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December 24, 2002 Posted @ 5:46 PM | Angel Draco
Merry Christmas!
I and the staff of AoW2 Heaven would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! I hope many of you were able to enjoy the day off from work today unlike me or if you're on break from school you probably had plenty of spare time to play Age of Wonders or stop by the forums to wish your friends good cheer!

Angel GillB has KORTified the classic 'Twas The Night Before Christmas poem, and if you have young children in the house tonight you can have an excuse to get on the Internet by tracking Santa's progress around the world as he delivers toys at the Federal government's NORAD Tracks Santa website (translated into six languages!).

I also spotted a little Christmas Present for Triumph Studios today, as Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne captured a nomination for "Most Improved Sequel on PC" in Gamespot's Best of the Year awards. Congratulations and enjoy the holiday!

December 2, 2002 Posted @ 11:57 AM | Angel Nojd
AoW Mods
I'm proud to present AoW Heaven's Mod Section! I've been wishing we had one for a long time, but I eventually realized that wishing isn't as effective as doing.

The intention is to list all mod related "products" that are available for AoW, to provide links to where they can be downloaded and where more information about them can be found. The categorization and short descriptions should help identifying those mods that may be of interest to you.

Further information about mods is best gathered in our Mod Packs Forum. If there's anything missing from the Mod section, please post about it in this forum, or send an email directly to Angel Nojd.

In addition to the listing of all (?) the known mods, we have a page with the most common questions about Warlock's Rule-Set, including the installation of it. Warlock's Rule-Set was the first, and for a long time only, complete mod pack. It's widely used, very popular, and the foundation for many of the other mods. The Warlock's Rule-Set FAQ page hopefully solves any problems you might run into.

But please note the warning on the Mod page!
The use of mods or mod tools of any sort is not in any way supported by the developers or HeavenGames. Anything you do is at your own risk. The more you "mess around" with tools and rule-sets, the more likely it is that you get problems with your game (and maybe even with your computer).

Be careful with this stuff, understand what you're doing, and enjoy!