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Topic Subject: have any way to turn a hostile race become friendly ( or at least, neutral) race?
posted 12-21-15 08:04 AM EDT (US)   
It look so strange, but this is the first time I play AoW 1. I love this game although still have many thing I have to learn to play this game.

I tried find any information about gameplay on internet and this forum. Unfortunately, I can't find enough the answer which I need. And the forum don't have the [ disscusion topic] for the newbie to ask their question.

I am very sorry if I made some trouble to you. But:

1/ - So, have anyway to turn your hostile races become more friendly races? I tried to upgrade the hostile town, hope it will improve my relationship with them. Unfortunately, they still rebel against me. So, we don't have any other way exclude destroy our hostile races's cities????

2/ What I have to do to improve the generals's Magic Point? My general have upgraded to lev.3 . I can upgrade his Str, Def,Dam, Res, Hitpoint. But I can't find anyway to improve the magic point to cast some higher magic.
posted 12-21-15 03:13 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
If i remember correctly:
1. Migrate cities to hostile race. However the relationship will go back to default (hostile) level after some time.

2. You need 20 points, so when you level up, don't spend points till next level.
posted 12-22-15 06:44 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
thank you for your answer to my question.

so sad, the game don't let us made friend to everyone. It will make the game more difficult

I am trying follow your answer. Hope I can't win the game with it.

Thank you.
posted 07-14-16 05:18 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
Pretty cool to see people still playing Age of Wonders. I've been playing on and off since release in 1999 and though I've often read these forums, I never made an account until today. The game is just a classic.

But to go more in depth:

1. If you click on the Relations icon and hover your mouse over different races, it will show you the 'points' that represent their opinion of you. This is what decreases every turn until it reaches default, I think by -1 per turn, and it is what gets increased by +5 and +10 when you migrate/upgrade/build walls. I believe you need 60 points to reach "Polite" relations.

2. As mentioned, you need 20 points, and you select Spellcasting II/III/etc to increase casting points by 10 per upgrade to a maximum of 50 per turn.
posted 05-23-18 09:09 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
OK, another recent convert here .

Two observations about city and race relations:

1) Level 2 walls can keep a hostile city stable. Not always, but at least most of the times. Sometimes it's better to spend 2 or 4 turns and some gold to upgrade walls than to spend 3 to 5 turns of no income to migrate.

2) If there is only one enemy faction left on the map, your relation with that race deteriorates automatically and pretty quickly (faster than Tranquility's effect). There's no way to stay on good terms, you run out of upgradable/fortifiable cities soon. Just finish the map quickly.
posted 09-18-22 03:59 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
It is very well Polished

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