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Doorstep of Death

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Large
Playable Races: All
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal
Death's Doorstep

In the Years following the Great War, as the Battle at the Valley of Wonders became known, the races of the earth were forced to adjust to new realities in their world which had heretofore never been contemplated. Leading up to the War, Meandor had succeeded in raising his own father, Inioch, from his tomb and thereby broke the laws of life and death, as well as the very laws of nature. Although raising the dead was no original feat, raising a Elvan Noble was. You see the Elves, have ever been wary of undeath and realized that the very most powerful of wizards should be either alive or dead, but not trapped in the insanity which lies in between. Thus when Inioch was buried, the Elves prepared his body such that raising him to undeath would be impossible based upon the very laws which govern the living and the dead.

But as Meandor broke these laws, the world was forever forced into a new reality. It was as if the world was turning itself inside out as slowly the earth became covered in terrain which hereto before had been confined to caverns and depths, and the caverns and depths sprang trees and grass forth as if the sun could indeed shine below the earth.

It was soon noticed that the twisted nature of the earth was apparent only where great Undead Sorcery abounded, and the races of the land set out to vanquish the sorcery once and for all. But in the center of the land a great scar was forming with tentacles reaching out to grasp the very earth itself. The Pure races were quickly overcome as their leadership faltered in the wake of such evil. The Dark races rejoiced at the sight of such horror realizing that the victory which had eluded them at the Great war was at hand.

Only the races of men could confront this evil, and slowly the humans and the Azracs came to realize that the very earth depended upon their stewardship. But the Evil in the Heart of the land was strong and Orcs as well as Dark Elves stood by the doorstep of death ready to claim their rightful due.

Author's Notes:

This map is a remake of Don Donnard's excellent map - "Death's Darkest Hour". Don lets me play with his maps and redo them for my various campaigns which are always in various stages of completion. This particular map struck me as ideal for an "Arctic Make-over". I kept Don's overall geography but changed much of the races and terrain. By the time I was done the map looked and played completely differently.

The map is a four player Multi player map.
Playable races are:

Azracs vs Goblin vs Human vs Dark Elf
CPU Race is Undead.

Map plays well also with alliances on Neutral vs Evil.
Play the map with Leaders off, Explore on , and customize off.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Daemon Zrat
Map Design4.0
Another fantastic map by Arctic Wolf.

As with all his maps the playability and map design were stellar. I took one point off the map design section and creativity as Arctic states he redid this map from one of Don Donnards rather than made it completely originally.

I found the Orcs were slightly more pwerful than the other races, but that may just be my inability to play any race other than Orcs effectively.

Really good Story on this one.
NaughtyDuck Arctic,

As usual I think your map is good, and even excellent.

Just one thing this time, it may be me (and my wife since we play together), although we had a problem with too many ligthning strokes which led the game from really good at first to a desolate way back to our "home corner" and then to a never ending gameplay by just resisting to the evermore powerful Undead. (actually the Dark Elves and Orcs are kind of "absent" and are no menace compared to Undead)

Now I am editing this map to remove one Altar and retry it. The one I am removing is just under the Human (upper left) because it allows Undead to strike each time Human wants to leave by the only path trhough the mountain.

... and for sure we want to play it ;-)

I will certainly update you later on.
Map Design5.0
Me again...

An I can now confirm that the problem was the Altar of Lightning under the Human corner.

Also, Undead is the only true enemy : Dark Elves and Orcs are just out of the game until we find and eliminate them with a few blows only.

No matter what, it was real good.

Thanks Arctic
Dan Petersson
Map Design5.0
I have played this map as a free for all PBEM and I think it's a great map. I played the azracs and I was able to win that game mainly because I used the undead hordes to gather experience for my heroes. In my opinion the map is well balanced, beautifully landscaped and the story is good. I agree with DZ that one point should be removed because it isn't Arctic Wolf's original map. Otherwise it's excellent. I would gladly recommend this map for PBEM multiplayer games. Well done!
Dan Donnard Hi at all,

what about rating the original map(s) with the IDs 212 and 265 ?
I would like to know how they stand against Arctic Wolfs version ( wich is very good.. )
Map Design5.0
I thought that this hadn't been rated yet. Turns out I was wrong. Oh well...

Two versions of this are included - Leaders On and Leaders Off. I recommend that players change the name of their leader and/or starting hero (depending if leaders are on or off) and work together - the AI-only player is very tough.

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