August 2002 Archives

August 26, 2002 Posted @ 2:09 PM | Angel Draco
Getting Back to AoW1
The new AoW1 fan-made Campaign & Graphics Editor has stirred up a renewed buzz for AoW1 maps, and the PBEM forum is as busy as ever. Join a new game or start one of your own!

Also in the forums, check out a little piece written by yours truly debating the merits of comparable units in this thread: Undead Demon vs. Highmen Valkyrie - A Closer Look. Won't anyone go to bat for the poor Nordic Glow? Offer your comments on unit balancing!

August 19, 2002 Posted @ 9:30 PM | ChowGuy
Campaign Editor v0.2
SmurfHero has just announced the latest update to his AoW1 Campaign & Graphics Editor. It is now possible to create your own custom campaign! In a post in the AoW1 Mod Pack forum, he had this to say about it:
I've just uploaded AoW Campaign & Graphics Editor v0.2. Compared to v0.1.1, you can create and modify campaigns now. I hope you like it. Please share your experiences with it in this forum, so that I know what to improve.

What's also new is that I've made AoWCGE CardWare: if you use it, please send me a postcard. The address is in the help file. Other than that, AoWCGE is completely free (of course).
You can now download right here it from this site.

August 12, 2002 Posted @ 2:22 AM | Angel Draco
AoW2 Heaven Downloads Now Open
Visit the newly redesigned AoW2H Downloads section! A brand new interface coded by our own Angel Zen now allows you to upload thumbnail size images of your custom-created scenarios, along with a host of other new features!

August 6, 2002 Posted @ 12:26 PM | Angel Draco
AoW2 Heaven Online!
Age of Wonders 2 Heaven, your newest source for everything AoW2 is now open! Check out the brand new site at:

The new AoW2H site will offer everything you've come to expect and enjoy from HeavenGames, such as downloads, polls, game info, forums and strategy resources. Check out the new site and give us your feedback in the forums!

August 5, 2002 Posted @ 12:58 PM | Angel Cay
AOW PBEM World Cup Finals Underway
The AOW PBEM World Cup Finals are now underway! It has taken almost a year, but the original field of 44 players in 2 events has now been whittled down to 5 finalists. The final matches for both the Singles and Doubles Events are being played on Jerk's variation of Reedfin Canal (APWC 2001).

The Singles Event features Kris Lighthawk of the Elves battling against Frogman of the Dark Elves. You can read about their adventures in the match turn log.

In the Doubles Event Frogman of the Dark Elves pairs up with Draco of the Goblins to take on ArchmageSUN of the Dwarves and Waterfly of the Elves. Again, you can read about this contest in the match match turn log.

Good luck to all finalists, and we look forward to announcing the winners soon!

August 4, 2002 Posted @ 8:05 PM | ChowGuy
The Hall continues to grow
There's been quite an explosion of interest in the new Hall of Wonder Role Playing forum. After a somewhat confuding period, things are becoming a bit more focused, and several new threads are now planned or under way. Some of the sub-plots of the original Come Let Us Adore Him thread will likely be spinning off into new threads of their own, as had the main interative quest itself. There looks as though there will be a variety of other game styles available as well as different GM's begin to map out new stories and worlds. Anyone, newbie or old hand, interesting in joining or starting an RP story is encoraged to drop by for a look.