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October 6, 2008 Posted @ 10:31 AM | Enginerd
AoW1 Mapmaking 2008 Tournament Update
The 2008 Summer Mapmaking Tournament is Over! There were 9 maps entered and we are thankful for the mapmakers who kept themselves very busy the last couple of months. A special hats off to Skout who submitted 3 new maps. Thanks to Crazyslyhawk who submitted 2 maps. Four other mapmakers contributed and we are pleased to get these new maps out there. Now… the fun begins as we start judging, results will be made soon.

The team of judges is a group of veterans and we are pleased to have two first time judges with us. Angel Draco and former two time mapmaking champion Dan Peterson (he couldn’t find the time to make a map this time so we convinced him to help judge). The maps are of a very fine quality and are available in the downloads section.

In order to give special recognition to the winning map a new 1v1 single elimination tournament is beginning. Sign ups are going on right now and will continue for the next few weeks. The winning map of the mapmaking competition will be used for the head to head tourney. Come one and all and sign up!

Details for the mapmaking tourney can be found in the AoW1 Competition's forums here

And the signups for the 1v1 tourney can be found here