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December 31, 2007 Posted @ 2:00 PM | Enginerd
Finbar’s Quest - New SP Monthly Challenge Competition for 2008
It has been 3 years since the last Single Player Monthly Challenge. There was great fun and excitement in the monthly challenges and now a new group of players is ready to rise and battle it out in friendly competition. For January the map will be based on the winning single player map from the recent map making competition. Namely…. Gandalf the White on his award winning map Finbar’s Quest! Can you save the Elves from destruction? Can you find the Red Ring… and the Blue Ring? Can you rebuild the fabled Elf Capital? Can you complete the map in the fewest turns? We’ll all find out this month!

You can download the unmodified award winning map here

You can download the map for the Jan 2008 competition here

You can post and read more about the competition here

December 8, 2007 Posted @ 6:45 PM | Enginerd
AoW Shadow Magic: Battle of the Cherubs – Timelord vs. Enginerd
Two mighty Champions of the game face off to battle but there is soooo much more at stake than just a simple match between friends…. This is the Battle of the Cherubs!

Timelord defends the honor of AoW Shadow Magic, where he moderates. He holds the honor of former WL champion, a mighty warrior and tactician with a sound knowledge and understanding of the game. Few have been able to match his skill. Will the Shadow Magic Cherub be victorious????

Enginerd is also a former WL champion…. Of the original Age of Wonders, where he moderates. He too has fought against the best in the game but has he overstepped his bounds??? He has ventured out of his realm of dominance and control for he has no honors or accolades in this new arena… will he be crushed and sent packing, can the AoW1 Cherub be victorious????

The battlefield chosen, AoW Shadow Magic! The map is set, a new upgraded map that few have seen. The game is afoot! Many will follow this classic battle of the ages, who do you think will be victorious…… post and cheer for your Cherub here

If you would like to play a game on the same map then post here