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June 29, 2001 Posted @ 12:04 AM | Angel Draco
First Look! AOW2 Animated Units!
Wow! Another AOW Heaven Exclusive! Lennart Sas, designer of AOW2, was kind enough to share two new animated units from the upcoming Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne! Visit the AOW2 Previews page to check out the Female Fire Wizard and Goblin Wyvern Rider! The colors, shading and detail are incredible! The fluid motion of the Fire Wizard's cape looks fantastic! The Nymphs definitely have some competition in the wardrobe department!

Discuss this spectacular artwork in the AOW2 General Discussion forum and post your questions to the Triumph Studios development team.

June 27, 2001 Posted @ 2:37 PM | Angel Jayhawk
Eeek, a new Cherub!
...and a new newsie...

Age of Wonders Heaven has just managed to sign on it's third Cherub! Please welcome Cherub Nojd to our illustrious ranks! You can do so here.

June 25, 2001 Posted @ 10:52 AM | Angel Draco
Ginette Vandal's Map Archive Is Reborn
Nojd has breathed new life into Ginette Vandal's AoW Archive. Its new home has slick new graphics and a friendly interface. Update your bookmarks with the new address: http://labrador.askus.se/~bmy/aow/ginette/index.html

    "This site was originally built by Ginette Vandal. She has now moved on to other projects, so I 'adopted' it. I've done a few modifications, but I don't intend to continue working on it, just keep it online in its current state. If anyone wants to take more active care of it, send me an email."

Nojd/Ginette's Archive has a French flavor to it, along with thumbnails of all the maps surface levels. Give it a hit!

June 23, 2001 Posted @ 11:33 PM | Angel Draco
No Converting AOW1 Maps to AOW2
Josh Farley, Programmer for Triumph Studios, stopped by the AOW2 General Discussion forum recently and responded to forumer Merovech's question about the possibility of converting current maps for AOW1 for use in AOW2:

    "Sorry, but AoW2 maps are VERY different than AoW1 maps... AoW2 maps have different sizes, different map objects, 3D terrain, and a ton of less obvious internal differences... It'll be far easier to remake your favorite AoW1 maps by hand than it would be to make a conversion routine. Plus, you'll be able to take advantage of all the new toys the AoW2 maps allow, along the way."

Click here for more! Stop by the forums and post your questions and suggesstions for the developers of Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne.

June 21, 2001 Posted @ 11:43 PM | Angel Draco
Why HeavenGames Was Down On Thursday
All HeavenGames websites were unavailable on Thursday from 10:30 AM until 12:30 PM, because of an error in the compressor code. The compressor ZIP's up pages (.shtml, .html, .php, and .cgi) before they get sent it to the browser. Your browser already has the functionality built in to uncompress that data and display it properly... Sometimes the compressor just dies, and that's what happened on Thursday. Our techs have talked with the people that made it and made a change to the source code to prevent the problem from happening in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

June 19, 2001 Posted @ 8:17 PM | Angel Draco
New Custom Maps For Download
Tons of great maps have been recently added to the Downloads section by some of the best map-making authors.

In Single Player maps, check out some fun "Small" sized maps like Jason's Lord of Nightmares; great for a "quick" 2-3 hour game.

In Multi Player maps, check out any of the maps by legendary authors Jason and Dix. Some of my favorites are Jason's Lord of the Rings: Reign of Terror, Coming of the Dread Lord, and All Things Unequal. Also be sure to check out Dix's Hunters of Blood I and II and A Journey Into The Dark.

Last, but not least, check out The Forgotten Evil by BlueCollarHeaven and Uprooted, the last AOW1 map created by Triumph Studios writer Ray Bingham.

Remember to please post an online review of any maps you play to give the authors feedback about their work. You can rate and post a review by clicking on the Desc. link for a particular file to bring up the Author's Description page, where you'll find a link near the bottom of the page to "Post a Comment."

June 15, 2001 Posted @ 11:52 AM | Angel Draco
Lennart On Gods & Magic
Lennart Sas, from Triumph Studios, stopped by the Age of Wonders 2 Forum to answer some questions about the upcoming sequel.

Lennart on Magic & Spellcasting:
We thought of rifts as a different state of nodes. Ie a node could change into a rift )and the otherway around) when a certain spell is cast, or perhaps when a node is razed. These rifts whould have a moderate area of influence. Perhaps a great rift spell could grow.

Lennart on Gods & Nature Spirits:
The NPC spirits won't bother with you if you don't bother with them. The Spirit of Nature might however set people up against eachother like asking a life player break an allience with a forest buring fire mage (for a reward). They are more into meddling then fire and brinstone justice. Their primary role in the game is quest generation.

There's also an interesting debate in the AOW General Forum about which Level 2 Cavalry Unit is the best. Go stick in your $0.02!

June 8, 2001 Posted @ 1:51 AM | Angel Draco
Return Of RayB - Campaign Details Disclosed!
RayB, writer extraordinaire for Triumph Studios, made a triumphant return from computer oblivion recently and stopped by the forums for a chat! He answered some questions about the new Campaign for AOW2:

Q: Is the campaign a multi-branched, confusing network of choices, etc.?

A: It is considerably more simple in structure. I won't give details though. While the multiple branching was a novel thing from AOW, it was a major pain to do, and for the sake of all the great stuff they're cramming into the game AoW2 itself, things are being kept simple. (Though it will still be fun, Fun, FUN!)

Click here for more! Ask the developers your AOW2 questions on Heaven's Forums today!

June 6, 2001 Posted @ 2:42 PM | Angel Draco
Details on Draconians
Lennart Sas stopped by the forums to share some exciting info about the new spell/map object "High Winds," used to keep flying units out of certain areas. He also gave an overview of several units from the new Draconian race in AoW2: The Wizard's Throne:

"The main problem with map objects of this type was with visualization, as they need transparency/blending to both show the underlying terrain and look nice. You probably have noticed that placing lots of Clouds of Ashes and Poison Clouds together slows down the game a lot. For editable high-winds lots of these objects would be needed in order to seal areas off. Luckily in AoW2 we'll be able to do more of this stuff, so high winds (both as map object and spell) should be able to make it in.

Click here for more and info about the Draconians!

June 4, 2001 Posted @ 11:39 PM | Angel Draco
New Wallpaper at Planet of Wonders
Our affiliate site Planet of Wonders has two great items of interest. First is a thoughtful article by Gamemania titled " Balancing High," where he discuss several balancing aspects of AOW1, and balancing can be improved in the sequel. Here's a taste:

"Gone are the days of Warcraft and Command and Conquer, where spear men is just orc's archer. The game competition is getting tougher, and the balancing standard is now higher. Game with high balancing will sure be more interesting and entertaining, and it will make the game stands out from the crowd of low balanced games."

Second is a fabulous new AOW2 wallpaper custom made by Dexter, combining several images from the available AOW2 screenshots and highlighting the units we've seen so far. Grab it from POW's Downloads section now! Here's a peek: