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December 30, 2004 Posted @ 7:10 PM | Angel Nojd
AoW Player of the Year
Napoleon reports from The Battlefield that they're running a vote for the AoW Player of the Year! is an online community which offers rankings, tourneys and leagues for strategy games, including the Age of Wonders series.

Members of the their site can now submit their vote, and the candidates for the title are: Sobotai, JME, Blackcat, Gandalf_DK, Kraka-Tur and Lord-Kolusar!

The voting takes place in their forum.

December 22, 2004 Posted @ 4:34 PM | swolte
And the Autumn Seasonal Compliments go to…
Harlequin, Jomungur, Evil Roc, Hiranu, TalonThorn, Greenmonster, Swolte, King David, HamletG, PawelS, Arctic Wolf, SmurfHero, Jellohead, Chascal, Springheel, Henrysix, Tibbs, Ellumesh, Lord Draggatus, Lord Fell, Narvek, Ellumesh, Hocus Pocus, Wonder Beast, Kalf, Dragonfly, Dwiggs, Beren V, ChowGuy, Karmic, Climber, Fubarno, Warlock, Paul Mishorich, Sprout, Unicorn, Nojd, Magog, LordofMaps, Kris Lighthawk, Cynon, Dan Petersson, Eriksson, Bluecollarheaven, Psykitty and Cay!!!

Well done, and may these compliments be an extra motivation the coming time!

The staff will try to pick one person to be selected for an interview!
So keep your eyes open and check your mailboxes! More information will follow…

December 17, 2004 Posted @ 2:26 PM | Angel Nojd
swolte promoted to Angel
swolte has picked up a new set of wings, and is now known as an Angel! Congrats swolte!

Stop by to congratulate him in the forum.

December 14, 2004 Posted @ 9:05 AM | Magog
Forumer of the year?
Well, not quite, but Swolte has started a new HG tradition, the Seasonal Compliments!
Tell us who you think is worthy of such a compliment, or perhaps who you would like to know more about.