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October 25, 2002 Posted @ 4:05 PM | ChowGuy
Open House in the Hall of Wonders
Hear ye! Hear ye!

Following in the footsteps of "Talk Like a Pirate Day" the Sheriff in the The Hall of Wonders, the AoW and AoW2 Heaven Role-playing forum, has been asked by good innkeeper Farman of The Prancing Pony Inn to announce an Open House to celebrate the return of that fine establishment after it's recent mysterious disapearance.
I think Farman had to take a break after seeing the Prancing Pony levelled then finally resurrected again. Bad on the heart, you know.

Hmm. I wonder, should we throw a costumed adventurer's party on All Hallow's Eve? (Also called Halloween.) Everyone could come in a costume depicting their favorite hero/villain, adventurer or comic character. Maybe we could get Farman to spring for free ale, cider and spookie cookies for anyone in costume and the Sheriff could forgive a bit of OT posts (as long as they are still related to the costumes or characters depicted) for one day?
So, anyone wanting to just drop by to say hello is welcome to do so. Of course, if you'd like to stick around a while, read through some of the story threads, and maybe even join one you're welcome to do that as well. There are several now recruiting new party members. Or if you'd prefer, come start your own. But do please read Guidelines of the Hall if you plan to dplay there. Old hands and old newbiess alike are welcome, and there aren't many rules, but you'll find that some things may be different from what you've met elsewhere.

And of course as Farman says, free Ale and Munchies for all who show up in costume. Or if you're sufficiently spooky, just show up as yourself.

October 18, 2002 Posted @ 5:25 PM | ChowGuy
RayB: Thoughts on the Fall
Master story crafter RayB has again graced the forums with a bit more insight into the AoW back story, specifically on Meandor's role in the fall of Inioch's court. You can read his comments here in the AoW2 General Discussions forum. It's all interesting of course, but the grabber comes at the end
Anyhow those are a few more thoughts on the subject. All in all there's a lot of material here, at one point Lennart and I talked about the possibility of doing a novel, which is why it is so detailed, just as a setting. Unfortunately that never happened, but I've long thought the story would make a good novel if told in the right way... (would be hard to choose a good viewpoint character... for example...)

Best regards, --Ray
And wouldn't we all like to see that!

October 6, 2002 Posted @ 11:23 PM | ChowGuy
Wanted: Role Players
With a spate of RL crisis, and many members pressed for time, things have been a little slow in the AoWH Hall of Wonders Role Playing Forum, but several new story lines are now open and looking for players. You'll find stories geared to Evil Characters out to stop those dratted Good Guys from overthrowing their dominion, and stories set in worlds of mecha-dragons and flying cities.

Everybody who wishes to come and join, or simply read and enjoy is welcome, and Farman the Barman at The Prancing Pony stands ready to fill your ale and doughnut orders. New players, and new GM's in particular, are however advised to read over the Guidelines of the Hall sticky thread.

October 1, 2002 Posted @ 7:08 PM | Angel Draco
Emperor Heaven Launches!
Continuing HeavenGames' long and proud commitment to city-building games, the newest cloud in Heaven is devoted to the new city-builder from Impressions Games, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, which is set in ancient China. Sporting improved gameplay features, graphics and higher resolution, Emperor is the first city-builder to feature online multiplayer! You can participate in co-op play or go head-to-head and trade with or conquer your neighbors!

Check out all of the fantastic game info, strategies, map editor tips and campaign walkthroughs that Seraph Jayhawk & Co. have created for you at: http://emperor.heavengames.com.

Please note that Emperor Heaven and all the city-building forums are on a separate database, so in order to post there you will have to register a second account. Sorry for the inconvenience; we hope to merge the databases soon!