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November 28, 2008 Posted @ 11:18 AM | Enginerd
AoW1 Holiday Tournaments, Come Join the Fun
At the start of this festive time of year it is time once again for another tournament… what… you mean there are TWO tournaments?!? That’s right, we just started a 1v1 pbem single elimination tournament with 16 players on Arctic Wolf’s winning map Snowscapes and Mirages. The tournament started a couple weeks ago and already we have had the first games completed. Congratulations to Thorongil for posting the first win over a skilled opponent…. Well… it was a warm up game for Dafyth as he doesn’t play much AoW1 but we must thank him for dusting off his old CD to play with us. Enginerd is well on his way to beat Froster, can the rookie pull a rabbit out of his hat? CrazySlyHawk and Slipkyes are battling it out as is Zsaber and Ecthelion. Disenchanted and Mad87ger are well on their way. A couple games to watch are against some tough players with Dan playing Draco and Gandalf playing Eriksson. You can follow the 1v1 competition here.

Our second tourney is a Holiday Map Making Competition. There are two categories this year, one is the “Festive Winter Holiday” theme and the other is a “Historical” theme. There are several maps already registered but still lots of time to create one. Maps can be submitted up until the New Year. Also, be on the lookout as you, the forum members, will be helping to judge so get ready and enjoy your Christmas Holidays with us at AoW1 Heaven. Happy Holidays!

November 1, 2008 Posted @ 7:05 PM | Enginerd
And the Winner is….. (AoW1 Mapmaking 2008 Tournament)
Fine…. We’ve made you wait long enough for the results… We’ll tell you…. Just keep reading after the big announcement….

1v1 map – Snowscapes and Mirages by Arctic Wolf
Anything goes map – The Warren by Iguanaonastick
Special Judges Award – Skout77 for making 3 maps

Congratulations to the winning mapmakers, well done! Also, many thanks to our judges. Thank you Draco, Thank you Dan Petersson. They spent many hours pouring over and playtesting the maps. We really appreciate their efforts. And we cannot forget to thank everyone who participated. Please congratulate the winners and leave comments here.

As in previous tourneys I am amazed at the quality of maps. There were some pretty tough decisions out there. Each judge had their own likes and dislikes and it was a very close battle in the 1v1 Category. Skout and Arctic Wolf battled it out for the top spot but in the end Arctic Wolf produced the winning map in Snowscapes and Mirages with Skout’s Lineage following very closely behind. Both wonderful maps that we hope you play and enjoy. It was also nice to see newer mapmakers try and take on the more experienced ones. Well done Crazyslyhawk, maybe next time (and he put 2 maps together for this tourney, Wow!).

The anything goes category was truly unique. We had four high quality maps submitted. There were two good single player maps competing against a couple multi player maps with different mods. There was another struggle with the judges on this one…. Do the pink elephants get the nod over the classic Warlocks? Which one of the SP maps is better? Do my preferences lie with the mods or the SP? Tough choices but in the end a clear winner came to the front, congratulations to Iguanaonastick for the winning map made with the Warlocks mod called The Warren. This multiplayer map is a real gem.

Now that we have a winning map for the 1v1 tourney there will be 16 players that will battle it out. Follow along and watch this tourney unfold here.

And don’t forget to download and play the new maps, you won’t regret it. Then leave your comments for the mapmakers, they always appreciate to hear from you.

And if you missed out on this tourney check out the threads for more upcoming competitions…. We’re already talking about the next mapmaking competition here.