unmounted Leaders). They are non-produceable and must be manually put into the game with AoW Editor/DevEd etc. However in my map Before the Fall, each race begins the game with their respective wizard.

Each Wizard is unique and I will copy and paste their unit names and descriptions below:
Frost King (Frostlings)

The Frost King is one of the oldest mages in the Valley of Wonders, and is said to be a thousand years old. Though he has lost most of his combat abilities, he remains a master of magic and is revered by the Frostlings.
To compensate for his slowly dwindling power, it is Frostling tradition that he bestows considerable powers upon his chosen 'Queens'. Unfortunately, the Frost King tends to always choose the most beautiful, as opposed to the most intelligent, hardiest, or bravest. This results in Frost Queens who underwhelm in battle, and tend to squander most of their abilities given to them.
Despite this fact, both the Frost King and his many Queens are adored by Frostling society.
Lizard Shaman Lord

The Shaman Lord is a highly respected member of Lizard society, and is always the most powerful mage in his empire. This is because Lizardmen regularly engage in deadly dueling tournaments to determine who is most powerful, and the winner becomes the new Shaman Lord.
Unfortunately, this results in the death of the vast majority of their most adept mages every season, save for the Shaman Lord. As a result, it is a common misconception among the other races to think that Lizards cannot properly harness magic. The reality is that the Shaman Lord just kills the skilled users so as not to be usurped. His vast experience in magical duels makes him a formidable foe on the batlefield.
Yaka Envoy (Azracs)

The Yaka Envoy is the second highest-ranking memeber of Azrac society, trailing only the Leader in authority. He relays messages to the Azracs from their god Yaka, and has been blessed by the fiery god with unworldly powers. As such, he commands respect from both friends and foe alike.
The Yaka Envoy also personally bestows honours upon warriors and their families, which makes his followers in battle very dangerous. Dying in battle has long been one of the most honourable things an Azrac can do, and the Envoy further reinforces this tradition. Dying under his command is said to guarantee a place in Yaka's court in the afterlife.
The Wizard (Humans)

Known simply as 'The Wizard', this man is known throughout the entire Valley of Wonders for both his magical feats and financial exploits. A master of the arcane arts, his efforts in war however are proportional to the compensation offered to him. He sometimes refuses to help his brethren, instead holding out for more gold before he joins.

His infamous merchant "Towers" will even sell human spells and secret knowledge to the enemy as long as they have enough gold. Nevertheless, human leaders have historically tolerated his indescretions, in large part due to the immense power he brings to the battlefield.
Dwarf Head Engineer

The Dwarven Head Engineer is said to be the most intelligent of all Dwarves. As such, he is a trusted advisor to the Leader, as well as an important contributor to dwarven invention.
It is said, in fact, that it was he who invented the Dwarven Balloon. Much to his dismay, the Humans copied his design, and militarized it. In retaliation, it is said he commissioned an offensive campaign against them for the sole purpose of retrieving an intact musket. Upon acquiring one, he vastly improved it, making it an even deadlier weapon, to avenge his stolen invention.
Unfortunately for the Dwarves, he refuses to share his blueprints with them, for fear that they may fall into the hands of the Humans. As such, he remains the only person to own what is arguably the most powerful held weapon in the world.
High Priest (Highmen)

The High Priest is a mighty being who descended to the Valley of Wonders from the heavens, in order to guide the Highmen. They proclaim him to be the most righteous and the most just, and bow down to him in reverence. Ironically, his 'benevolence' has led to the deaths of millions, as he cleansed the world of ungodly 'filth' and 'scum'.
Despite his aged appearance and unimposing stature, he is one of the most powerful mages in the known world.
Halfling Great Adventurer (hint, has Invisibility, is basically shaped after Frodo)

The Great Adventurer is subject of legend in his society. Halfling culture revolves around folklore and incredible stories, and the Great Adventurer is one of few of his kind who's stories are not only amazing, but actually true. He serves as a role model to all aspiring hobbit warriors, and rightfully so.
He is a masterful commander, and is certainly more adept in combat than the average halfling soldier. It is said that some of his abilities stem from a mysterious ring. However, this is likely untrue, as that rumour began simply because he happens to hold that ring very dearly..
Elven High Priestess

The elven High Priestess is a mage chosen democratically by her peers to represent them in the Elven Court. This Priestess however, has demonstrated an eagerness to lead troops into battle that was until then unheard of for someone of her status. This has not only earned her the respect of her people, but also powerful new abilities as nature deemed her worthy of being its guardian. She is so in tune with nature in fact, that she can command plantlife to ensnare enemy combatants at a whim.
What she lacks in hand-to-hand combat skills, she compensates for with an array of powers envied by even the other races' top mages.
Goblin Alchemist

The Goblin Alchemist is probably the only member of their society to be actually respected by the other races. In times of peace, he is their most important diplomat, as others will listen to him. He is almost as powerful as he is wicked.
It was he who developed the alchemic formula to create bombs, and he who asserted that those too weak to fight would serve this 'honourable' prupose. Under his guidance, the Goblins have begun to rise after countless generations of being enslaved and mocked. As revenge, he subjects prisoners of war to his mad experiments and is known for being innovative in his ways of torture.
Orc War Mage

The War-Mage conducts all important ceremonies in Orc society, and is the one to decide who amongst the Orcs should be a swordsman and who should be an archer. Being an archer brings with it a lifetime of shame, mockery and belittlement, so most Orcs treat him as well as the Leader himself, if not better.
One of few intellectual Orcs, he maintains the role of advisor despite numerous successions to the throne. Compared to most mages, he is quite skilled in combat, and can be a very dangerous opponent.
Dark Sorcerer (Undead)

Feared throughout the lands, the Dark Sorcerer has certainly earned his grisly reputation. His death count is equivalent to most natural disasters, minus any mercy given by nature. He steals the souls of the living, and uses their life essence to increase his own power slowly over time.
It is said that all the souls he's accumulated are still conscious within his mind, forced to watch the terrors he inflicts upon others through the eyes of a madman.
Stormlord Arch-Mage

The Stormlord Arch-Mage is said to have been Meandor's advisor until his departure to annihilate the Keepers. In his absence, the Arch-Mage trains other Stormlords and is a highly respected member of Dark Elf society.
Because he is so valuable to the Dark Elf war effort, he is often kept away from the frontlines of battle. This ordered hesitance in battle causes many to be surprised if they do manage to get near him; he is incredibly powerful. In fact, it is said that he has trained under not only Meandor, but Inioch himself.

Just thought I'd have some fun with the descriptions as I don't like leaving them blank as it breaks immersion into the game for me.