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September 17, 2002 Posted @ 5:55 PM | ChowGuy
Nothing there that I can see
Once again a question has come up about how the combat system works. This time, in relation to "random" hit and damage rolls which are uniformly repeatable in small scale TC battles after reloads in the Something Wrong with this Picture thread. After a (hopefully) lucid explanation of how random numbers in games are generated from a seeded sequence, Josh AoW added this
AoW1 and AoW2 random numbers work the same way in this regard. The only way to change the outcome is to do something different beforehand. In simultaneous turns, it is common for the AI to get one or more (or less) moves in while you're starting the combat, which can change the results.

This is partially for debugging purposes, and partially to discourage casual reloading, in both 1P and MP games.
This however prompted additional questions about whether this repeatability could be exploited in PBEM games by trying cases on one machine until you found one you liked, then duplicating and sending that as your turn from another. In response Josh noted
In PBEMs, the accuracy with which you would have to mimic your previous turn would be incredible, as you would have to reproduce every minute action identically to keep the results the same. You would be spending many hours trying to cheat at a friendly game. Additionally, there are some other factors in the code that I have not discussed (intentionally) that might throw a monkey wrench into that plan. All in all, there are easier ways to cheat if you really want to.
To which we can all reply as ager Flitter did:

"Perfect, our games are safe. Thanks Josh"

September 9, 2002 Posted @ 12:45 PM | ChowGuy
New Pub in Town!
Interest continues to grow in The Aow/Aow2 Heaven Hall of Wonders Interactive Role Playing forum. The call is still out though for more experienced players and GM's to build lands and worlds there. To help matters along, Ager and GM Kaji has arranged space for Farman, the Barman of The Prancing Pony Inn to set up shop there.
Here Newbies, Players, GM's and Storytellers may gather to raise an ale and a song to old adventures while also plotting new. Or put another way, your one stop shop for Q & A, good times and sharing ideas.

Here Farman welcomes Newbies and their questions, he's been around and seen a lot, so he can probably help you out or point out someone who can.

GM's, Players and Storytellers, if you'd like to try out a new character or story idea, come on in and discuss it with friends - maybe get a new thread going. We can always use new ideas.
That about says it all, except that you needn't even be an Age of Wonders fan, there's plenty of room here for all. But Farman doesn't like barroom brawls or food fights, so keep it civil. Although Dark Angel officially denies any Heavenly influence, rumors persist that Farman has high powered contacts in low places - specifically, the club he keeps under the bar.

So drop in to say hello, ask questions, participate in, or just hear a good tale. And maybe have some pie while you're at it. Ale on tap. Milk on udder.

September 5, 2002 Posted @ 7:23 AM | Angel Bluecollarheaven
Interview With Elquein - Overcoming The Obstacles Of Creativity
I'm sure all you mapmakers out there know how frustrating it is to spend days or even weeks working on a map project only to lose the map to an irrepairable file corruption bug. Elquein shares with us some of her experiences in overcoming such a blow to the creative spirt as well as share her thoughts on what to do when you hit an idea block.

Read the interview article here..