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Xenobea's Revenge

Author File Description
Roger the Rampant
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Small
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 3
Difficulty: Hard
This TS136 map is designed to be played either as a one-versus-one PBEM game, or single player. The main playable races are Dark Elves vs Dwarves, but you could play Azracs, particularly in single player. Please look carefully before attacking any cities - this shire is infested with leprechauns, and they hate being disturbed! It's best to play with leaders OFF, as the AI won't listen to my warning about leprechauns, and often quickly dies by recklessly throwing it's leader at a leprechaun-infested city. I've given you a cool hero with spellcasting 3 and healing, so you don't really need a leader anyway! Here's the story:

Xenobea was not happy. Her mother had been missing for so long, her sisters were dead, her brothers seemed, for the most part, to be away from the palace, and her only true friend had disappeared. Of course - being the queen of such a respected shire - there were plenty of people wanting her to think that they were her friends. Xenobea was too wise to believe that; she was well aware that true friends are a very rare and valuable commodity. That wasn't the current cause of her unhappiness, though, as she had gradually become hardened to the lack of affection amongst members of her family. Her unhappiness was rooted in the seeds of time, and closely tied to something that all the races had lusted after throughout time immemorial - the ability to fly!

Fliers meant power. The ability to cross oceans or mountains, to fly over city walls, to quickly cover long distances. Useful in times of peace, and essential in times of war. Great amounts were invested to train flying units by the various races, and with varying degrees of success

The Orcs had originally convinced bats to do their bidding, but had subsequently found that they were not really worth the investment in time and gold. They tired quickly and were lacklustre fighters, although admittedly they were virtually invisible underground. Red dragons were ferocious fighters, but it took a lot of gold to buy their services

The fairies that the elven folk used were quite weak, goblin wyvern riders had excellent eyesight but died all too quickly under enemy fire. Demons were absolutely ferocious if you could convince them to fight, but they too were unpredictable, due to their pure evil alignment. The humans had come up with the most flexible solution, the air galley, and might well be convinced to sell one to you. As you would expect with humans, though, the price was prohibitive, usually in excess of two hundred golden xenos. Green wyverns were happiest in marshy terrain, and being a creature, they too were hard to train, and unreliable

Initially the dwarves had come up with a crude balloon and basket arrangement, which was quite cheap to produce. Sadly for them it depended on the direction of the wind, it was impossible to defend effectively, it had no form of attack, movement was slow and erratic, and many dwarves died in their efforts to make this a useful flying unit. One balloon had even floated over the river in strong winds, crashing into one of Xenobea's palaces in Xenoville, which had caused a few diplomatic ripples! In the end the dwarves gave up on the balloons, but they were still determined to fly. Although dwarvea and dark elves had not traditionally made good neighbours, here the two races existed alongside each other reasonably harmoniously. It was a wealthy shire, times were good, the whole shire was quite content, resources were plentiful

One of the dwarf boatbuilders, Maximus Empius, had created the dragon ship. This design had quickly been adopted throughout the world, as it was effectively armed, easy to produce, was reasonably resilient to attack, and - most importantly - it could be produced for about sixty five golden xenos. Another of their boatbuilders, Aqualung, had been dabbling with earth magic, and had discovered the Free Movement Dragon Ship, or FMDS. By combining the relatively affordable dragon ship with the Free Movement spell, costing a small amount of mana, an efficient flying unit could be produced at a very reasonable cost. The dwarf boatbuilders were keen to make as much gold as possible from this new discovery, and Maximus Profitus soon set off to market the dwarve's latest idea to the rest of the world

Xenobea was a respected warrior, but unlike most gifted fighters and tacticians, she was also a philosopher and a deep thinker. She valued the beautiful things in life. There were various wealthy merchants in her shire that took fine food and quality craftsmanship for granted, but she took nothing for granted. She loved fine wines, good food, sumptuous furnishing, but for her it wasn't simply a fashion statement, or a way of displaying her undoubted wealth. The laws that she introduced were well thought out, having considered all sides of the argument, and the effects they might have on the environment, the economy, her subjects and the neighbouring shires

But the FMDS was not a matter of logic for her, and all other considerations went straight out of the window. Her advisors knew not to mention the FMDS to her, she hated them with a vehemence that nobody could understand, and would erupt in furious villification of anybody that dared to suggest that they might be a worthwhile investment. In fact, it wasn't really clear whether Xenobea herself really understood her loathing of them. She tried to ban the FMDS, but people knew that this was a law based on emotion, not based on logic, and the FMDS continued to proliferate, despite her protestations. The ban did have an effect on the dwarves, however, who saw it as an effort by the dark elves to curb their lucrative trade. Diplomatic relations quickly became strained, and when the dwarves closed their embassy in Xenoville it was clear that the matter was spiralling out of all proportion

But what Xenobea desires, Xenobea will have! One day the citizens awoke to find the shire had been magically transformed. Not only had all the shipyards disappeared, but so too had all the surface water! Expecting to be immediately attacked by their dwarf neighbours for this outrageous breach of international law, the dark elves quickly sent a lookout to the top of the watch tower at the old riverside. They discovered that the old river was now an impenetrable wall of black rock! It was only a matter of time before they were attacked - but where would the attack come from?
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Map Design5.0

Like all good maps, this one is designed to be played with Leaders Off... although the Azracs are playable, doing so is particularly insane, hence I've marked down a bit on playability. The map is also pretty much symmetrical, which is why I've marked down on creativity - overall, a very good map.

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Map Design5.0
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