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January 31, 2005 Posted @ 11:24 AM | Magog
Age of Empires III Heaven
There's a new heaven in town : http://aoe3.heavengames.com. As you probably figured out, AoE3H will cover everything there is to know about the upcoming Age of Empires III. The site looks great, and even I who never play RTS games must admit that the screenshots looks amazing. So head on over there and have a look, it wont hurt you.

January 23, 2005 Posted @ 12:00 PM | swolte
Autumn Seasonal Compliment interview: Jomungur!
In the Verdant Court, staff decided that the first interview would have to go to Jomungur! As an intelligent and active member of our community, he has helped numerous people out with his knowledge. In the online world he is respected for his skill and personality!
It's a very interesting and long read, as it covers the history from AoW-1 until AoW-shadow Magic! It delves deep into strategy and online gaming!

You can read all about it here, in our brand new interview section!

If you wish, you can discuss the article here!

January 22, 2005 Posted @ 5:16 PM | Magog
A huge campaign?
Gantaliano Hoff is trying to put a small team together in this forum thread. His objective is to create a new campaign for the game. So if you have mapmaking skills (or think you can halp out in any other way), please offer your services in the above mentioned thread.

January 13, 2005 Posted @ 1:15 PM | Magog
Enginerd is the best single player around.
The 2004 Monthly challenges are over, and Enginerd came out as the champion!
You can congratulate him and check out the final results in this thread.