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November 29, 2002 Posted @ 4:23 PM | ChowGuy
Comings and Goings in the Hall
Hear ye, Hear ye: The Sheriff of the Hall of Wonders Role Playing Forum wishes to make it known:

It's been a long road, but The Zalanthar Incident, Chapter 2 has been brought to a close. In the best tradition of Hollywood of course, it had to be trimmed for length and a few scenes dropped (can you say "Tom Bombadil"?) due to the fact that GM Kaji, who took over the story after the departure Evilguy99, for RL reasons will have curtailed access for some months at least. Those who wish to read the story from the beginning will find Chapter 1 here.

On a brighter note, Cherub Blackmane is back in town and can be found dozing in his corner of The Prancing Pony Inn. Welcome back BM!

There are some new threads starting as well, for anyone looking to join up.

Beren V is planning to restart his "Keepers - Isle of Burbatek" thread for good guys only, based on his alternate AoW1 campaign. Sign up here if you're interested.

For the bad guys, Silverwerewolf is planning a new "Demon Hunters" thread. You get to be one of of party of sometimes cooperating, sometime bickering fiends, each out to gain sole possession of the prize. Hmmm... sounds like "Survivor." No sign up sheet yet, but drop by The Pony and have a chat.

And finally Emperor_Bone14 is recruiting both good and bad guys for the next installment of his "Gathering of Heroes" / "Call of the Reavers" tale in the World of Therin. Come and fight against the Evil Red Queen, or if you prefer, fight on her side against the sniveling powers of Good.

November 18, 2002 Posted @ 12:38 PM | Angel Nojd
Monthly Challenge
Thanks to Roger the Rampant, the Monthly Challenge makes a comeback to the AoW world, and a first appearance in the AoW2 world! This is your chance to compare your skill against the very best in single player games.

The AoW1 challenge for November 2002 is to find and kill Draco Lawgiver! Surely you don't want to miss that!

For AoW2 we are using the excellent and fun map Poilio 2 - Koilio by Mr. Pickles. Your task is to win the scenario as quickly as possible.

Read the details in the forum, in the Monthly Challenge thread.

Good luck!