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Emperor of Tun v1.1 (updated 3/12/02)

Author File Description
File Details
Ruleset: TS Standard Rules
Map Size: Large
Playable Races: Some
Surface Levels: 2
Difficulty: Normal
Races have been living in peace ever since Garlin the Great made his crusade around the lands of Tun. He and his men simply killed the kings in every kingdom and he made himself as emperor in the Tun world.
Now Garlin is getting old and the races feel he is losing his grip, it's time to revolt! But who should be the new ruler? The 6 largest races start a war to decide who is worthy the titel "Emperor of Tun"

This map is designed as a multiplayer map and all the races are hopefully pretty well balanced. It will probably not be to hard for a good player in singleplayer.

Playable races: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Frostlings, Dwarves, Darkelves.

Any comment or rating on the map is most welcome thanx :O)

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Roger the Rampant
Map Design4.0
Please note that (so far) I have only played this single-player, and it is supposed to be a multi-player map. I will certainly be trying it out for PBEM too

Playability: I enjoyed playing it, and there were a few little surprises. Guardians on strategic points were actually often set to "guard area", so they attack you unexpectedly as you walk nearby. Spiders leaping out of dark cave entrances as you walk by is fun, too

Balance: I did notice that Dwarves took far longer to play their go than any of the other races, perhaps they are stronger? Also the Frostlings appeared to have a fairly bad situation, and soon disappeared from the map when I played

Creativity: There were a few nice touches on this map. Terrain was mixed up quite well, I particularly liked the use of water on the surface. There was a lot of water, but it wasn't just big islands with lots of sea in between. There were marshy patches, also various rivers and lakes, which I found quite realistic. I am aware that some PBEM players criticised 7 realms for having too many independent attackers, but I personally would have preferred a few more indpendent attacks on this map!

Map Design: Very detailed on the surface, but the caverns seemed unnecessary, just having a few short tunnels and the rest was mud. The caverns could either have been left out completely, or perhaps used for some timed releases onto the surface, or had some inverted terrain to brighen things up a bit, or maybe had a hidden "treasure horde" somewhere for people that were willing to dig around a bit?

Story/Instructions: Not a strong point of this map, although it is not crucial to have a good story in multi-player maps. No text bubbles to help the story along, and I didn't notice many signs to make the map feel "lived-in"

Overall this map is OK for single-player, and I will certainly be trying it out as a PBEM map
Magog I wont place any ratings since I only played single player.
I played the updated version (v1.1).

Map is detailed and good looking. Some text bubbles adds to the story. I wouldn't recommend this one for single player though, since the other races are a bit weak, but as a multiplayer map I think it would be great. Underground does barely exist, but I guess the tunnels fills a purpose when playing multiplayer.

It should not be impossible to modify this map into a single player one though. Just add some text bubbles, a few quests and some stronger enemies.
Map Design5.0
This map is not terribly exciting or challenging to play by oneself, but it's an excellent multi-player map, and all my regular opponents seem to enjoy it.
Map Design5.0
playability: very good. in mp, it allows for a very versatile strategy evrey time you play it. you can hide in a tunnel and give surprise attacks. you can expand in many directions, like in a circle or horizontally/vertically, resulting in various possible diplomatic options. by eliminating the race of the same alignment, you can manage to cut the connection of all other aligned races, and stuffs like that. also, the map is just the perfect size for me. games can usually be finished within 30-40 days, max 50 days, perhaps. this is not too long nor too short.

balance: frosties and orcs seem to have an upper hand. not sure by how much. i should try some other races next time, to see how hard it is to play other races. dwarves seem to be the hardest to play.

creativity: not sure about how to rate this one... i don't really find anything particularly original. but, anyways. it's a good map. so, i give it a 4.

map design: very good. see playability.

story: though not many bubbles, the story is in general good. it's hard to write very far with an mp map like this one, especially when geographical constraint barely exists. story can go in any way that players drive it, so your bubbles will almost always fail to deliver appropriate messages (if you assume too much). i am not saying this map has this problem, but just that this is in general a big problem without extensive trigger system. the background story can be more elaborated though (if you have time). for instance, introduction of each race and its background.

finally, my account has been accidentally deleted last night. that's why i didn't post it on time.
FrenchKisser for map design, one thing i left out. it's very detail-oriented. most maps i have seen are quite rough, and this one is among few of those that are not. i highly appreciate that.
Map Design5.0
This is a very enjoyable map for PBEM. It is very well balanced and the map is beautiful and displays an amazing attention to detail. I would personally have preferred for the underground level to play a greater role to make cave crawling and digging creatures more useful but it's a minor criticism.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Good PBEM action. Best suited to sprawling early expansions with a good balance for pushing territory boundaries vs consolidating resources. Mana is reasonably present, and the map places importance on armies of lower tier units.

Balance: 5
Some races have advantages such as mountaineering or water walking, where less mobile races are pinched into place and forced to create early alliances in order to avoid being crushed prematurely. There appear to be races that may be good early game and others late game.

Creativity: 5
Very creative. Natural feeling landscapes and plot.

Map Design: 5
Map layout is surface with a superficial tunnel system between locations. Race aspects come into play with the interplay of water and mountains for offensive and defensive play.

Story/Instructions: 4
Duplication of some characters (presumably for leaders on vs leaders off). The treasures of the central human ruins were fine from a map design perspective, but felt lack-lustre from a story standpoint. Otherwise, everything was good.

Additional Comments:
One of my new favourite PBEMs. This is very much a map of rolling armies pushing across the land.

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Map Design4.8
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