December 2003 Archives

December 5, 2003 Posted @ 11:29 AM | Angel Nojd
Poll: Which AoW Game(s) Do You Play?
We have a poll up at AoW2 Heaven that needs your vote! Please let us know which one(s) of the three Age of Wonders games you think you will be playing next year. You can, of course, select all that applies:
* Age of Wonders (the original classic from 1999)
* Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne (from 2002)
* Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (from 2003)

If you're qurious about our previous polls, they're available through the Other Polls link below the currently running poll.

December 4, 2003 Posted @ 8:54 AM | hiranu
Current and Future Wizard's Ladder Changes
Today the Wizard's Ladder has found a new home. This should cut down some on the sticky clutter in the PBEM forum.

Along with a new home comes a new feature, the "Open Challenge" thread. You post a notice of what kind of challenges you are available for and can browse the thread to discover who the other active ladder players are, and what they are looking for.

Lastly there's a call for input on proposed rules for allowing Free For All games to be registered and scored on the Wizard's Ladder. Please read the proposal and post comments, complaints, compliments, or suggestions.

December 1, 2003 Posted @ 2:40 PM | Magog
Time for the last 2003 Monthly Challenge.
The race for global fame continues in the 2003 Monthly Challenges, and it looks like Enginerd will take the world champion title. But Sprout can still grab the first place with some (extreme) luck. The current standings can be found in the Scoreboard thread.

The final december challenge can now be found in the Downloads section. The december map is Arctic Wolf's excellent "A slippery invitation", slightly modified of course, so any design flaws you find in it are my fault, not his.

There are also some suggestions for how we should run the 2004 Monthly Challenges in the Forums , please let us know what you think.

Good luck!