January 2004 Archives

January 11, 2004 Posted @ 10:29 AM | Angel Nojd
Silva_Drake's Unit Guides
We have added Silva_Drake's Unit Guides to our Strategy Section. Stop by and read his views about Azracs, Dwarves, Goblins and Halflings, and his "The Lvl1 Infantry Killers" guide.

January 9, 2004 Posted @ 4:58 PM | hiranu
First Wizard Ladder High Scorer: Sprout
By scoring 200 points Sprout became the first Expert on the Age of Wonders Wizard's Ladder, and therefore has achieved the first reportable High Score. Congratulations Sprout.

January 9, 2004 Posted @ 3:51 PM | Angel Nojd
The Zrat Awards!
Forumer Daemon Zrat has posted his five nominations for "The Zrat Awards", the five best downloads of 2003. The nominees are:

1) Beren V - The Arda Mapset
2) Laurentius - Aow1 New Units
3) Eriksson - Road to Hell
4) Dan Petersson - Divine Chess
5) Arctic Wolf - The Orcs Of the Southron Kingdom V2.1

Read the motivations and cast your votes in his thread The Year of The ZRAT!

Don't forget to do as Daemon Zrat, rate and comment the scenarios you download and play! That's very much appreciated by both scenario designers and people looking for scenarios to download.

Congratulations to the nominees!

January 6, 2004 Posted @ 6:53 PM | Magog
2003 Monthly Challenge champion!
2003 is over, and so are the 2003 Monthly challenges. The one who performed best over the whole season was Enginerd, a worthy champion! Congratulations can be posted in this thread.

The battle for the 2004 championship has already begun. This years rules will be a little different from last year, as there will be a special quest map to be played each quarter as well as three normal MC maps. Full details on the rules will be posted later in the forums. The maps can of course be found in the downloads section.

Good luck!