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The Bitterhorn

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Medium
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Normal
This scenario is about an ancient spell cast by Undead ages ago, cursing the Elven race living in Goldenvale. All good races flee and seek sanctuary in the Bitterhorn - the only remaining stronghold belonging to the Frostlings. Map can be played single player, although Frostling is best played as human, since a number of builders are present (and would only sit there unused by the AI - taking up Gold in maintenance). Players can choose either Frostling, Undead or Goblin. Balance is not equal - easiest is Goblin, and Frostling difficult. This map should have perhaps been employed as Large in size, since its a bit cluttered.
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Lord Naismith One of the few soul I have seen talk here for awhile you are. I like Frostlings, yes I do, I can't wait to try this out! Its a challenge you say? :D

Lord Naismith
File Author
Lord, this is about an average map for difficulty... I'm just saying that of the 3 races, the Frostlings is probably the most difficult side to play... a lot of rebuilding required.... feel free to modify the builders and add or remove resources for Undead or Goblins, as the map is not protected... -th
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Very playable, as you said its recommended for Frostling as human, but it wasnt that hard to play as them. Quite fun - worth a second lash!

Balance: 3
Well I thought the Undead to be a bit overpowered, but the Bitterhorn is well defended against outside threats. The Goblins have most of the underground to themselves.
Creativity: 4
Loved it. The undergound was excellent and gave me a bit of inspiration.

Map Design: 5

Story/Instructions: 4
Room for improvement, as Im a little to familiar with a whole area going to pot (Diplomacy with Dragons, anyone?) but good all the same.

Additional Comments:
Recommended for anyone! Have a gander, worth a lark!

[Edited on 07/06/07 @ 07:24 PM]

CrazySlyHawk I hope you dont mind me reviewing. Its my first review, and I only recently discovered this site so I hoped to add my opinion. Cheers...
Gandalf theWhite
Map Design5.0
Very well made map! The terrain is really beautiful, there are lots of ,,eye candy", the design is also quite original e.g. fires, clouds of ashes and ruins placed in Undead land along with signs reminding you that it was once flourishing realm of Elves, which creates charming atmosphere of a fantasy world. Moreover, the map is shaped in such a way that allows many interesting defensive tactics (e.g. the Bitterhorn plateau, ecircled by mountain range with only two passes). Finally, the underground is beautifully carved out, and expanded so much that it provides lots of fun for those SP players who like to do some ,,tourism" around the map before dealing lat blow to AI. Thus, the map design is definitely worth 5, and creativity too. There could be a few more custom made heroes (and possibly items), but since the map doesn't play long (so new heroes aren't likely to join to you and the starting ones are all mapmaker's ones) and there isn't really time and opportubities for searching the exploration places, it's not really bad. The map seems rather unbalanced at the first glance in the editor, but the smart terrain design makes it quite fair, although the Undead are still the most powerful ones, as the story implies (and therefore I don't consider it that bad, though it makes them rather boring if you play in single player... but that's a multiplayer map anyway). The story is a sort of weak point, because the background is good yet quite short, and the race-specified introductions won't show (They're in Objective Description section in Map Settings in editor menu, which isn't shown anywhere in game), but with some nice signs around and the feeling of a fantasy world created by the gorgeous terain design, it's still worthy 4. Same in terms of playability: there's some tough battling (especially for Frostlings),against other palyers and (in early part of game) wandering independent stacks that may sudenly came out to harass your well-planned offensive. The map is also quite replayable and good for both SP and MP, which is nice. I've spent several good hours playing this scenario and it was very enjoyable experience,I recommend everyone to play it, and I hope that more thsllb's maps will follow!

[Edited on 05/18/07 @ 01:55 PM]

Map Design4.0
-CPUs set to Emperor, allied victory on, leaders on, customize on, explore on.
-Played as Frostling

Interesting idea for a map and I like it. I think there are few faults, however.

1. A “siege” never happened to the Frostlings on this map as I expanded quickly, scared the Undead, and evicted the Goblins. Most of the tense fighting occurred around the Western-most 3-hex town, but even that area was only contested for a few turns.

2. I think the Undead start with too many high-level units. I would remove all of the Black Dragons and replace with lvl 3 Undead units. Maybe throw in a few extra lvl 3 units to compensate. The Frostlings might start with a few too many powerful units, too. I also wouldn’t give the Goblins any lvl-4 units to start.

3. The Goblins weren’t much of a factor because they couldn’t get out of their starting area underground. I guess they didn’t have the gumption to tunnel out (it was only a couple hexes). Once I finally got down there, their area was heavily congested with units. I wouldn’t force the CPU to tunnel out, but maybe give them a longer path to get above ground.

4. I think the crypts near the start towns were ludicrously hard. I got through them using TC, but I’d suggest if you really want to make high-powered, heavily-defended items available, put them a little further from the start, and make the crypts next to the start town easier to beat with weaker items.

5. The roving Elven units seemed to only attack me, not the CPU.

6. The roving First Born underground are brutal, and seem like overkill.

7. Spacing on some of the buildings was too congested, in my opinion. For example, I don’t think it looks appealing to have 2 builders guilds next to each other, with another across the road. But that’s just me.

8. Overall, I thought the map layout and design was good. I liked having a builder to start the game, but having a lot of razed structures to choose from. It gave it a frantic feeling as I tried to rebuild. The roads and terrain were well placed in most cases, I thought. There was one farm on the Eastern Edge that gives no income because it’s surrounded by trees and mountains.

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Map Design4.7
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