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November 30, 2001 Posted @ 11:52 AM | Angel Draco
PBEM WC Singles Quarter-Finals
Angel Cay tells me the PBEM World Cup 2001 Singles Event Round of 16 has been completed, and the Quarter-Final matches have been drawn! All matches will use the map Urgath (AOW PBEM World Cup 2001) (Multiplayer Map #99).

SMC01 - Caitiff vs Aim22
SMC02 - Kris Lighthawk vs Thrashbarg
SMC03 - The Incomparable vs Warlord Keldon
SMC04 - Frogman vs Argammon

Congratulations to the Quarter-Finalists, and good luck! Quarter-Final matches will be distributed the week of Monday, December 3, 2001.

For more information visit either the Singles Event Tourney Section or the Tourney Forum.

November 28, 2001 Posted @ 1:54 PM | Angel Draco
PR For AOW2 Picks Up
Lennart Sas has said PR for AoW2 is picking up and indeed it has! Lennart is all around the forums dropping comments and hints about Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne.

Check out several of the most recent topics in the AoW2 General Discussion forum for Lennart's comments. Here's a small sampling!

Lennart on the new Tigrans race:
The Azracs got crushed by the human empire and their god got angry at them, but are not completely exterminated.
The Tigrans are designed to replace [the Azracs] in AoW2, they also have ancient Egyptian influences. The cat's stealthy and
predatory nature make for an interesting set of units.
Lennart on the defender's initiative:
All defenders get the initiative in AoW2. This way attackers are able to cast unit enchantments before the battle, defenders in the first round. So both parties are able to protect units before the first shots are fired. Also this gets around an attacker performing annoying and unbalanced hit and run tactics with the defender not able to do anything.
Strong rumors point to a lengthy computer gaming magazine article on AoW2 comming soon. We'll keep you posted as soon as we find out when and where it will be!

November 27, 2001 Posted @ 12:58 PM | Angel Draco
Planet of Wonders Closes
A sad day for the AoW community. Gamemania's Planet of Wonders fan site for AoW2 was arbitrarily deleted from its host, VirtualAve. You can read Gamemania's closing statement here, and can post any comments in this thread of our Community Forum.

There is some good news though! Gamemania conducted an interview with Lennart Sas (lead designer of AoW2) and has posted it his closing statement page. Some exciting stuff, especially the announcement of the 12 races that will be present in AoW2! Looks like the Azracs and Lizardmen have been replaced with the Draconians and a new race called the "Tigrans."

Here's a snippet:
Q: How will the magic system differ compared to the original AoW?
A: During the game, wizards can walk the lands exploring, or leading battles, but most will reside in the safety of their wizard’s towers, giving the ability aid armies by casting spells over distance and wield the most powerful of all spells: the domain enchantments. For example, a Death Wizard can wrap his domain in darkness, a fire wizard’s domain can engulf any intruder with fire, while a life wizard can have a healing aura protecting his armies.
You can discuss the game revelations in the interview in our AoW2 General Discussions forum.

Finally, in a seperate thread, Josh Farley has stated there will be no rotating camera angles in AoW2, but you will be able to zoom. Read it here.

November 26, 2001 Posted @ 2:44 PM | Angel Draco
New Look & Community Section for AOWH
In case you hadn't noticed, we're sporting a new look here at AOWH courtesy of the talented work of Angel Nojd and advice from Angel Zen! Extra thanks to Nojd for all of his formating work, ironing out the spacking kinks and for putting up with all my nit-picking!

Besides the slick new graphics, check out some of the links in our new Community section!

  • Tourney Section
    Maintained by Angel Cay and Cherub Jerk, here you can get all of the latest information on the various competitions and tournaments run by AOWH, like the PBEM World Cup and the Monthly Challenges! Cay has been working hard filling up this section with great content and all the rules for the AOWH Tourneys, so browse around!

  • People/ICQ List
    The People List service allows you to post your ICQ status so that anyone (whether you have ICQ or not) can check the list to see who's online and perhaps contact them for a quick MP game! You can add other information to your People List profile as well, like your home country, screen names for AIM, Yahoo Pager and MSN Messenger, as well your MS Gaming Zone or Gamespy Arcade handle. Click the Show People link to see comments posted by everyone registered on the list about what types of games they're interested in playing. Big thanks to Angel Sandamnit for programing the People List!

  • AOWH Staff
    Curious about the AOWH staff? Profiles of the Heavenly ranks will be added soon!

  • Link To AOWH
    If you have a website and would like to link to us, we have some graphics here for you to use!

    Please share your comments about the new changes to AOWH in our Feedback Forum.

  • November 22, 2001 Posted @ 3:04 PM | Angel Draco
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    From everyone here at AoW Heaven, we want to wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

    November 21, 2001 Posted @ 12:50 PM | Angel Draco
    Josh Teases About Dungeons
    Josh Farely, Triumph Studios programmer, snuck into the forums and made some cryptic comments about how Dungeons and "Challenge Sites" (the working title) will work in AoW2: The Wizard's Throne:
    "Challenge Sites" is my own term, dunno if we're going to use it or not, so don't be surprised if it doesn't appear in the manual... But it's pretty accurate. These sites will not be about dungeon crawling. Instead, they will revolve around "passing a challenge", which in our world, means defeating some enemies under "special circumstances"... Quests will also offer the ability to gain rewards, and Sites and Quests can be linked... and that's all you're getting out of me for now
    Forumer Black Knight followed up with this comment, which got an approval from Josh that BK was on the right track:
    "Special circumstances" like using no magic, or no magic of a certain kind... or ONLY using magic... or only taking inside particular creatures... or the hero must be alone.
    Click here to read the whole thread. Visit the AoW2 General Discussions & Suggestions forum to post your questions to the developers!

    November 19, 2001 Posted @ 5:10 PM | Angel Draco
    Stronghold Heaven Launches
    The newest corner in Heaven is now open! The gang at Stronghold Heaven have been a busy bunch, creating walkthroughs, a great forum and everything else you'll need to make your fortress rock solid. Look for a new Downloads section soon as well!
    November 17, 2001 - HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched Stronghold Heaven ( ), the latest in its series of special-interest sites for city-building strategy games.

    Current available in stores everwhere, Stronghold is a castle-building game developed by FireFly Studios, and published by Take2 Interactive. The game allow gamers to design, manage, defend their castles, and sieging others. It features an extensive 18-mission military storyline involving a country devided by four enemy war lords; your goal is to help re-unite the country and restore the rightful king, currently held to ransom in a foreign jail. Stronghold also includes a 5-mission economic campaign, numerous single-map missions, and a scenario editor.

    Stronghold Heaven will be dedicated to featuring extensive coverage of Firefly Studio's Stronghold and bring you the latest news, maps, strategies and walkthoughs to the game."
    Don't know much about the game? Try out the demo! It gives you a pretty good idea of how the economics and warfare works. setting the enemy on fire with flaming pitch is a little too much fun!

    November 12, 2001 Posted @ 1:08 AM | Angel Draco
    New AoW2 Units Revealed
    Lennart Sas, Lead Designer, has released two new animated units exclusively to AoW Heaven that will be featured in AoW2: The Wizard's Throne, due out in Spring 2002. Check out the Animated Units link on the AoW2 Resources page to take a gander at the new and improved Halflings Leprechaun and the never before seen Frostlings Mammoth units!

    Lennart had this to say about the new units:
    "The Leprechaun is the special unit for the Halflings. It has a new displacement ability making it hard to hit. Special units are available when you fully upgrade a town. They aren't really linked to a size level as they were in AoW1. The Mammoth is a level 3 military unit for the Frostlings; it can crush walls."
    This news is especially exciting as it confirms the Halfling and Frostling races' appearance in AoW2!

    November 7, 2001 Posted @ 10:35 AM | Angel Draco
    Ask Lennart.....
    Planet of Wonders is soliciting questions to send to Lennart Sas, lead designer of AoW and AoW2: The Wizard's Throne. Give them a hit!

    Also, stay tuned to AOWH News for some more exclusive AoW2 goodies that will be released later in the week!

    November 2, 2001 Posted @ 1:08 PM | Angel Draco
    November/December Monthly Challenges
    There are TWO new Monthly Challenges for you to test your metal against! This month AOWH highlights a Warlock's Rules map and a PBEM Co-Op map. All the info need is in the Rules thread in the Competitions & Tournaments forum.

    You can download the maps here:

    Single Player Challenge
    Fall of Gondolin (Nov. 2001 Monthly Challenge)

    Two Player Co-Op Challenge
    All Things Unequal (Nov. 2001 Monthly Challenge)

    Remember that you have to submit progressive saves for the Single Player Challenge. Check the Rules thread for all the details. Have fun and good luck!