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October 8, 2003 Posted @ 3:50 PM | ChowGuy
Can you spare a minute (or two)?
For all the recent complaints and talk about advertising popups et al on HG, it appears that overall internet advertising i making a rebound, and this site has been asked for up-to-date demographics . Our previous profiles are about three years old, a long time given the way things move in the game industry, so HG has put up a new Survey in hopes of gaining better numbers. It's completely voluntary and anonymous of course, and responses will not be tied back to individual users in any way. It's just a way of showing your support for HG and, hopefully, increasing revenues so we can continue to serve you better.

So kindly take the time to fill it out, it shouldn't take more then about two minutes, but please once only per user. Stuffing the ballot box is not going to help anyone.