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AoW Player of the Year

Napoleon reports from The Battlefield that they’re running a vote for the AoW Player of the Year! is an online community which offers rankings, tourneys and leagues for strategy games, including the Age of Wonders series.

Members of the their site can now submit their vote, and the candidates for the title are: Sobotai, JME, Blackcat, Gandalf_DK, Kraka-Tur and Lord-Kolusar!

The voting takes place in their forum.

And the Autumn Seasonal Compliments go to…

Harlequin, Jomungur, Evil Roc, Hiranu, TalonThorn, Greenmonster, Swolte, King David, HamletG, PawelS, Arctic Wolf, SmurfHero, Jellohead, Chascal, Springheel, Henrysix, Tibbs, Ellumesh, Lord Draggatus, Lord Fell, Narvek, Ellumesh, Hocus Pocus, Wonder Beast, Kalf, Dragonfly, Dwiggs, Beren V, ChowGuy, Karmic, Climber, Fubarno, Warlock, Paul Mishorich, Sprout, Unicorn, Nojd, Magog, LordofMaps, Kris Lighthawk, Cynon, Dan Petersson, Eriksson, Bluecollarheaven, Psykitty and Cay!!!

😀 Yay!!!
Well done, and may these compliments be an extra motivation the coming time!

The staff will try to pick one person to be selected for an interview!
So keep your eyes open and check your mailboxes! More information will follow…

swolte promoted to Angel

swolte has picked up a new set of wings, and is now known as an Angel! Congrats swolte!

Stop by to congratulate him in the forum.

Forumer of the year?

Well, not quite, but Swolte has started a new HG tradition, the Seasonal Compliments!
Tell us who you think is worthy of such a compliment, or perhaps who you would like to know more about.

New Triumph Studios Website

Check out the new Triumph Studios Website, especially that mischievious Goblin that runs across the page every now and then.

Triumph Studios were the developers of all the Age of Wonders games, but you knew that of course. Join the speculations about their new game in our forum.

B.t.w., yes, that goblin really is armed with a bow!

More MoM2 Rumours

Will there ever be a sequel to the legendary Master of Magic game? There’s been so many rumours about planned sequels to it during the years, and here’s another one! HomeLAN has posted an interview with Stardock’s head man Brad Wardell. It’s mainly about the game Galactic Civilizations 2, but at the end of the interview we can read:

HomeLAN – Finally, Firing Squad quoted you as saying you were talking with Atari to release a sequel to the SimTex-Microprose fantasy strategy game Master of Magic. What can you tell us about these talks at this time?

Brad Wardell – We’re still in negotiation on the various fine points. Stardock WILL be doing a fantasy strategy game title after Galactic Civilizations II’s release. We’re in pre-production. So the question isn’t IF such a game is going to be made but rather what the title will be. Outstanding fantasy strategy games such as Age of Wonders and Heroes of Might and Magic demonstrate that there is interest in these types of games. Our vision is to create a game where you’re really building up a fantasy civilization that is full of magic and sorcery. Throw in a 3D engine so you can morph the ground when you start doing powerful spells and I think you’ll find that a lot of people will want this kind of thing.

Read the entire review at the HomeLAN site: Galactic Civilizations 2 Interview

Last phase of the Monthly challenges 2004

The time has come to decide who will be the next MC champion! The battle stands between Enginerd and the 2003 champion Sprout (you can find the scoreboard here).

If your’e new to the monthly challenge, don’t worry! All newcomers are more than welcome! If you want to participate, just check out the Tourney forum and this months thread, download the october challenge map, and of course, read the rules!.

Good luck!

Story writer needed!

Mapmaker Arctic Wolf needs your help! He has created this nice map, but now he needs a story for it…
You want to help him? Check this thread out!

AoW suitable for people with disabilities!

At least that’s what they say at Gone Gold. They have something called “Gamers with Disabilities FAQ”. They ask “What games stand out in the past as being both excellent games and also being accessible?”, and AoW is then listed as suitable for the coordination impaired because “The game uses only mouse input and is turn-based.”

You can find the FAQ here, the AoW part is at the bottom of the page.


Forumer SmurfHero has started collecting names of people who support the idea of releasing the AoW source code to the public. Check this thread out if you want more info and/or want to sign the petition.

The June Monthly Challenge is a tough one!

The map is Arctic Wolf’s “A Battle for Evermore”, for which he himself needed 68 turns to finish!

You can find info about this challenge in the forums, and you can download the map here.

The fight for this quarters gold medal is between Sprout and Enginerd, but the bronze medal can still be yours! Check out the current standings here.

Good Luck!

Dual Jewels

I heard that CompUsa sells $9.99 “dual jewels” with among others Age of Wonders 1 and 2. If you haven’t got them already, this might be a good time to buy them!

Reported from the Gone Gold forum: Some nice 9.99 dual jewels at Compusa

May Monthly Challenge

The Monthly Challenge for May is Arctic Wolf’s map “The snow forests of Myrrodin”, you can download it Here.

Sprout won the April challenge, Enginerd came in second and Unicorn77 snatched the 3’rd place.

Lizard Men Strategy

Silva_Drake has added another guide to his collection of strategy/unit guides in our Strategy Section. This time he gives us his opinion about the Lizards. Feedback and opinions are welcome in our Forum.

Thanks Silva_Drake!

Daidalos Grows Wings

Daidalos has been doing a lot of good here at AoW Heaven for quite some time now, and today he has grown a nice pair of green wings! Congratulate our new Cherub in our forum: Congratulations Cherub Daidalos!

Humans Strategy

Silva_Drake has added another guide to his collection of strategy/unit guides in our Strategy Section. This time he gives us his opinion about the Humans. Feedback and opinions are welcome in our Forum.

Thanks Silva_Drake!

Monthly Challenge enters phase 2!

The first quarter is completed and Sprout came out as the winner, followed by Lord Lurifax and Enginerd who shared the second place. Congrats to all of you! The results and current standings can be found here.

If anyone wants to get the gold medal for Quarter 2, you should download the April MC map which is now available. The Q2 Quest map will also be up in a few days.

Sprout and Silva_Drake Strategies

The former (and probably soon again reigning) PBEM Wizard’s Ladder Champion Sprout has submitted a guide for his overall strategy. Don’t miss it, and check out some of the other strategy articles that also are available in our Strategy Section. There’s something there for everybody, I’m sure! 🙂

Silva_Drake has also submitted two more Unit Guides to to his steadily growing collection. This time he shares his opinion of Undead and Orcs.

Feedback and opinions are welcome in our Forum.

Thanks Sprout and Silva_Drake!

New Unit Guides

Silva_Drake has submitted more Unit Guides to our Strategy Section. His collection has now grown to eight guides! Feedback and opinions are welcome in our Forum.

Thanks Silva_Drake!

The february MC is up!

Time for a new monthly challenge, and since it’s february you only ahve 29 days to complete it! More info can be found here, and the map can be found in the DL section.

The results of the January challenge can be found here. Congrats to Sprout for completing the map in only 10 days!

Silva_Drake’s Unit Guides

We have added Silva_Drake’s Unit Guides to our Strategy Section. Stop by and read his views about Azracs, Dwarves, Goblins and Halflings, and his “The Lvl1 Infantry Killers” guide.

First Wizard Ladder High Scorer: Sprout

By scoring 200 points Sprout became the first Expert on the Age of Wonders Wizard’s Ladder, and therefore has achieved the first reportable High Score. Congratulations Sprout.

The Zrat Awards!

Forumer Daemon Zrat has posted his five nominations for “The Zrat Awards”, the five best downloads of 2003. The nominees are:

1) Beren V – The Arda Mapset
2) Laurentius – Aow1 New Units
3) Eriksson – Road to Hell
4) Dan Petersson – Divine Chess
5) Arctic Wolf – The Orcs Of the Southron Kingdom V2.1

Read the motivations and cast your votes in his thread The Year of The ZRAT!

Don’t forget to do as Daemon Zrat, rate and comment the scenarios you download and play! That’s very much appreciated by both scenario designers and people looking for scenarios to download.

Congratulations to the nominees!

2003 Monthly Challenge champion!

2003 is over, and so are the 2003 Monthly challenges. The one who performed best over the whole season was Enginerd, a worthy champion! Congratulations can be posted in this thread.

The battle for the 2004 championship has already begun. This years rules will be a little different from last year, as there will be a special quest map to be played each quarter as well as three normal MC maps. Full details on the rules will be posted later in the forums. The maps can of course be found in the downloads section.

Good luck!