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The Menace From the Deep v 2.1

Author File Description
Arctic Wolf
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Small
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
This is the First map in "The Tides of Golgotha" Mapset

In a time beyond our understanding, far West of the Land of Nod, below the Basin of Gilgemesh, lay the Chasm. The Chasm had but one purpose, to consume. In it's hunger, the chasm consumed all who entered and none who entered returned.

The Dwarves were the first to understand the nature of theChasm and sent emmisaries to the great Giants of the North. But as the Dwarves waited for the reply, the Chasm gained strength. The Chasm sought to consume not only all who entered but also all it could grasp. The Chasm reached and began to pull the very earth into its maw.

Finally the Giants came and the Dwarves and the Giants battled the chasm. The Elves hearing the thunder of battle came, and recognizing the danger, joined the battle. The Halflings came also, and together the races united.

The Giants realized that only their might could prevail against the chasm. Taking their entire nation, the Giants reached into the Earth and marched into the Chasm. The battle was long but the Giants persevered, the Chasm was smothered deep into the Earth. The price was high and only a few Giants survived. The Dwarves who called the Giants felt remorse and gave the remaining Giants solace vowing Giants would be forever welcome among the Dwarves.

Over the Ages, the legend of the Chasm dimmed until it was forgotten.
But though the Chasm was destroyed; it's will lived on. From deep within the earth this will forged the Orcs and the Goblins, poor examples of the Chasm's will but vile creations nonetheless. The Goblins and Orcs dwelled deep within the earth, but the surface creatures knew them not.

Over time new races came, Humans, Azracs, strange Lizard folk and even stranger Tundra dwellers. War came and went as the seven surface races battled for possession of the Land. Finally came the Enlightened race who brought peace to all. The Enlightened race taught the surface races to tunnel and dig new lands from their caverns, and taught them how to grow greenery below the suface world. The seven races lived in harmony with the Enlightened race.

But Deep within the earth the will of the Chasm still lived with the Orcs and Goblins worshipping its dark desire. This desire grew and twisted until a new race sprung forth from its heart. A new dark Unrace which sought to consume. Goblins and Orcs were quickly enslaved and served the Unrace though they knew it not, and the surface races were unaware of the dangers their tunnelling and digging would uncover.

It was the Enlightened Ones who first saw the danger and ordered the others to stop the tunnels; but it was too late, already Orcs and Goblins poured out of the depths. But the Unrace was unseen, and the Tides of Golgatha were about to be unleashed...

Author's Notes:

This is the First Map in a set of Four Maps (Others to Follow) in my "The Tides of Golgatha" Mapset. This map may be played as a single player map, or as a multiplayer map, and I wish it to be entered into the map building competition in both categories.

For Single player:

Play as either, Elves, Dwarves, or Halflings
Set Alliances to Off
Turn Explore On
Set Customize leader

For Multi Player:

For an easy game play three against the computor, choose Elves, Halflings, and Dwarves with alliances on. This will be moderately challenging.

For a very difficult time set alliances off, and play again only those three races. This is the way I intend the game to be played, so resist the urge to form an alliance with other human players (The message events make more sense this way too).
Again Explore should be On
Customize leader should be On

During the first couple of turns you will encounter several message events to propell the story forward. This means you should not rush to enemies, instead you should first move a unit in front of it to reveal the message event. Don't worry, all message events should be revealed within the first five turns, so after that you can rush around all you want.

"The Tides of Golgatha", is a four map series which will be released thoughout the summer, with maps released approximately two weeks apart. A Campaign version is also to be released and will be ready when its done. Probably by July. The Maps get larger with each release so be ready for an awesome time.

Last Instructions:

Have Fun
Modify this map anyway you like if that's fun for you.
Give me feedback (

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Was a bit tough with all the dragons coming from 'the deep'. But when the Goblin King was stupid enough to teleport up to ground level it was all over!!! teehee :) Fun map though and the story event comments are well done and entertaining.
Daemon Zrat
Map Design5.0
As I stated in the map competition forum this map is spectacular. The Terrain is awesome, especially the top two levels. It was nice to have a story that gives sense to the trees and stuff underground. I found the map played hard but not too hard for each playable race. Message events were great. This is one of the only maps I have seen that makes the AI smart. The tough enemy races were not set to CPU emperor, yet they behaved smart and challenging, even though when I looked in the editor, they were not overloaded as so many maps tend to do. Another Great Job Arctic!! BTW how do you do that scenery bit where flowers and rocks which belong with grasslands are found on the steppes underground. That is cool!

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Map Design4.5
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