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July 6, 2008 Posted @ 3:20 PM | Enginerd
AoW1 Summer 2008 Mapmaking Tournament
Yes, that’s right…. It’s time for another AoW mapmaking tournament. During the last one we had close to 30 new maps submitted with several from Rookie mapmakers. This was a great addition to the collection of maps but it is time for MORE! Let’s see how many we can get this time. How many new Rookie mapmakers are out there? Yes, you too can earn eternal fame and glory with your map!

There will be two categories of maps, the first will be 1v1 maps and the winning map will be used in an upcoming single elimination tourney later this year (yes, that's a plug for a future tourney coming so stay turned). The other category of maps will be “Anything Goes”. That’s right… anything you want to create, any mod, any size, any style you want... just have fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Details for the tourney can be found in the AoW1 Competition's forums here

Also, the 2008 Co-Op Challenge is still underway….. can you and your partner complete the map faster than anyone else? Details can be found here