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January 11, 2003 Posted @ 8:46 AM | Angel Nojd
People/ICQ List
Finally! The People/ICQ List is working again!

The People List service allows you to post your ICQ status so that anyone (whether he/she has ICQ or not) can check the list to see who's online and perhaps contact them for a quick MP game!

You can add other information to your People List profile as well, like your home country, screen names for AIM, Yahoo Pager and MSN Messenger, as well your MS Gaming Zone or Gamespy Arcade handle.

Click the Show People link to see comments posted by everyone registered on the list about what types of games they're interested in playing.

January 6, 2003 Posted @ 3:11 PM | Angel Nojd
Map Maker Mod
Tekk Zero has released his "Age of Wonders Mapmaker Addition" which is used to add special features to scenarios. The important thing is that the scenarios will be playable with Triumph Studios' standard rules 1.36 - the player doesn't need to install anything extra to be able to play the map. Here's Tekk Zero's description of the features:

New Built-In Hero Portraits- On the selection screen of hero/leader portraits all the possible portraits are unlocked. Some that are included are the portraits Meandor, Julia, Gabriel, Elwyn, and Lord Inioch.

Alternative Hero Sprites- On the race selection screen for a hero, for each race there is a new unit graphic, a dismounted wizard-like sprite (12 in all). The feature is accessed by scrolling past the last default race selection (undead hero).

Access to all non-buggy abilities and statuses for items and heroes- For both items and heroes, as selection for use by mapmakers all the non-buggy abilities and statuses (those that I am aware) have been added (in all the item/hero screens that the abilities and statuses work).

The tool can be downloaded from our Misc Downloads: Age of Wonders Mapmaker Addition. Enjoy!

January 4, 2003 Posted @ 8:02 PM | Angel Nojd
DevEd Beginner's Guide
The Mods section of this site has grown with an article submitted by LordDragatus. He's written a very thorough Beginner's Guide on how to use the Developer's Editor, based on the thread he started in the Mod Pack Forum long ago called How to use DevEd.

Have a look at the DevEd Beginner's Guide and post your comments in the How to use DevEd thread.

Thank you, Dragatus! Enjoy everyone!