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April 25, 2005 Posted @ 9:15 PM | swolte
Seasonal Compliments: Winter 2005!
And the WINTER 2005 compliments went to:
PawelS, King david, Zombie Eater, Hatifnat, Greenmonster, Dwiggs, Dhuval, Magog, Evil Roc, Climber, Black Hound, Galahad_2nd, Elurin, Timelord and Stranger.

Thanks you all for the good works you've delivered! And good luck keeping that going!

Of course, as has become tradition, the staff picked one forummer for and interview. And this season that person was PAWELS!!!

He has done and is doing tremendous work to help modders out with numerous helpful programs! Some even believe he must have been a Triumph Studios developer!

Read all about what he did, does and plan in the new interview

If you wish, you can congratulate him here!

April 13, 2005 Posted @ 3:19 PM | Magog
Lennart says hi!
Lennart Sas, the big chief over at Triump Studios, just paid a surprise visit to the forums. He has some interesting things to say about AoW, TBS games in general and of course, the New Game!
Click here to read Lennart's post.