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Topic Subject: AoW1 Online Gaming.... do you want to play?
posted 03-01-09 10:12 PM EDT (US)   
This thread has been started to discuss how this site can support those that want to play AoW1 online. In the past there has not been much done to support this effort, we have a sticky thread somewhere with some names in it.... however... there seems to be some interest in getting together and having some online games or even online tourneys.

With that said, I would like you to post your thoughts on what we can do here to help you have fun with your AoW1 online games.

Some things that have already been brought up (and to get the discussion started) are:

update online players list
schedule of times when online games can be played
hamachi network names to go to
have an online tourney or some other event

Please Discuss....
posted 03-02-09 04:09 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
I might actually be a hand once in a full moon, though my schedule and moods and desires are so erratic that arrangements are unlikely to work. Creating a bit of a Hamachi and MSN network of players would be the best bet for me.
posted 03-02-09 06:04 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
I think it works the best if the time is scheduled (for example sunday xx.xx o'clock players get together in hamachi). If there are events concerning this, I'd suggest a broad variation; pure free for all games, epid games, team games, free diplomacy games. This would be atleast something I'd be up to.

PS. Good effort for starting this thread Enginerd.

-/X\(++)/X\-L.E.D. Frozen Warrior-/X\(++)/X\-

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posted 03-09-09 02:57 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
hamachi could be useful, and pointing out in a thread a time to be online would be marvelous. but i believe the hamachi network someone created in this forum is already full with only 20 or so members, if we could have a network with a lot more than that we'd have a good chance of hitting some spontaneous 3/4 player free-for-alls with no planning
posted 03-13-09 00:26 AM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
I think those are all great ideas...especially doing an online tournament, and having a set time for people to meet online.
posted 03-13-09 09:47 AM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
Aow1 online? i used to play it 5 years ago at gs with many other guys. When sm did hit, the aow1 lobby there lost all players.

Hamachi and msn is a way to go, would prefere hamachi though, i can be in msn but not availble for games, thats a bit of a problem in instant messengers.

I currently use the warlock mod, its fun and a bit more balanced for online games than the standard version. You can't make op leaders from scratch, defense rating is expensive a lot(8pts) and is limited to 5 max at the custom screen, leaders are more item dependent.

In online games we played 99% of the games with leaders on, cause its fun and speedy. But people needed to have expierence too, FC was used a lot too, the only restriction was against heroes and leaders fc was not allowed.(unlike aow sm where you do fc vs indies and all battles TC vs humans)

Big games could be finished in 2 hours this way, quite many dying to indies as they where too greedy to lvl their leaders with indie xp in FC.

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